Monday, December 25, 2023

A Spanking for Christmas

After our holiday at that French farm, we had a few jars of foie gras in reserve. As the festive season was approaching I gave one to our neighbors. We had naturally befriended as both our hubbies worked for Airbus, and we had been attending the same French classes.

I like Ingrid. Her English is much better than her French, and unlike most wives of expat engineers, she isn't a snob. She suggested that we share that foie gras for a Christmas lunch. I wanted to invite them, but she insisted that it should be her place since we are offering the delicacy.

Airbus Industries been in Toulouse it meant a snow less warmish Christmas and I wore a shortish kilted skirt in the tartan of Joshua. I love the way it makes Josh's eyes sparkle. Its also great fun that he keeps wanting to pat my bottom. At time he even smacks it! That makes my skirt fly, almost revealing my frilly knickers, and I giggle as a silly schoolgirl.

We both wore funny Christmas sweaters, and red Santa hats. Each of us also carried a magnum of Champagne.

Ingrid and Hans warmly welcomed us. Their house smelled like Christmas thanks to a real tree which sparkled in red and green lights and baubles. Hans had a Santa like hat, and she was wearing a red pleated mini with a green sweater. I discreetly smiled and winked for Josh, when her hubby gave her a smack on the bum. She had giggled with a wink for me. I would later discover her mischievous plans.

She had got a tray of canapés, and set it down on the coffee table with showing plenty of bare thighs for Josh. I furrowed my brows. I would have to ask him if he saw her knickers. Hans offered drinks, and gave me a big smile. I generously returned his smile, and it was Josh's turn to furrow his brows.

We chatted and told them about that French farm. "It's a manor and a farm. They have lovely guest rooms. They do foie gras without force feeding. We got a great discount for having helped with farm work."

Hans invited us to move on to the dining room, and I offered to help Ingrid in the kitchen. We both knew that it would be an opportunity for the boys to add presents under the Christmas tree.

She had cooked the foie gras in a frying pan with asparagus and wild mushrooms. A very delicate recipe requiring to start with the foie gras and carefully time when to add the mushrooms and the asparagus.

It was a fine lunch, and we returned to the lounge for coffee. I was quite surprised when the boys exchanged none too discreet naughty winks, and Ingrid nervously giggled. It was obvious that something was in the works. Hans excused himself and disappeared.

Josh teased us. "Before opening your presents there's the question of have you been good girls?"

We both giggled, and Josh sternly repeated the question.

Ingrid laughed before saying, "Yes Sir! A very good girl Sir!"

"What about your grades for those French lessons?"

"A's and B's!"

We suddenly heard a booming voice. "That's a lie! Naughty girl! Krampus  knows it all, he sees all,  and he is going to give you a severe spanking for your poor grades young lady."

I felt quite a glow for these words of "severe spanking" and instinctively pulled down my short kilt.

Hans had reappeared. His Santa hat had grown a pair of horns!

I remembered the German legend of Krampus punishing naughty girls. I didn't have time for further musing. 

Hans/Krampus chased Ingrid, caught her, turned her over his knees while sitting on the lounge's ottoman. 

I couldn't help having a loud "Oh!" as Hans added.

"A severe spanking on your bare bottom in front of everyone!"

He trussed her skirt, and lowered her knickers till the fold of her knees. She didn't protest, but wriggled. He gently caught one of her arms, and brought it behind her back with one hand. Then he vigorously smacked her bum with his other hand.


I didn't count the number of smacks. She kept on wriggling, and I blushed as I saw her fuzzy peach. Her bum was ignited to a bright fiery crimson, but she still didn't protested, and didn't even sniffled although it was a quite severe spanking.

She was eventually released, and danced on the spot while rubbing her butt. I was bewildered when she had a lecherous wink for Hans.

Hans gave his Krampus hat to Josh. I didn't miss that he had a wide smile, and didn't have time for second guessing why. He grabbed one of my hands, and I ended down onto his knees! 

"What about that F for the French spelling test?"

"It was a surprise test..."

I stopped short. I realized I was making excuses as a silly schoolgirl, and therefore playing the game.

"You told Ingrid that your Poppa would have given you a skelping for such a poor grade."


The minx must have told Hans who told Josh!

"You also admitted to never failing twice the same test after a good spanking!"

"But, but, I am a big girl now!"

"Yes, and you deserve to be punished like a little girl for that F!"

He raised my skirt, and I felt a draft which meant I was showing my knickers to Ingrid and Hans. I tried to catch my skirt, and Josh locked my arm behind my back. I wriggled, and he pulled my knickers down.

"Oh! No! Not on the bare!"

"Naughty little girls are spanked on their bare bottom, and Ingrid was spanked on the bare for her poor grades, therefore its a bare ass spanking you're getting!"

I felt a warm glow, I knew I was blushing. I was bare bum in front of our neighbors, and about to be spanked like a lazy schoolgirl. I felt a strange exciting shame. I nonetheless closed my legs as tightly as possible, 


"OH! AH! AIE! I'll be a good girl! A very good girl! OUCH! AIEEEE! OUCHEEE!"

Josh stopped, my bum was ablaze. He asked. "How many was it for Ingrid?"

Hans answered. "One hundred."

"How many was that or how many more?"

Ingrid impishly added. "Fifty more should be about right!"

"Yikes, my hand's burning!"

I giggled. "You're a mean Krampus!"

Josh laughed, and counted fifty more vigorous smacks.


"OH! AIE! Please stop! I promise to do better from now on! AIEEE! OUCHEEE!"

He didn't. "I am making sure that you will!"


"OH! AIE! I'll have straight A's! AH! AH! OUCH! AIEEEEE!"

I tried to keep my legs closed, and with my blazing bum gyrating I was quite self conscious of showing everything I have. It was so shameful, and so exciting...

I was eventually released. I danced on the spot while rubbing my incandescent derriere, 

and my lacy knickers dropped to the floor. Josh pocketed them just like Hans had taken Ingrid's.

They echoed each others. "From now on we will be closely monitoring your French grades!"

While still rubbing our bums, we both said. "Aye, aye, Sir!" 

Then they gave us lovely satin covered boxes, and we discovered superb silver bangles...

"Merry Christmas!"

Debbie, Josh, Ingrid and Hans

PS : I later had more ohs and ahs, and it wasn't about getting another spanking...


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