Sunday, November 19, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 3

I had spent the night with the ring in the 70s, and woke up early to take it off for a look at my emails. There were very few new ones, as I had checked yesterday evening. Then I had it back on, and snoozed till having to get up. I had by now understood the magic of the ring which meant that my adventure in 1971 as Alicia didn't interfere with my life as Janet in the present or should I say future.
I played Back to USSR with the vinyl player since I was back in the 70s, and dressed with my Saint Mary's school uniform. It was great to be eighteen again, even if there was a belt and a cane behind the door of my bedroom.
I had breakfast with Grandpa and Grandma being Mom and Pop in the 70's. Poppa gave me a kiss on my forehead before going to work. Mom told me to behave at school!
All the girls teased Lucinda and I. "You were both showing your peachy legs to the boys as you rode your bikes above the saddle and you're now sitting way too comfortably! You haven't had your poor homework signed by your parents as requested by old Miss Fritton!"
We blushed, and Lucinda added that she isn't in a hurry to have her bum warmed up! I blushed a shade redder as I nodded.
It was a great day, and a boy had the courage to ask me my name! "Its Alicia from Wonderland! What's your name? And don't tell me that you are a white rabbit!"
He was confused for a second, and answered. "The name is Brian, and I am no rabbit!" We chatted till the next bell.
I eventually rode back home with Lucinda. She had me landing back on terra firma after my chat on a little cloud with dishy Brian. "We have to get that homework signed, Miss Fritty will be asking for it tomoz morning!"
I was up against the wall, I had to decide. Retake my A levels in the 70's, to be prepared for resitting them in the future, and have a better job.
You weren't spanked and you failed your A levels. A few beltings will encourage you to apply yourself. Will you have the courage to take what you deserve for poor work?
"Yes dear?"
"Mom, I am sorry, I messed up my homework of last week, and Miss Fritton wants you to sign it..."
Having said that I handed her my paper, and she read it with a dark frown.
"I am not surprised. I had a feeling that you hadn't applied yourself. I had also warned you. Bring me the belt, you need to be reminded what a lazy girl is to expect in this house."
"Yes, Mommy..."
I was back in the lounge with the belt.
"Its the year of your A levels, and you are going to be the first girl in the family to achieve them."
"Yes Mommy..."
"Take your knickers off and drop them on the coffee table."
I felt a warm glow, I was for sure blushing as red as a tomato while trying to take off my knickers without exposing myself. I fingered the ring, and thought of removing it, but reasoned. I am going to have my A levels!
"Bend with both hand on that that table."

I tried to keep my legs as closed a possible while bending over. I was quite conscious of the lounge's door leading to the garden. I now couldn't remove the ring with my hands on the coffee. I felt so bare. You are going to feel whats its like be punished bare ass with a belt in the 70's.
Through the opened window I heard. "AIE! OUCH!" It was for sure Lucinda having her butt tanned.
I felt a wide stripe of fire across my bum. I danced from foot to foot and echoed Lucinda. "OH! AH! AIE! OUCH!"
Another one followed right on top of the previous one. Oh it was burning! "ARGH! AIEEE! OUCH!"
She soon had my whole derriere fiercely throbbing.
I danced and sang to the tune of the incandescent belt.
Then she twice smacked my thighs! SMACK! SMACK!

"You won't be so cocky to show the boys that you were belted like a little girl!"
The two blazing strokes across my thighs were almost as bad as the ten wide stripes burning my butt, and my eyes watered. "Sniff... I am... sniff... sorry... sniff..."
She winded up the timer. "Ten minutes into the corner with your hands atop your head to feel your burning bottom."
"Sniff... sniff..."
To be continued...


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