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2040 part 3

After the midmorning break, as the other two naughty girls, I was told to pull up my knickers and adjust my skirt before returning to my desk. I also rubbed my fiery derriere and thighs and sat very carefully.
A civilian, a none nun, appeared. She was the German grammar professor and she very slowly explained the rules that we had missed. She also took time to work with those who had failed the test. She said that my German is actually quite good since the other two who failed are Germans. It was a small mercy.
She asked how I had learned it, "We speak both French and German at home, Maman is of German descent and Papa is bilingual."
For lunch, as I waited in line, I was quite conscious that my skirt was too short to hide my well smacked thighs. I had another tender mercy when the robot offered Sauerkraut. I didn't hesitate and hoped that it would be as good as the one of Maman.
I joined my roommates, and they gently teased, "We told you that your knickers would come down if you didn't hang on to your socks!"
I confessed, "I have never received such a severe spanking!"
Helga laughed. "They have callous hands from Spanking Academy!"
I popped dah question, "What about those punishment centers for girls?"
Margit translated, "Korrekturhäuser für mädchen..."
Heidi dotted the i, "For each offense you are awarded demerits and when you have collected 5, you are to report to the korrekturhauser."
I anxiously asked, "What about my failed test?"
Helga answered, "A failed test is either one or two dems..."
"How am I know?"
"Scan your bracelet."
After lunch, they showed me how to use a bracelet scanner. A metallic voice announced, "Good afternoon Sophie, you have two demerits for having failed a basic grammar test."
"Oh!" I couldn't help asking, "What happens at the madchen correction house..."
Margit crossed the t, "You won't get a spanking!"
The bell calling us back in class rang, and the little wheels of my imagination were madly spinning.
Back to our dorm for homework before dinner, my roommates offered a soak with Epsom salt. "You will be as good as new in the morning."
Heidi also teased, "And ready for another spanking!"
I was very careful to turn off my lights before 11 pm. I also programmed my tablet for waking me up 10 minutes before the morning bell.
I mused as I drifted into sleep, "That Discipline College and those Madchen Correction Houses might be more than what you bargained for... You will have to pull up your socks as Margit said .... but I will have no choice but to succeed!"
Next morning, while tugging up my gym knickers, I inspected myself in our tall mirror. Heidi was right, only a few faint marks. Those nuns are experts. Margit tease, "Frenchy is ready for another fessée!"
After breakfast, my roommates invited me to explore the town as it was Saturday, and we have the whole day for ourselves. With my bracelet, I unlocked the electric bike I was issued and followed them.
 It was about 7 km till the town center. We followed the bike patch and scrupulously respected the traffic rules. The otherwise silent automated public tramways chimed as they approached stations. The few private automatic automobiles were directed towards parking lots as the old town is preserved and reserved to pedestrians.
We pushed our bikes over the cobble streets of the historic center, because it is verboten to ride bikes in pedestrian reserved areas. It was like travelling back in time. We entered a French bakery for a mid morning coffee and croissants. Inside, the modern amnesties were in sharp contrast with the outside. I laughed for the serving robot wearing a somewhat French beret! I scanned my bracelet and ordered for everyone. "My treat!"
We decided to have hairdos before lunch. I chose to have my hair trimmed by a stylist. I have never liked to stick my head into some helmet for a cheaper automated cut. I first requested a shampoo to add a glowing touch to my reddish hair.
Lunch was pizzas. We had fun directing the robots, flipping the dough and adding the toppings. Mine was pescadore with shrimps, mussels, squid rings, olives, and plenty of grated Parmesan.
As we were eating, Helga fired the big question, "Is it true that Saint Agatha is your choice? You couldn't have missed the fact that it is a DC for discipline college..."
Margit added, "You must have known of Bavaria's correction houses for young women..."
Surprisingly chatty, Heidi remained silent.
"Yes, I knew that Saint A is a Discipline College and also knew of Bavaria's Korrekturhäusers. I want to teach German literature at the Sorbonne, I want a huge apartment overlooking the Seine river and the Eiffel Tower, I want to marry an athletic millionaire entrepreneur, I want three kids, I want to be the head of the German department of the Sorbonne, I want to be elected to the National Academy!"
Helga chimed, "You are an ambitious minx!"
I chimed back, "Why did you join St Agatha?"
She blushed as she answered, "I barely had my Abitur and my parents decided to send me to a discipline college to be sure that I would graduate... and I have to admit that I am doing very well."
I turned to Margit, and she said, "Same as Helga, I didn't have much of a choice... and I am also doing great."
We all turned to Heidi and were quite surprised. "First I have to ask you to keep what I am going to say for yourself. I am registered under my mother's maiden name for security reasons. I am the daughter of the Lander's President .... and I will be the next Chancellor, as great as the famous Angela!"
Sophie and friends
To be continued...
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