Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What! Another poor report card!



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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Curiosity part 7 and epilogue

On the way back to our dorm room, Cheryl wanted to apologize, "I am sorry you were also punished, sniff, it was all my fault, sniff, I am the one who cheated, you shouldn't have been punished."

"Nah! I wanted to help you, and that made me your accomplice, it was my own doing, no need to apologize."

"No hard feeling?"

"None !"

"Thanks Sista!"

I returned her high five with a big smile.

While waiting for Monica and Lucinda we cooled our throbbing derrieres and thighs with wet flannels.

"Oh that feels great!"

Our roommates had heard of our misadventures and they made a detour by the cafeteria to bring us blueberry scones. It was such a lovely thought, we warmly hugged them. After our post spanking treatment they helped us stitch the stars onto all our knickers. We slept on our tummies that night. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night to type my report.

Next morning after the PE exercises and run, Miss Supervisor collected our white newbie socks and we were issued regular grey ones. It was a relief. It meant that we would no longer be under newbie scrutiny, and over a supervisor's knees with our skirts up and knickers down to be spanked for every misdemeanors.

Next was the pre-breakfast uniform inspection. With the cane having adorned our thighs right under our skirt's hemlines we were red faced even before being ordered to raise them. It was first in front to show our newly stitched stars. Then we had to show how we were punished, and the inspecting supervisor commented, "This is what to expect if cheating." We were still blushing as we loaded our breakfast trays...

Classes went well, and I eventually found time to discreetly type my report.

Alex, the Head of the Special Investigations Department of The Manchester Courier congratulated me for my caning! I was told to return home. I texted Pop asking him to send a message explaining that I am to be transferred.

Next morning Miss Supervisor announced, "Priscilla dear, your father is transferring you to Saint Excruciata in Cornwall."


"He explained that he has signed a three year contract in Exeter."


I didn't want to abruptly leave Cheryl, Lucinda and Monica, I attended the morning exercises and run. When back I changed into the schoolgirl clothes Mom had bought me, and we had breakfast together. I promised to send them a huge Cornish cake. We hugged, we waved, they went in class and my taxi was waiting.

The taxi driver called me, 'Young Missy', and I said, 'Thank you Sir' as he dropped me in front of the Edinburgh airport terminal.

As I was pocketing my ID card I dropped my boarding card. I hurriedly picked it up, behind me I overheard a junior schoolboy tell his brother, "Yoh bro! That girl was caned, she has strokes across her thighs, she must have been very naughty!"

The airline attendant had overheard and her eyebrows just about left her forehead. I blushed a schoolgirl.

Eric was home, he was still wearing his Navy uniform. He immediately noticed my schoolgirl uniform and theatrically dropped on his knees, "There is a God ! He has given me a schoolgirl, a real live one!" I turned around to lock the door, "Oh! She has been naughty, she was caned across her thighs." I slowly dropped my bag and gave him an eyeful.

"I didn't know that you have a schoolgirl fetish!?"

"I am a normal red blooded boy, I have always dreamed of spanking a schoolgirl!"

"No spankings tonight! I am still sore from that caning."

"Come sit on my knees and tell me everything."

"I am now a Special Investigation reporter, I got a 40% pay raise, executive badge giving me access to my own parking spot, and the top floor cafeteria and fitness room, etc."

"I was undercover as a 6th former at Burntwood College."

"That's one of the more severe boarding schools for girls!"

"I was caught helping a friend cheat, and was caned as her accomplice."

He was playing with my skirt, and noticed the red star stitched in front of my knickers, "What's that?"

"For each caning you get to stitch one of those onto all your knickers, and you get an additional stroke per star when again punished."

"And for hand spankings?"

"A dozen additional smacks!"

He picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. "I have been at sea for 3 weeks. I am going to lick your cane welts. I am going to..."

We had a great weekend!

Monday morning early, with a longer skirt than usual, I walked into the most exclusive bakery of Manchester. "Good morning! According to your window you have a shop in Exeter."

"Indeed, how may I help you?"

"I would like your shop in Exeter to send a huge Cornish cake to Burntwood College. The names are Cheryl, Lucinda and Monica, and the card should say, "From Prissy with love, and there's no white socks at Saint Excruciata!"

Later at the Manchester Courier Alex lead me to the office of the CEO. They were both very nice, but I felt that they wanted to see the evidence. I wasn't prepared to raise my skirt for them! I suggested visiting the company nurse. "I have to renew my DTaP shot..." They both smiled. A switch was pushed, "Please tell the nurse to immediately attend to Miss Priscilla."

Five minutes later the nurse told me to raise my skirt and lower my knickers before laying on my side on the examination table. She said, "Whoa!" when she saw my bum. She didn't have time to say more, the phone rang. I knew it was the CEO.

She was embarrassed as she asked if she could count the stripes. I encouraged her. Three minutes later she was back on the phone, "It was a very severe caning Sir, I counted 7 or 8 strokes." Then I got my DTaP shot, 'Ouch!'

Later that day I triumphantly walked into the Mini dealership, "I would like to buy a Cooper S, white with red trimmings!

Four years later Cheryl applied for a job at the Manchester Courier, and she was discreetly helped...


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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Curiosity part 6

Lucinda and Monica slept on their tummies. We had set two alarm clocks to be sure to be awaken before the morning bell. Cheryl and I gave them another after spanking treatment. "Soz, done our best."

Next was the morning exercises and run. Our PE coach always had some new routines. Today it was GI Jane like push-ups. "Great exercise for keeping firm and perky boobs!"

For the uniform inspection Monica and Lucinda were told to raise their skirts back and front. It was to show what happens to cheating girls, and to make sure that they had sewn their stars.

 After breakfast it was two double periods, physics followed by chemistry. Not my favorites, but I got fair grades. The instinct of preserving my bum had made me do the preps! The belting I got for my poor math results had taught me to better apply myself, even if I had little taste for the subject.

I remembered that Pop's beltings were never more than twelve smacks, and he never whacked my thighs. The Prefect of Discipline had given me twenty and decorated my thighs. There was also the detail of the thick crocodile belt versus the classic leather one of Pop.

After lunch it was French. Cheryl sat next to me and blanched when Madame announced la dictée. Even those near bilingual as me don't like dictation, and French grammar is a pain for most French natives as well. Too many silent letters and exceptions.

Madame paced the classroom as she slowly dictated. "Its a song from Véronique Sanson about her mother.

Je l'appelle encore...

Quand j'avais le goût des étincelles
Que j'étais belle et rebelle..."

I noticed that Cheryl was discreetly eyeing my paper. She was obviously trying to copy my work. I winked and made it easier for her with keeping my left hand under my desk.

Suddenly Madame stopped dictating and charged towards us! She seized our papers and quickly scanned them. With furious brows she told Cheryl, "You have cheated!" She added for me, "And you have helped her! I saw how you kept your hand out of the way!" Then she grabbed our ears as if we were juniors, and we stumbled behind her as she lead us to the Deputy Principal's office.

"They have cheated! Cheryl copied from Priscilla who helped her. I want them caned with strokes of shame across their thighs and public corner time!"

The DP was quite annoyed by the French professor barging into his office unannounced. "Very well!" He turned to us with purposeful brows and ordered, "Take off your knickers!" We were already blushing as we stood in front of his desk with our knickers in hands. "Drop them on the coffee table, and bend over those two chairs and hold on to the armrests.

The chair was tall. I was on my toes, my bum felt so naked and worse was having to part my legs a few inches to keep my balance. My ears were again tickling.


"OH! AH!"



I was caned once before, it was severe, but this time I felt streaks of fire inching down my bum.



I felt my eyes watering.



I almost called, 'Thumb up! I am a reporter!' but I heard Cheryl's, "OUiiiiiiiiiiiCH!" and thought that I would be betraying her if I tried to escape that punishment. I did help her cheat, I was her accomplice, I also deserve to be punished. There was also the promise of not revealing my identity. I gritted my teeth and took the remaining two strokes. They were sizzlers, and my butt was a blazing inferno.

I already felt truly chastised with a fiery bum and exposing my girly secrets, but there was more to come.





The strokes across my thighs weren't as hard as those administered to my bum, but they felt incandescent !

Our skirts were pinned up, and we were told to face the wall outside the Deputy Principal's office for fifteen minutes.

 We were very sorry girls and discreetly rubbed our fiery derrieres and thighs in sight of everyone in the faculty corridor.

drawing skirt pinned up

The DP called us back into his office, our corner time was up. We were told to unpinned each others skirts, and to collect our knickers. We gingerly pulled them up, and were given the stars to be stitched onto all our knickers...


To be continued...

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Curiosity part 5

Next morning for the ritual gym exercises and run I pulled up my white newbie shorts and the girls from neighboring dorms teased, "Prissy was a naughty girl, and the crocodile has bitten her bum!"

"Croc! Croc! Croc!"

Adriana the white knight came to the rescue, "Leave her alone!"

They didn't have to be told twice.

I questioned Lucinda, "How do they know it was the crocodile belt?"

"Because the marks on your thighs wouldn't be as red with an ordinary belt, and they aren't wide enough for the tawse and too wide for the cane."


Monica added; "You best not be late for the gym assembly or will also have palm prints."

I wasn't.

While jogging I reflected on the previous evening, my roommates were very helpful with after spanking care. I feel bad to be hiding that I am actually an undercover reporter.

Next was the uniform inspection. It was most humbling to be told to lift my uniform skirt. Everyone could see the marks decorating my thighs because of the shortish kilted skirt, but raising it meant showing the marks escaping my knickers.

I enjoyed breakfast. I knew that I wouldn't be able to have fried eggs and bacon forever, unless I run at least five miles every morning.

The first class was math and the professor was waiting for me, "Miss Priscilla please join me on the stand with your Punishment Slip."

I knew that I was blushing as I stood on the stand in front of the class. I handed my P.Slip. "Please tell us how you were punished for that shameful grade."

"I was belted, Ma'm."

"Please give us more details!"

I was given twenty strokes, Ma'am"


"It was on the bare, Ma'am."

After that last detail I felt a hot flush, and must have blushed as red as a fire engine.

"Lets see if you have learned your lesson. Please solve the equation on the blackboard."

It was surprisingly easy. Having learned the formula sitting on my pillow with a well reddened bottom had helped.

Next was French and Madame la prof pulled a martinet out of her satchel. "This is a French martinet it is very useful for encouraging lazy girls." I had tasted it when in France. It sure wasn't as severe as a belt and the marks fade in a day or two, but the six leather tails are quite stingy and always had me dancing.

Cheryl failed the French grammar exercise and was called to the blackboard. She again failed. Madame wasn't too happy, nor was Cheryl when she had her skirt pinned up. The French whippette *teased* her thighs, but it didn't jolt her French brain cells. Her knickers were lowered, and she blushed as red as a mail box. She got la fessée cul nu au martinet, and she had to write that on the blackboard.

After our afternoon PE class Cheryl and I returned to our dorm room in need of a shower. We were quite surprised to find Lucinda and Monica on their tummies with their skirts up and bare bum adorned with vividly purple stripes.

"What happened?"

"We were caught cheating, and we were caned, sniff, sniff."

Cheryl understood that her encounter with the martinet didn't compare with the cane, and she helped us prepare cold flannels. Meanwhile I gathered our soothing cream and Arnica gel. 

I noticed on their bed a paper ribbon with 7 red plaited stars. "What are those for?"

They answered in turn, "We are to stitch them onto the front of our knickers, on the right hand front side."

"Next time we are punished it will mean an extra stroke."

"An extra stroke per star whatever the implement used."

"And in the case of a hand spanking an extra spank?"

"Hahahaha! Silly bizom! An extra dozen smacks."

"And an extra six if the martinet."


We helped them stitch their stars.

Later I was up in the middle of the night and in the loos to type my report on my cellphone. Alex had left a text message, "The boss is real proud of his daughter, and no bonus for the belt!"


To be continued...

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Today was...

 Guessing that the drawing is self explanatory...

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Curiosity part 4

I had dropped my Punishment Slip in the red mail box indicated by my roommates Monica and Lucinda. It was embossed with "Burntwood College Mail" instead of "Royal Mail." The mail collection schedule indicated : "Every day at 9 AM." I was safe for the night.

On the way back to our dorm-room our eyebrows shot up as we saw a tall brunette with streaked thighs. Monica educated us, "Its the cane across the thighs for the naughtier girls. She had a small court around her, and Lucinda added, "Thats Adriana, she again punched the light out of a girl who was picking on a friend of hers." I caught her name and discovered that she is the daughter of my CEO.

After my homework, I went to the library and choose a discreet corner. I didn't want my roommates to see me connect a keyboard to my cellphone and type at the journalistic rate of 90 words per minute. I mentioned Adriana, "She's the school's princess!" Having sent my first report to the Manchester Courier I waited five minutes for Alex the Head of the Special Investigation Department to acknowledge it. "Whoa! Spanked on the bare in front of the whole classroom! Any chance of me being disguised as a schoolgirl?" I answered with a long, "Hahahahahaha!"

Then I rejoined my roommates in time for dinner, and we were good girls.

Next days started with French and the professor sounded French. She was also an excellent prof. I have a very good French accent, as if a royal! I explained and didn't have to make up a story, "Mes parents ont une maison de vacances en Périgord."

It was only after the last class of the day that our Supervisor caught up with me. "You are to appear before the Prefect of Discipline for your Punishment Slip". I followed her. I was kinda worried, my roommates had mentioned a belting. Pop had given me the belt on a number of occasions. I knew how stingy it can be.

The corridor leading to the door with the silver plate reading Prefect of Discipline had a long wooden bench with two girls obviously waiting their turn. Miss Supervisor ordered, "Sit and watch the light above the door, green means next." I looked up and saw that it was red.

A few minutes later a girl walked our with puffy eyes and both hand rubbing her skirt over her bottom. As she turned around to close the door we saw wide crimson marks below the hem of her skirt. The girl next to me whispered, "Such width means the tawse."

I was the next one in line, and I wasn't too cocky. I was hypnotized by the red light. Suddenly it turned green. I entered and discovered a classic comfy office with a burly matron. No whipping post. no flogging bench, no display of punishment instruments, a large old wooden desk, a modern office chair, two large and tall comfy chairs with wooden armrests in front of her desk.

"Good afternoon Ma'am."

She didn't look like a prison guard, but she looked stern. She was holding a pink slip, I soon understood that it was my Punishment Slip as she read it out loud,

"Priscilla, 6th B, Reason for punishment : Failed math test : 7/20, Such a bellow standard grade is evidence of laziness. Severity Level : Severe"

She repeated, "Laziness."

I lowered my head, and felt retrospectively guilty for all my past poor math results.

She ordered, "Take off your skirt and your knickers. Neatly fold them on top of the left chair. Keep your hands atop your head."

It was very embarrassing to be standing bare from my navel to my knee socks. I again felt my ears tickling, I knew that I was blushing.

She stood and lectured me, "With math there's no place for improvisation, you have done your homework or you haven't. You have learned the formula, applied it, and bingo! If you haven't you fail. Laziness always shows with math."

"I am going to teach you a lesson you will remember when doing your future homework."

She opened a cupboard and selected a man's belt. I saw that it was made of dark brown crocodile leather.



She had vigorously whipped my buns, and it was stingier than Pop's belt!





Only half a dozen smacks and she had ignited my bum.



She also smacked my upper thighs. I did the naughty girl dance.



She worked down my thighs. I couldn't help bawling as a well punished school girl.



"Will you be applying yourself for your math lessons and homework?"



"Yes Miss! I will!"



"I promise Miss!"

She again smacked my thighs...



"Now everyone will know that you are a lazy girl!"


She allowed me to rub, I didn't need to be told twice. With teary eyes I frantically rubbed my throbbing bum and thighs.

While I gingerly pulled up my knickers, she completed my punishment slip. She dismissed me after having given me my P. Slip. I was as red faced as previous girls as I exited her office. I blushed the more when I turned around to close her door and exposed my decorated thighs to the waiting girls.

On the way back to my dorm I rubbed as discreetly as I could and reflected, "Whoa! Maybe you wouldn't have failed math during all those years if Pop had had such a belt."

My roommates were waiting for me. They were darlings. They had prepared cold flannels and creams. "How many and with what?" 

"It was some crocodile leather belt, and I got twenty."

I did my homework sitting on my pillow that evening.


To be continued...

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Curiosity part 3

Dinner was fine, the buffet was great. We hadn't ran and we weren't spanked, phew! Our roommates had warned us, "They have newbies wearing white socks to keep their eyes on them."

"Any misdemeanor, and its burntbutt!"

We nodded.

I got my old nickname back, I was again Prissy for Priscilla. Cheryl was asked if she still got her Cherry, we laughed as she blushed.

After dinner, since we didn't have any homework, we explored the two telly rooms and choose the one with a movie.

Lights out was at 11 PM for 6th formers.


We were awaken at 7 AM by the morning bell, and Miss Supervisor bellowed, "Shorts, T-shirts and trainers for morning exercises and run."

A newbie with white shorts from the next room had forgot her bra. True that she didn't have much in that department, "PE isn't a wet T-shirt contest!" She got well roasted buns, before breakfast.

I was quite fit, and I had no difficulties with the exercises and run. Some were encouraged with smacked thighs.

Next was a communal shower. I discovered that some had met more than callous hands. I would have loved some details, but too much curiosity could expose this undercover reporter.

Then we lined up for the morning uniform inspection. Thanks to our roommates we were well prepared. I couldn't help blushing when told, "Knickers inspection, raise your skirt!"

Breakfast followed, the morning exercises had sharpened our appetites. We weren't disappointed by the buffet. I enjoyed scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, I hadn't dared having such a breakie for quite some time. I also didn't usually run 5 k in the morning.

Our first lesson was English grammar, it was a double period, an hour and a half. As a graduate with honors of the Manchester School of Journalism, I had to be careful to make a few mistakes! I would remember for my report that the professor was great.

After a break it was a double period of math. It wasn't my forte to say the least. I hadn't done any math for the last four years besides using the very basic functions of a calculator. For my O and A Levels I had reduced math to the mandatory minimum.

The professor had all the white socks newbies sit in the back of the classroom and gave us a test to evaluate our level. She also warned us, "Those who have less than 10/20 will get a bare bottom spanking in front of the class! Those with less than 8/20 will get a Punishment Slip after a bare bottom spanking in front of the class." While the newbies worked on their test she held her regular class.

The test was gradually more and more difficult, I was sure to have got the first part right. As for the following parts it was downhill, till the last one which left me in the dark ages.

The best pupils had the privilege of correcting our papers. The prof graded our work and announced, "Not bad, some great grades, and three to be spanked in front of the class. Priscilla, 7/20, what were you doing in lower 6th, day dreaming? I am going to wake you up! Please come to the front of the class."

I slowly walked down the aisle till demurely standing in front of our teacher's stand. She stood, took her chair out from behind her desk, and grabbed my ear as if I was ten. I had no choice but to follow my ear till across her knees. She raised my skirt and pulled my knickers down, I felt a hot flush and my ears tickled, I was for sure blushing.

She spanked as hard as our supervisor, she alternated between my bottom and thighs. She went around from my left bun to the right one from one thigh to the other. I couldn't help stomping the floor. I had to be thankful not to be full moon in front of the class, I would have showed everything. She didn't tire; she spanked me till I whimpered.

Then she stopped and told me to stand, "Don't rub, hold your skirt up and keep your knickers down while I write your Punishment Slip." I stood and displayed my throbbing and for sure crimson derriere and thighs to my classmates. For my greater embarrassment the math geniuses of the front row were giggling.

Punishment Request Form

Name of pupil : Priscilla

Form or Class : 6th B

Reason for punishment :

Failed math test : 7/20

Such a bellow standard grade is evidence of laziness... 

Severity level requested :

Normal, Severe, Very Severe

Punishment administered :

Signature :


I was allowed to adjust my skirt and knickers, and red face I returned to my desk. I sat and read my Punishment Slip, I noticed the mention of ‘laziness’ and the underlining of ‘severe’. I had to admit that I had always been lazy with math. I kept my eyes on my desk, I didn't watch the other two newbies being spanked. I was happy that Cheryl wasn't one of them.

Later while having lunch our roommates Monica and Lucinda had a look at my P.slip as they call it. They both nodded in agreement, "Its the belt."

"Or the tawse."

"Nah, its the belt, she's a newbie."

Cheryl asked, "How many?"

"At least a dozen."

"That would be very lenient."

I chimed, "Oh! Twelve with a belt will sting..."

Lucinda added, "For sure!"


Priscilla aka Prissy

To be continued...


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