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On the farm part 3

In the corner, hands on my head, with my skirt up and knickers down I displayed my crimson and still throbbing bottom for everyone to see when entering the dining room. I felt my cheeks burning with shame. I was for sure blushing as red as my bum. I twisted my legs, fearing that I might wet myself. 
Aunt Martha ordered, "Both of you pull up your knickers adjust your dresses and set the table for dinner!" I would have preferred to be sent to my room without dinner. As Agnes sitting uncomfortably in front of me I kept my head down and my eyes onto my plate.
Later, together in the bathtub we had a long soak with Epsom salts. Agnes apologized, "I am sorry, it was my idea."
I answered that it was my toy. We rubbed each other's bums with her cold cream before going to bed.
Next morning was Saturday. After breakfast and our morning chores of collecting eggs, feeding the chicken and rabbits for me, and milking the goats for Agnes, she said that I should meet her friends at the village's coffee shop.
With alarm I chimed, "They might see that we were belted!"
She shrugged, "We won't be the only two to have been whacked!"
She gave me a bike, and I was trailing behind her as I rode with one hand holding my summer dress down. She laughed, and pulled her tongue.
 I let go of my skirt, it flew, and caught up with her.
At the coffee shop there was a large table with an impi of girls our age. They welcomed me, "You're Agnes' cousin from the big city!" Agnes introduced me, "Elizabeth, meet Agatha, Crissy, Angela, Barbara and Annette..."
While having chocolate milkshakes an old truck stopped in front of the coffee shop with a cloud of smoke. Three boys jumped out of it. One of them, the driver, pulled a chair to sit next to Agnes. After a peck on each cheeks she introduced him for me, "This is Jeremiah."
He smiled, "Yoh Liz, meet Jonathan also known as Joey !"
I smiled for his friend. He was kinda shy. I skidded with my chair for him to sit next to me. While the third boy sat next to Barbara, Agatha stood, "Wait a sec city chick! Joey is mine!"
I was quite surprised, actually every one was surprised, and Joey blushed without a word. She stood, grabbed my blouse and slapped me. I didn't want to fight a friend of Agnes, and I didn't care for Joey who was probably a wimp. I wanted to tell her that she can have him, but I didn't get a chance. She gave me another slap, and I butt-headed her as I was taught on the streets of Manchester. She let go of my blouse, and took two wobbly steps back.
For me it was over, and I sat down, but she came back and attempted to punch me. I avoided her fist and fell off my chair with my skirt up on my belted legs and also revealed my knickers. Agnes stood between us, and she was slapped. Jeremiah also stood, and before he could to anything, I charged as a billy goat and she fell on her butt. She was winded, and that was it.
Agnes got a peck from Jeremiah on her reddened cheek. Joey pitifully disappeared, and Agatha again surprised us with profusely apologizing. I gave her high five. Another boy who had just arrived teased, "Who's the new girl with the lovely red legs?"
I blushed, he obviously had an eyeful. Agnes chimed, "She's my cuz..."
"What's your name supergirl?"
"I am Elizabeth, and you are?"
He obviously saw himself as God's gift to women. I didn't mind, he was tall and looked great, kinda like James Dean. I gave him my widest smile, and he grabbed a chair to sit next to me.
After pizzas we decided to spend the afternoon at the amusement park. Once outside the coffee shop Bjorn picked up a helmet from a big shiny bike. "Care for a ride Dolly?" I adjusted the helmet and hopped behind him while his bike roared. He pulled my hands around his waist, "Hold me tighter! I want to feel that we are one." Having said that we took off in a roar.
It was fast, it was exhilarating, my skirt billowed around my legs. I soon realized that he was careful not to scare me with avoiding to speed into curves. He opened the throttle only when he had a clear stretch of straight road. At the amusement park he locked his bike while I adjusted my skirt.
He showed me how to shot airguns, and won a key chain teddy for me. I couldn't refused when he led me to the roller coaster. I prayed that I wouldn't wet my knickers. We shared the same car with Agnes and Jeremiah. Up we went. He had an arm around my shoulders, and up went his hands.
We went down, actually we dropped! One of his hands had entered my blouse and the other one was exploring my thighs. I screamed as I felt my heart going up my throat. He silenced me with a big breathtaking kiss.
Later I saw that Agnes had quite a glow. We overheard a few junior boys, "I am telling you, those two girls got a good belting."
"How do you know?"
"Their skirts flew on the roller coaster."
I blushed and Bjorn laughed, "Ignore them, they are pimpled face juniors, and I would never go out with a goody two shoes!"
Elizabeth and Agnes
To be continued...

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