Sunday, September 10, 2023

The new neighbors part 3

Two days later, it was my first class. The classroom was decorated with aphorisms colorfully painted on small wooden tablets. The one next to the blackboard read, "Good girls don't wear trousers!"

On my first visit, I had noticed how most of the girls seemed to have a game of dressing up as schoolgirls. As for Helen, I already knew of her jeans mini miniskirts. I had told all of that to Jeremy, and we were back at his parents searching the cupboards of his sister, now married in Australia. We found her  her 6th former's uniform. I wasn't too happy when he added white ankle socks, but my outfit would work well with those of my new chums. 

For our first lesson, Miss Murray introduced Mr Harrison, who will be helping us with math, physics, chemistry and biology. I have always been mathematically challenged. I almost didn't get my baccalaureate because of math.

Mr Harrison gave me a quiz to estimate my level. After having corrected my work, he didn't exactly congratulated me. "I will be lenient. I am giving you a C minus." I realized how hard I will have to work to reach A levels standards. He was a great pedagogue, and had corrected my paper with explanations for my errors.

Our second lesson was with Miss Murray who will be helping us with English literature and grammar, history and French. I was exempted from French lessons, but I was asked to read for others to work on their accent. I was quite happy to help.

Miss Murray caught me whispering with Helen. She called both of us to the front of the class. "Martine here is a pink slip to be signed by your companion, and returned to me on Friday. I wanted to plea that it was only a couple of words, but she had such a stern face. I kept quiet, and returned to my desk to read the small pinkish form.

Punishment Request Form

Name of Pupil : Martine

Offence : Whispering in class

Punishment level required : Normal

Punishment administered : ...

Loco parents signature : ... 

Later, as we unlocked our bikes, Helen warned, "You will be expelled if it isn't duly completed and signed."

I blushed as I asked, "Jeremy will have to tell how he has punished me?"

"Yes, and Miss Murray doesn't mean writing one hundred lines. To be more precise, she wants lines across your bum! She might tell you to raise your skirt, and show her your decorated butt, and if she isn't satisfied with the punishment meted out, she will issue another pink slip for more!"

"I would have to raise my skirt in front of the whole class?!"

"Yes, and pray that she doesn't tell you to lower your knickers."

"Oh! Ah!" I deeply blushed at the thought of that, but she added that she would be the only to see my bottom as I would be facing the classroom. "Phew!"

Back home, I demurely handed my pink slip to Jeremy as he returned from work. "I am very sorry Cheri!"

"A punishment request form on your first day. You should be ashamed of yourself. Bring me the martinet!"

"Oh! Cheri, s'il te plait, pas le martinet."

"Hurry up or I will add a few more smacks!"

I handed him the martinet.

"Raise your skirt, lower your knickers to the top of your socks and grab your ankles."

"Oh non, pas cul nu!"

"Mais oui, la fessée cul nu au martinet comme quand tu étais à l'école!"


I had forgot how stingy the martinet can be.


He changed side.


The second helping was even more stingy!


"Don't rub, roll up your skirt, nose on the wall with hands atop your head."


I didn't stay long in the corner. Jeremy rubbed my bottom and more....

On Friday, Helen was first to return her signed pink slip. Miss Murray read aloud. "Belt 6" before ordering, "Turn around and raise your skirt." Helen had quite a blush as a few girls pointed, and teased. "You are showing your knickers!" She couldn't avoid it. Raising the back of her A line miniskirt also raised its front thus partially revealing her knickers for everyone. She was eventually allowed to adjust her skirt, and returned to her seat.

"Martine, you are next." I handed my pink slip, and she read aloud, "Martinet 12" before ordering, "Turn around and raise your skirt." I blushed although I wouldn't be showing anything to my classmates. Miss Murray said, "Not convincing that martinet. Lower your knickers!"

"Oh! No please Ma'am!"

"Do it now or I will give you another pink slip!"

I obeyed, and blushed the more, but I was relieved not to be showing the front of my knickers under my pleated skirt.

Miss Murray said. "Fair enough .... for a first pink slip."

As soon as I was allowed, I pulled up my knickers, adjusted my skirt and rejoined Helen at our desk. We were both red face, and I blushed even more as I imagined telling that to Jeremy...

Martine and Helen

To be continued...


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