Sunday, July 14, 2024

Summer homework part 8

After our fessée we stood in our corners with our hands atop our heads. The treat of fifty more smacks kept us from rubbing our blazing derrieres. We couldn't do more than corner time dancing to vainly try to cool our well spanked bums. 

 We didn't stay in the corner for long, the boys had other plans. Jacques carried Béa to their bedroom, and she didn't object! Adrien carried me to my bedroom. I also didn't object. 

I lost my knickers on the way, it didn't matter. He sat on the big bed, and while I stood in front of him he released my skirt, it fluttered along my legs, till resting around my ankles. Then I had an ouch as he clawed my still fiery bum, to pull me towards him for a big slurppy kiss.

Next, Béa and I, loudly echoed each other as we were shagged like princesses. I of course didn't know if princesses were well shagged, but one thing for sure, I was well banged. I mused, there might be a connection between a hot bottom, and a good shagging.
Next was bikinis, and the pool. Our two pieces did a poor job of covering our crimson butts, but the prudish tourists from the next door rental might have objected to birthday suits. They would for sure not object to well spanked naughty young ladies. Isn't it after all natural, and often necessary!
The boys pondered as they prepared the barbecue. "Oysters seemed to also work for girls, or was it la fessée?"
I teased Adrien. "They have for sure worked for you!"
He teased back. "The oysters or the spanking?"
"Lets say that it was the oysters, because la fessée was so embarrassing, and so fiery!"
Jacques turned to Béa. "You will mind your manners?"
"Yes, Sir! I have learned my lesson. Sorry Sir!"
She was convincingly rubbing her bottom as she said that.
We had salmon steaks with baked potatoes before another round of glorious shagging. We never got a soothing rub, the shagging didn't change the fact that we were punished, our butts tingled until we slept.
Next morning it was skirt up and knickers down for bottom inspection in the lounge. We barely had a rosy glow, and Jacques told Adrien. "The advantage of la fessée is the fast recovery of the naughty girl's seat of learning, which allows repeating the lesson as often as required."
With the still vivid memory of having received one hundred smacks for our last spanking, we didn't dare object when told that we are returning to the bookstore to buy more exercise books.
With our miniskirts, and goody-two-shoes velvet headbands we didn't looked a day older than the girls having to resit their baccalaureate.
 Adrien picked up a book with Jacques' name among the authors. "An homonym?"
"Nope, I actually contributed to that one."
The father of a tall blonde girl of a least eighteen years had heard him. "Excuse me, I overheard that you co-wrote some of those exercise books. Vanessa flunked her bac because of math, which books would you recommend?"
Jacques smiled for the gentleman and pointed a few, while picking up a couple for us.
Béa hissed. "Oh! Shit! No more fractions!"
Jacques warned her. "Young lady its the martinet cul nu when back home if you don't mind your language."
To be told in public that you would receive le martinet when back home is already enough to shush an impertinent girl with quite a blush, but mentioning that it would be 'cul nu' added a deeper shade of blush to Béa's upper cheeks.
The mother of Vanessa queried. "Would you also recommend buying a martinet?"
"I sure do! It works wonders!"
We blushed, and Adrien added. "Chloé and Béa will agree."
We kept on blushing while looking at our feet like naughty girl.
Jacques chimed. "Don't you?"
We didn't have to answer we were blushing crimson, and I felt my ears tickling from that shameful blush.
As for Vanessa so was glowing, and tugging down her mini.
Chloé and Béa
To be continued...
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Saturday, July 13, 2024

A drawing in the works...

Original B&W
Reworked B&W

Coloring without before AI

AI coloring only

 AI coloring repaired by Tetiana

AI coloring, plus first steps coloring by hand

And voilà!
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Friday, July 12, 2024

A visit from Uncle Redmoon

 That was a very poor report card young lady...

Stand up ! Hands on the coffee table ! I am going to teach you the price of laziness.

That skirt is too short, but you will nonetheless raise it.
Such a lesson is better taught on the bare bottom, knickers down!


 Ten more to drive the lesson home!

Learned your lesson?

Yes Sir!


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Back into school uniform, better apply yourself, or else...