Sunday, March 6, 2022

Pom pom part 3

G.I. Jane had bellowed, "Girls with red butts wear white panties ! Go and change ! Double quick ! We want to see what you can do..."
We ran, changed and joined the team already on the training field in front of the Stars' clubhouse. We weren't too embarrassed with our reddened bums peeking under our white knickers. If you don't like showing off cheerleading isn't for you...
Miss G.I. addressed us, "Our talent scout told us that you are a great pair of gymnasts..."
Loulou mentioned that we first were gymnasts. I added. "The gym team didn't want to add us. They told us to wait a year because they had their quota. We told them to get lost, and joined the cheer team..."
"OK, you're on..."
We exchanged high fives and did seven back flips, then we jumped for toe touching splits, and continued with wheels...

The team applauded. Miss Coach commented, "Two or three back flips are great, but seven in a row is amazing. I never could do more than three when I was younger. Abigail will do two or three, then she lacks the power for more..."

Loulou chimed, "That's because she needs specific lower back strengthening exercises."
Veronica, the team captain asked, "How do you manage such perfectly vertical wheels ?"
I answered, "Its also about lower back strength..."
Then they showed us their routines. They were great and we were amazed by their team spirit. We first enthusiastically clapped our hands and soon cheered in synch with them. Veronica waved for us and we concluded their last stunts with our back flips and wheels.
Miss G.I. introduced the choreographer and dance coach who was a 'he' named David St James and he questioned, "Do you dance ?"
"Yes Sir ! We also do the French cancan !" I did three leg up steps, turned around, bend down, and wriggled my bottom..."
He laughed and teased, "Am I reading, 'Spank here !" on your panties ?!"
Everyone laughed...
He had the whole team line up, "The captain and the French girls in the middle with arms over the shoulders..." He rhythmically clapped his hands, "Right legs up, then left legs up. Come on, pick it up ! Right ! Left ! Right ! Left !"
He signaled for us to stop. Loulou and moi turned around, bend down and wriggled our butts. Captain Veronica had followed us.
He clapped his hands, "We wont be doing that. Its too provocative !"
Meanwhile on the sidelines a couple of American boys were educating a third one, a Briton. "The two girls with the glowing bums, and white knickers as you English call their panties, are the new French girls..."
"Nah, I prefer the captain..."
One of the boys snapped, "That one is taken, she is mine !"
"Ah! I won't upset Mister Quarter Back, what about that blonde ?"
"That's Abigail, she's new to the college and team. She's free, go get her, tiger !"
The third boy said, "I fancy that French girl... the red head..."
The quarter back laughed, "French and red head ! Probably too hot for you !"
The boys would for sure have loved to take a peak into the girls locker room...
The team was very happy with the French girls, and one of the girls teased, "Two more smacks for team appreciation ? What do you think girls ?" They all chanted, "Get the paddle !"
We blushed and our hands flew to protect our derrieres. They laughed.
The paddle wasn't actually fetched and we breathed super sighs of relief, I added, "Even with Abigail that paddle had quite a sting !"
Abigail said, "Soz! I had to be convincing..."
Loulou giggled, "We were convinced !"
I gave her high five, "We'll help with your back flips..."
On the parking lot, a number of boys were waiting, one of them asked, "Whats your names Frenchy ?"
"I am Babette and she's Loulou..."
"Be sure to come for our next barbecue !"
Lilla drove us back home. Aunty Angelina welcome us with, "Not too sore !"
Belinda laughed, "They were lucky ! It was Abigail baptizing them."
We were still jet lagged and we had an early night after a great dinner of chicken fried steak with onion rings and Frito pie.
Babette and Loulou
To be continued...

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