Sunday, September 26, 2021

Whippingham Fitness Camp part 4

We were surprised by the classroom; it was as Victorian as the mansion. There was an old blackboard, the kind used with chalk. The school desks were antique, with inkwells, and attached bench for two. The professor, Mr Muesli, had a small, yet noticeable beer belly which was amusing for a nutritionist. His desk was atop a platform, allowing him to monitor all of us.

He told us to be seated in silence. He insisted on the words, 'in silence'. We discovered that he has a falsetto voice. We giggled the more. He smacked his desk with some short rattan stick, and we calmed down.

We explored the inkwells while he started his class, they seemed empty.

"Adult active young women, as you need an average of 2400 calories which are to be provided by a proper balance of nutrients. He pointed his stick to call Annabelle. "Young lady, please tell us the basic food groups."

She stood to answer. "First one is pizza, the second is cheese for the pizza, the third is sausage for the pizza, and the fourth is more cheese and sausages."

We roared with laughter.

His voice hissed as a rattler about to strike. "Silence! Next impertinence, it’s a bare bottom spanking in front of the whole class!"

We calmed down, and he pointed his stick at Louise, who adeptly answered. "First one is about breads, cereals, rice, pasta. Second is vegetables and fruits. Third is dairy products. Fourth for meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and nuts."

He continued. "Your diet is to be balanced between those food groups, one serving of meat, two for dairy, and three servings of?"

He had pointed is chef like baton for me. A few girls from another dorm teasingly mimicked chickens. "Cot cot cot cot!" They were obviously implying that I must be a chicken. I sprang to my feet and chimed, "Three cans of beer!" They applauded, and I took a bow.

Mr. Muesli became purple and seemed to have smoke coming out of his nose and ears. He charged between our desks, and grabbed one of my ears. "Ouch!" He pulled me by my ear, as if I was a ten-year-old Victorian schoolgirl. I didn't have much of a choice. I followed my ear.

He had me climb on his platform. With his hand not holding my ear, he pulled his chair in front of his desk. Then he sat, and pulled me over his knees. I felt a hot flush as I blushed crimson, when he raised my skirt and lowered my knickers.

Then with his short rattan stick, he spanked my bare bottom in front of the whole class. I heard giggling and was quite mortified. I couldn't blush any redder than a tomato.

My feet stomped the platform as he whacked, striped, streaked and striated my bottom with his mini cane. It was a blazing inferno. I surrendered. "Oh! Ah! Ouch! Sniff, I am sorry Sir! Sniff, very sorry! Sniff."

He helped me stand with my knickers still at half mast. He rolled my skirt above my incandescent moon before ordering. "You will be summing up on the blackboard what I have been teaching."

I started with a pyramid for the number of servings per food groups and rubbed my throbbing derriere. There was more giggling, some whispered, none too discreetly. "She's rubbing her bum!"

He swiftly turned around and twice decorated my thighs with his short rattan stick. I danced and rubbed my legs as a punished schoolgirl.

The lesson was almost over when he allowed me to pull up my knickers and adjust my skirt. Still red face, I turned around to face the classroom. It seemed like I gave the signal for June to fire a splotch of ink onto the face of a giggler.

I had a huge smile and was real proud of my friend. She was also lucky not to have been caught in the act.

April and June

To be continued...

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

La fessée

 C'est la fessée cul nu pour les vilaines filles !

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Whippingham Fitness Camp part 3

After dinner, the girls of our dorm were real nice. They offered to rub our bums and thighs with a soothing balm. We blushed, and they laughed. "No need to be shy. "We've seen it all!"

Louise teased me. "You are indeed a real redhead!"

June was teased by Annabelle. "And you're a real blonde!"

Melissa imitated the voice of Miss Principal. "Take off your burumas!"

We eventually did, and they gently rubbed our sore bums and reddened thighs with their after spanking balm. Then they announced, "It's television time!" With our burumas back up, we followed them to a very large room with all sorts of fitness machines facing several huge television screens.

A coach approached us. "You are into modern dancing and have a few pounds to shed." We nodded. She obviously had a memo about us. She chose two different machines, pulled them side by side with our help, and told us to alternate every 20 minutes.

Later, our dorm sisters told us to take the two bathtubs of our attached bathroom. They had us soaking with Epsom salt. "It will help with your bruising." Next we slept like babies.

We were awakened by a nasty bell, and Louise told us. "Out of bed! Into your burumas, don't forget the ankle socks, you will be inspected!"

Annabelle mentioned. "The last one on the field will be spanked!"

Lucinda wickedly added. "Later, while we are running on the beach, there might be a few joggers. They love to watch girls with red butts!"

We jumped into our burumas and flew out of the mansion! A girl from the third dorm was the last one. She got the famous Whippingham spanking, a bare butt spanking from a very fit coach, no less than one hundred vigorous smacks. Her bum and thighs were glowing. She frantically rubbed while running with all of us.

As Annabelle had said, there were a couple of joggers on the beach. I was shamefully self conscious of exposing the evidence of my punishment. I ran as fast as I could. June tried to adjust her burumas while running and tripped! Miss Coach encouraged her. "Stop dallying Missy, or I'll dust off the sand from your bum with a good spanking!"

Back at the mansion, it was no surprise to see the last girl from the run getting a super spanking. The coaches must have callous hands.

Then it was the weighing ceremony. Next to a professional scale was a black board with all our names and weight. "April and June you are next. Since it is your first day you have nothing to fear, but I want you to lose a pound by tomorrow morning. We will be monitoring what you are eating. You are not to starve yourselves to shed that pound. You will have to be careful with your diet, and exercise. In other words, you will have to sweat it out, or you will be punished!"

A girl who hadn't lost a pound as told got the classic hand spanking. Another one who had gained a pound was belted. As for the one who had gained two pounds, she was told to go out and cut a switch. While watching those punishments, we winced, and apprehensively rubbed our butts. Louise, who had tasted the switch, whispered for us. "That's a major ouichie ouch!"

Next were showers and breakfast. I had one fried egg on a toast, and a fruit salad. Before joining our tables, a coach examined all the trays, to make sure that we have a proper meal.

Miss Principal announced. "Mr. Muesli our nutritionist, is back, and we will again have our dietetic classes. You will be wearing your classroom uniforms."

Back at our dorm, our chums showed us our blouses and uniform skirts. We noticed how short those skirts were. They laughed, "They are meant to be easy to raise!"

I touched my toes and asked. "Anyone sees my knickers?"

They all giggled. "We do, and we also see that you were a naughty girl!"

Lucinda teased. "Already fading marks. That girl needs a reminder!"

"Mr. Muesli will be keeping an eye on you!"

June was alarmed. "He is a man, and he will spank us on the bare?"

Melissa laughed. "Take a guess!"

June blushed, and so did I.

April and June

To be continued...

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

OTK 'new drawing"

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Whippingham Fitness Camp part 2

After lunch, we were back in the small ante room where we had left our backpacks. I chimed. "It would for sure be more efficient than our trekking!"

June echoed. "Since we have failed our fitness tests we will be strapped, and have to stand in those punishment corners, with our crimson butts for all to see!"

"Yeah, but somehow it will serve us right. If we hadn't boozed and party every weekends..."

"April! Have you ever been strapped? I was belted by my father, and it was no picnic."

"Yes, I was also belted by my dad."

"June, we have to consider that it will be over if we again fail. No grant, no housing, out on the street, our dreams will be lost."

"Alright! I hear you. How much money have you got?"

"A thousand something."

"Same here, we will have to ask for credit."

A few minutes later I gently knocked on the door with the gold plate reading, "Principal".

We entered when invited, and met an older, yet very fit lady.

"The campers! I will show you a lovely spot. Only 10 £ a day with showers."

I stammered. "Huh... Ma'am... please... We are thinking of joining the program."

"Ah! Very brave girls! Tell me more."

June still down to earth mentioned. "First we only have a thousand pounds each. We well need credit."

"That isn't a problem. What income have you got?"

"We have our sports and studies grant."

"That is if you don't fail."

"Well, Ma'am, we were given a second chance."

"Please explain."

"We are into modern dancing, we haven't failed the dancing, we only failed the fitness test."

June sheepishly confessed. "I have an extra eight pounds."

"And you?"

I blushed. "Seven pounds, Ma'am."

"Although you haven't failed the dancing test, you have to retake it after having shed your extra weight?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Very well, I guaranty that you will shed those extra pounds, and brilliantly retake your dancing test. You will repay your credit over the next two years. I am giving you ten days for the price of your first week."

We echoed as we said. "Thank you Ma'am!"

"Follow me, I will take you to your dorm."

On the second floor she showed us a comfortable room with 6 beds. Two of them were unmade. "You already know your roommates as you had lunch with Louise and Annabelle, and their friends Melissa and Lucinda."

We smiled.

"Over there you have your cupboards with your uniforms. You will change into sports bras, T-shirts and gym knickers, we call them buruma as in Japan. Then you will return to my office to be punished for your failure.

We changed and tried to adjust those buruma. "Whoa! They sure aren't too covering!"

Five minutes later we again knocked on the door with the gold plate. We paid only a third of our dues. Miss Principal said. "I don't want you to return home without any money." We also signed a very generous financing contract.

"Step on that scale, I want to record your weight."

Then her tone suddenly changed. She barked. "Take off your buruma, and drop them on my desk!"

We blushed as we had noticed that unlike shorts there are no knickers under those buruma. We were immediately bare butt as we lowered them.

"Twelve strokes!"

We timidly nodded, with our hands in front of our curls.

She took a leather strap out of a cupboard. It was about four feet. We eyed it with fear. She stepped between us.

"Hands on you head!"

That strap whizzed and whipped June. She squealed. Next it was me, and I squealed as well. That strap like a whip flew left and right as it alternated between us. She had us dancing with her sizzling strap!


June tried to protect herself. "Hands back on your head, you will receive an additional stroke!"

She whipped the back of my thighs. It was so stingy that I couldn't help rubbing them.

"Hands back on your head, you will receive an additional stroke!" 

I got that penalty stroke on the front of my thighs. That was even fiercer than the stroke on the back of my legs.


June also rubbed the back of her legs. The extra stroke across the front of her thighs had her singing.


Each time we rubbed, she made good on her promise of penalty strokes.


It was ten time more severe than Pops' belting!

 In the punishment corners both of you. No rubbing! Keep your hands on your head. Stay there till I give you back your buruma."

Red face, still sniffling, with our hands on our head, and everything on show, it was a walk of shame till the punishment corners. I further clasped my hands above my head to avoid rubbing my incandescent derriere and thighs. I felt as a well punished little girl.

A few girls teased us. "Stings doesn't it!"

"Baptized of fire!"

"A real red head with a red butt, hahahaha!"

"Blondie's, bum looks even redder!"

Deep in my heart, I soberly had to admit, that it was a well deserve punishment for a year of partying.

We were eventually given back our burumas. We gingerly pulled them up, and didn't bother adjusting them. I rubbed and rubbed some more! June even danced on the spot as she rubbed.

We were ordered to get a tray for our dinner. I was very careful; I had a peach instead of the appetizing chocolate dessert. I saw that June had made the same choice.

 Annabelle and Louise waved, and we joined them.

They smiled. "So you aren't chickens!"

"They will be tigresses!"

We bravely smiled.

Melissa asked. "How long have you got?"

I answered. "Starting with ten days."

June was still rubbing as she commented. "That was a quite a whipping."

Lucinda summed up. "You had sixteen strokes, the four extra strokes to the front of you thighs are glowing."

Annabelle mused. "Not bad, some got more."

I was eating with one hand, and rubbing the front of my thighs with the other.

 April and June

 To be continued...

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