Sunday, April 3, 2022

For Devlin

Devlin O'Neill from the US was a friend of O&P although he wasn't a player of our game. 
He is now looking over us from a little cloud.
He was the first to have published a few of my stories thus significantly increasing the exposure of our blog "O and P spanking stories" which is meant to advertise our Oaks and Pines role-play game.
He also taught me a few things which improved my writing, especially about punctuation!
Thanks Dev!
In our sky, wherever we are, we are now sharing a new star.

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Pom-pom part 7

I now had an American boyfriend, and so did Loulou. Belinda and Lilla wanted to know if American boys are as good kissers as French boys.
Loulou chuckled, "Next year you will be in France, and will compare for yourselves."
I added, "It isn't about French or American boys its about us girls educating them!"
Loulou wisely added, "You be sure to let the boys think that they have taught you!"
A week later in college it was report card day. Our head teacher who is also our English literature teach handed out our cards with comments. "Elisabeth, being French and having an F in French is a shame!" I wanted to say that it was an accident, that I tried to help a friend, and couldn't do more than blush. Then I read the comment from the French teach, "Whispering the answer for a classmate..." Phew! I was relieved, I wasn't branded as a cheater.
Later, back home, I told Belinda, Lilla and Loulou, "We all have more than the 70% average, Miss G.I. Jane should be happy!"
Belinda didn't cheer. "We both have an F, that means Miss Coach's belt!"
"Ah!" I blushed.
Lilla added, "You're both lucky not to have been called cheaters, that would have meant the belt on the bare in front of the whole team!"
"Oh!" I blushed the more.
Two days later was cheerleading practice. As soon as we had changed into our uniforms Miss G.I. didn't waste time. She called us one by one. When it was my turn, I gave her my report card, and eyed the belt on her desk. She bellowed, "What! An F in French! I am going to give you a fessée as they say in French. A fessée for an F, how appropriate!"
She stood and sternly ordered, "Bend over and hold on to my desk!"
She flipped my short skirt up, grabbed my knickers at the waistband and pulled them up into a wedgie so hard that I gasped. I felt that my bum was quite bare, but I was relieved not to have my knickers around my knees.
Papa had belted me a few times, and he was no slosh, but Miss Jane's belting was something else. From the first stroke I felt a streak of fire across my bum and danced from foot to foot. Quite a few more followed and she also smacked my upper thighs. 
  Next was first rubbing my thighs, then my bum, then drying my eyes, and again more rubbing for my bum and thighs, and more drying of my eyes. All of that while dancing on the spot. I was well punished, my bum and thighs were fiercely throbbing. I turned around and saw glimpses of crimson belt marks on my thighs. There would be no doubt, that I was well belted. I very carefully pulled my knickers out of my valley. Sniff...
I again heard some giggling, and this time it was followed by an, "Ouch!" I was later told that Loulou and Lilla had kicked a couple of gigglers.
Next was Belinda. She got a few extra whacks, because it wasn't her first belting. There was some lewd whispers, and they were followed by several "Ouchies!" The Franco-American adopted sisters stuck together.
Then we took to the field to train for the Nationals, and the boys had not one but two eyefuls
Babette and Loulou
To be continued...

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