Sunday, December 3, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 6

Although Miss Deputy Principal had agreed that I hadn't cheated, and allowed me to finish my quiz in her study, and given me 16/20 for it, she hadn't forgotten about my passing a note in class. "Step out of that desk, and bend over it with your skirt up and knickers down."
I saw that she was flexing a wide strap split into two tails. I was told by my classmates that it is a Scottish tawse, and that it stings like the devil. I knew that I could take off the magic ring, and escape that walloping, but I didn't.
Both my little voices reasoned.
If you are going to be an eighteen-year-old schoolgirl in the 70s, you will take all the punishments that you deserve. Like it or not! Lower your knickers!
Remember your goal! You are preparing yourself to successfully resit your A levels in the present, and be promoted at the bank. Never mind how many bare ass tanning it takes!
I obeyed and blushed from the shame of exposing my bare bottom to be punished like a schoolgirl. I also felt a light breeze caressing my curls when she positioned herself behind me.
The two tails of that tawse had whacked my bum, and both my feet left the grounds while I held onto the desk. It was like two belts in one. It was stingier than Grandma/Mom's belt, to say the least!
"Oh! Ah! AIE! AIE!"
Another loud SMACK! and my derriere was already burning.
"You are not to be passing around notes in class! Is that understood, Alicia?"
"Yes Ma'am! Sorry Ma'am!"
With that stroke, my whole bottom was ablaze, and I shamefully pedaled my legs while holding onto the desk.
"That's it. I am being lenient because you were only a go between. I am also sparing you the bare bottom corner time in the corridor. Run along!"
"Thank you Ma'am! Sorry Ma'am!"
I hurriedly pulled up my knickers. and was already out of her office when I adjusted my skirt. I was awaited by my friends plus the two cheats. "If you've tattled, we'll take your knickers off in front of everyone in the courtyard!"
I was gently rubbing my skirt over my re-knickered blazing bum when I furiously protested. "I am not a snitch!"
They both gave me high five, and I was proud.
For lunch, Jonathan, Lucinda's new beau, and my own Brian joined us. They were just about bursting at the seams to be among the few boys to be invited to sit at a girls table. I tried not to giggle when he had a hand caressing my thighs under the table.
Later when we sat in the little park between our schools, I brazenly gave him a peek at my knickers. I was rewarded with a big full mouth breathtaking kiss. It was great, and I remembered that in the present, I hadn't had a boyfriend for quite a few months.
Afternoon classes were event-less, and while riding back home Lucinda reminded me to keep my skirt down. I almost asked why, but remembered in time of the rule most families had in the 70s. 'Whacked in school means whacked at home!' I did keep my skirt down, and was glad that my bum wasn't too tenderized by the school's tawse, so I didn't wriggled too much in my chair while sitting for dinner.
I skipped watching television, and worked hard on my homework. The threat of having your butt severely whacked for poor grades was a great incentive to apply yourself. I mused that I'll never be able to tell my colleagues in the present how I did it, and not to mention the Alice in Wonderland magic ring.
For a few weeks I was a good girl, except with Brian. Lucinda teased with asking if I had wet my knickers, I returned the question, and she laughed with quite a blush. We sang as loud as we could as we rode back home.
"Come on, baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire..."
Then Amelia invited Lucinda and I, plus our beaus to her birthday party. Lucinda told that it is going to be a party not to be missed, because her parents are loaded, and have a superb house. We had to convince our parents to allow us to go. To be again eighteen thanks to the magic ring, and going to a birthday party with a boyfriend, it was an opportunity not to be missed! I had to convince Grandma/Mom.
I argued that I have good grades, and she agreed, but I had to promise to be home by midnight. She even gave me fifty quids for shopping!
To be continued....
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