Sunday, January 8, 2023

Prügeldorf part 2

We walked by a few more shops before reaching the supermarket. We weren't too surprised not to see any men. We knew about that from the brochure. The only difference with our supermarket back home was that all the shoppers were in their twenties and wearing very short miniskirts or skimpy gym shorts. We laughed. "A paradise for upskirt voyeurs!"

 In front of us a girl wearing a tartan school skirt was pushing a cart. As she bent forward to grab some fruits her mini rose and exposed a vivid red stripe. She didn't try to tug down her skirt. We understood that she wasn't a newbie.

We stopped in our tracks when we heard a burly uniformed lady tell a girl wearing gym shorts. "If you don't take the item, you put it back where you took it!" We changed aisle when we saw her being picked up under the arm of the athletic inspector, and have her shorts and knickers lowered for an intense on the spot spanking.

A few minutes later at the cashier, we were behind that girl and her shorts couldn't hide her well reddened under curves. Cathy teased me as she whispered, "You're lucky that you weren't spotted buying those two big buckets of ice cream!"


Back at our bungalow I mused, "I can't imagine to receive a bare butt spanking at our supermarket!"

Cathy added, "I saw her sweat-shirt with a purple pin."

We both knew that it means very severe disciplinary regime. We nursed our streaked derrieres with Arnica gel, and we had an early night on our tummies. I tried not to dream of having to wear short shorts with a crimson butt.

Next morning, after fast showers and breakfast we donned our uniforms, schoolgirl for Cathy and cheerleader for me. Then we rode our bikes as all the girls in the village to report for our lessons at 8:30 am on the dot.

The PE coach had the physic and the bark of G.I. Jane. After the briefest of greetings she ordered, "Strip!" As we remained frozen on the spot from surprise, she added, "I will spank the last one to take off her knickers!" With the six stripes decorating my bum I was quite embarrassed to lower my knickers in front of everyone, I shouldn't have.

She took two steps to be in front of me, grabbed my knickers with both hands, and swiftly lowered them to my knees before adding, "Now you take them off !" Red face I stepped out of them and she pulled me over her knees, held both my wrists behind my back, pushed one of her knees between my legs and gave me a spanking like I had never imagined. She had counted forty smacks and added, "Since it was decided that you need severe discipline I will add twenty more!"

A few seconds later I was sniffling while standing naked on the scale to be weighted. She also measured me and wrote in my column on the gym's whiteboard my height and weight with adding that I have to lose 10 pounds. "If you gain a pound you will be whipped with the martinet, since you disciplinary regime is to be severe I will also whip your thighs so that everyone sees that you have failed your objectives."

I was again well punished for my lack of self discipline, my caned chubby bum was bared and spanked in front of everyone. I resolved to dump the two buckets of ice cream bought yesterday at the supermarket.

We were then told to dress with our gym shorts, and they didn't cover much. I must have blushed as red as a tomato or as red as my derriere.

She announced that she will be drilling us as cheerleaders. After calisthenic exercises with various arm movements and running on the spot, we were told to fetch a gym mat and to lie on our back, "Legs up with hands to your hips and start pedaling." She walked back and forth in front of us telling us to pedal faster...

Next we had to do abdominal exercises, "Remain on your back, knees up, hands locked behind your neck, with the right elbow touch your left knee, with the left elbow touch your right knee, and follow my lead, "One... two... three..." Quite a few couldn’t follow her rhythm.

"To conclude our morning exercises we will do press-ups, follow my lead, "One... two... three..." A few more couldn’t follow, and she frowned.

She was back at the whiteboard with red and green pens and graded us. Only one had a B and four had a C. I was one of those, my blazing bottom had encouraged me. Other had Ds, and one had an F. "All those with a D and the one with the F take off your knickers and hang them on the peg below your column.

She first called Theresa who had the F. "Hands on your head..." She took the martinet from the peg next to the whiteboard and gave her sixteen strokes on her bottom and thighs. She danced from foot to foot. She rubbed her well decorated derriere and thighs before the end of her punishment, and got four additional strokes for that. "In the corner and keep your hands on your head." We now knew what's a martinet!

Once she had punished the last of the lazy ones she reminded us to update our Report Cards. I wrote, "I was spanked for being too slow when ordered to take off my knickers. I got 40 smacks plus 20 for my severe regime." After having signed our reports she also announced, "After lunch I will start teaching you a cheerleading dance routine."

For lunch at the resort's cafeteria the teams remained together with their coaches. We discovered two more teams of cheerleaders. The "schoolgirls" were divided into three classes. I waved for Cathy, she waved back and silently mouthed, 'Ouch!' I similarly echoed.

After lunch she started to teach us a dance routine. "By the end of the week you will be ready for a competition with other teams." She paused before adding, "Be warned, I don't like loosing !" After a few more dance steps we were released.

Justine and Cathy

To be continued...

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