Sunday, February 5, 2023

Prügeldorf part 6

I followed the Discipline Inspector into the "Punishment Room". There was a large desk, with a tall office chair, a settee, a pair of comfy chairs, and an adjustable trestle by the window. "Drop you switches on my desk and stand at attention."


I demurely stood in front her desk as she lectured me, "The poor maintenance of your lawn shows a tendency to procrastination and slovenliness, and not to forget the eleven pounds you had to shed. I am guessing that on numerous occasions you left dirty dishes in the sink till morning, and always postponed the weekly vacuuming. Waited till running out of clean knickers to do the wash. Kept buckets of ice cream in the fridge..."


I shamefully bowed my head with a guilty blush, as she was right about my lazy procrastination and the ice cream.


"I am going to try to cure you of such laziness. Take off your skirt and knickers, and bend over that trestle."


She adjusted the height of that trestle for me to be on tiptoes with my derriere well presented. Through the window, I saw a girl from the dance club walking up the short path of the Correction Center. I felt a warm blush as I realized that I could be seen by all passersby. I had no choice. I had to open my legs to keep my balance, and blushed the more.

 She tested the three switches I had cut. They menacingly whistled through the air. I shuddered. Suddenly, after another hissing shrill, I felt a streak of fire bisecting my butt! I stomped my feet for each of the following fiery strokes. The first six were well spaced out, and I just about could feel each of them.




The next six ignited my whole derriere. 




"Since it was your roommate who actually mowed the lawn, you will receive two more strokes."



It wasn't like the belt or strap, there was no thud. I understood that I wouldn't be sore, but it wasn't a blessing. My bum was a blazing inferno. I desperately wanted to rub my fiercely stinging derriere, but my lesson wasn't over.

"And for everyone to see that you were punished, you will receive four more strokes across your thighs." Those were the worse, and they had me dancing on my toes. I felt each of them and almost forgot my burning butt.


"Stand by the window with your hands on top of your head!"

With my bare throbbing bottom, and red face from the shame of standing as a naughty punished girl in the window of the Correction Center, I mused that I have deserved that punishment for my lazy procrastination. I promised myself to mend my ways.

Tomorrow we will be going home with well-decorated thighs and derrieres.

Next morning was the day to return to 'reality'. I had lost my extra weight, and all the exercising had made my breasts perk up. I was quite proud to again look as if I was still eighteen.


Cathy finally got B's and a few A's for her final tests. She will for sure ace that promotion exam at her bank.


We recovered our civilian clothes in the changing rooms by the gate. "Who's idea was it to have us wearing miniskirts?"

"It was you!"

"It sure wasn't!"

"We actually didn't give it a thought."

"Twirl around so I can have a look."

"Whoa ! That switching shows!"

"You twirl around as well."

"There's no doubt that you were also switched!"

"What will the neighbors be thinking?!"

"That we went back home, and our daddies whipped us for having misbehaved."

"Aren't we too old to be whipped by our fathers?"

"Knowing my Pop, I wouldn't bet on that!"


No one in the underground parking, no one in the stairs up to the lobby, so far so good. Very slowly we opened our mailbox, it squeaked!

"Miss Justine, Miss Cathy?"

Mr and Mrs Busybody, the caretakers of the building, stepped out of their ground-floor apartment. "There' are a couple of parcels we signed for you."

While they returned inside their abode to get our parcels, we overheard. "Have you seen their thighs?"

"Sure did! Their fathers finally whipped them!"

"Well deserved if you ask me..."


To grab our parcels we had to bend down and felt how our minis seemed to never stop riding up. We had no doubt that we were blushing redder and redder in the process. When we had finally grabbed our parcels, we knew that we had showed our knickers, and more to Mr and Mrs Busybody. He was rubicund!


As we were clumsily trying to pull our skirts down while holding our parcels, the two good-looking guys from the third and fourth floors appeared. We blushed crimson! They had appeared at the wrong time, or should that be considered as the best of time? They had huge grins. We had no doubt that they had enjoyed our upskirt show. We shyly smiled.


The Busybody's door was closed on a few more comments, "Do you think their dads whipped them on the bare?

"Probably. They are big girls, no use whipping them on their knickers.


We took the old elevator, and as we went up, we felt how the guys were trying to look under our minis through the metallic accordion door.


Justine and Cathy


To be continued...


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