Sunday, August 29, 2021

Buxiban part 10 and Epilog

The dreaded mail arrived. There was the $200 fine for my parents to pay, and my appointment at the Juvenile Correction Center. I was advised to wear a short and wide skirt.
Emma, Lila, and Isia said they would wait for me outside the JCC. I was touched.
The Juvenile Correction Center had its own entrance behind the local police station. There was a counter and a uniformed officer. It wasn't a police uniform, but the JCC badge on the left chest pocket wasn't reassuring. I presented the appointment letter received in the mail, and was shown into a waiting room with a wooden bench and told to wait.
I wasn't the only one waiting. There was another girl, an Asian, about my age, and she looked anxious. She offered a nervous hello. I echoed with my own hello and couldn't help saying, "It is my first time, and I hear that first timers never get the cane?" She said something like, don't worry, and added, "It is my second, and I got the belt instead of the cane on my first, but I am scared that this time I'll be caned."
I gulped when I heard she got the belt for her first time. I looked at her, and she tried to smile. I saw how she had twisted a paper tissue into pulp. I was having butterflies. No one had stepped out from that office. I thought that there must be another way out.
A tall officer opened the door and called her in. He was male! I had never imagined being punished by a male officer. I heard nothing. The door must be soundproof. I ran to the restroom.
The tall officer reappeared and called me in. He closed the door behind me while saying, "Stand in front of my desk!"
Back in his tall chair behind his desk, he read the report and asked, "Is that correct? You ran a red light?"
"Yes Sir. It was actually orange when I went through. The road was wet. I was afraid of skidding if I tried to stop... and it was red on the other side." I took a deep breath and added, "It is the truth, Sir!"
He smiled, "Yes, it is indeed the truth! The officer wrote your bike skidded into the curb as you stopped, and that you flew over the handlebar to land in the grass. You can thank her for a thorough report!"
I gave a very shy smile, and he added, "It is your first time and you have mitigating circumstances. We are going to be very lenient."
He stood, turned around the chair in front of his desk, and pulled me over his knees. You are not a local Anglo. Have you been spanked before?"
"Yes Sir, at my Junior College, Miss Yew spanked me with a small leather paddle, and Mum bought a mamak cane."
"I don't need a leather paddle to teach you a good lesson. You should have ridden slower, and you would have been able to stop for that well ripped orange light."
He raised my skirt, pulled my knickers down, and spanked me. It wasn't the spanking that Lila's father had given us. It was a slow spanking. I felt each smack. His hand was ten time more stingy than Miss Yew's paddle.
 I wriggled, stomped my feet, pedaled my leg, but he had grabbed both my wrists and kept spanking. I felt as if he was scorching my bum. I bawled and cried. Then I heard him counting, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred. He stood me and my hands flew to rub my incandescent derriere. He added, "I am guessing you don't want to go out with your knickers down and your skirt up!"
I slowly pulled up my knickers and lowered my skirt, and rubbed it over my throbbing bum. There was another door, and I was let out and still rubbing. Emma was the first to hug me. Lila and Isia hugged the two of us. They, of course, had plenty of questions. "It was a spanking, ten time more stingy than Miss Yew's paddle, but only a spanking, phew!"
I rode back home above my saddle!
Mum immediately saw that I wasn't worse for wear and pulled my skirt up. "What! A spanking for my $200!"
Still holding my skirt up, she had me bending over the kitchen table and whipped her mamak cane across my thighs.
Next morning back at the Junior College, I wasn't too proud with cane strokes peeking under my skirt.
A few months later, Emma and I got our A-level with honors. We also had two more years of Junior College to prepare for the entrance exam of a prestigious university...

Amelia and Emma

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Buxiban part 9

The mamak cane was gathering dust. I was a good girl, and I had great grades. I had to admit that the fear of having my bottom well spanked or caned was keeping me on the right track. There was also the shame at eighteen to have my short uniform skirt reveal reddened thighs as a punished little girl. I guessed that Wei my boyfriend, with his smart junior navy cadet uniform, would be embarrassed to hold hands with a punished school girl. I was as my chum Emma more and more like our Asian friends Lila and Isia, well behaved and hardworking.
On school days I am up at 7, and out the door at 8 to have a few minutes to spare before the assembly bell. Today I left earlier because the roads were wet from torrential monsoon rain during the night. I saw that the light was orange and should stop, but the road was wet. I was afraid of skidding. I rose above the saddle and whooshed thru the intersection.
 I thought I had made it before the red light, but I heard a shrilling whistle. I braked and my bike skidded. It stopped skidding with hitting the curb, and I flew over the handlebar. I gently landed on the wet grass. I was helped up by a policewoman. "Young lady, you have ran a red light. May I have your identity card..."
She pressed a few keys onto some strange handheld device, and it printed a small ticket, which she gave me. "In a few days, your parents will receive a letter ordering them to pay a $200 fine. That fine will be accompanied with an appointment at your Juvenile Correction Center.
I was almost late for the morning assembly. My uniform dress was a mess, and I was sobbing. Our Supervisor came over and nicely asked, "What is it Amelia?"
"I got a ticket, sniff..."
I gave it to her, and she read, "Running a red light, $200 fine and JCC appointment in the mail."
"It was orange... sniff... I should have stopped... sniff... but the road was wet..."
I continued, " bike skidded... sniff... I flew over the handlebar and landed in wet grass... sniff... my knickers are wet..."
She told my friends to look after me. "Clean her dress and find some dry knickers for her to wear. I'll inform Miss Yew that you will be late."
They were very nice and 10 minutes later we were in class. Miss Yew repeated the start of the English grammar quiz for us.
Over the mid-morning break and lunch, I repeated the story of my misadventure for a few more friends. I also asked about the JCC.
"You will probably be caned or tawsed."
"They have several canes..."
"Considering your age, it will be a junior cane, similar to a mama cane, but whippier because longer. A mama cane is 40 to 50 cm and that junior cane will be 60 to 70 cm."
"Remember that it is her first appointment at the JCC."
"Yes, they will be lenient, but they will for sure give her a fiery bum!"
I wasn't too reassured.
Back home, Mum wasn't too happy. "$200!"
Poppa didn't care about the money, he was never concerned about money. He tried to be reassuring, "Your lovely buns will be decorated a day or two more than it would be with your mamak cane."
I still wasn't too reassured and hugged my teddy while waiting for sleep...

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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Thursday, August 19, 2021

The coach isn't happy

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Buxiban part 8

Sunday morning first thing, we inspected our bums. "Whoa! Nothing!"

"Peachy butts all around!"

"Lets wear shorts and cropped tops!"

Their cutoff jeans shorts were carefully cut. We modeled them and even further trimmed them!

Over breakfast Lila's mother just about scolded her father, "You should have caned them! They aren't made of sugar!"

After having finished our homework, we slowly rode into town. We took the bicycle path by the botanic garden. We soon had a few boys following us. One of them caught up with us and rode alongside. He had hairy legs. "Would you girls join us for barby prawns and French fries?"

Lila answered, "OK, but only 4 of you, others are to get lost."

We heard them negotiating behind us. The selected four led us into the Botanic Garden and we locked our bikes near the food stalls by the Symphony Lake.

After our lunch we sat in the grass to listen to a concert on the stage in the middle of that small lake. The boys had their hands under our baggy cropped tops and down our thighs. We also didn't mind too much the slurpy kisses. He was called Wei, he was Asian and his legs weren't as hairy as the Anglo boyfriend of Lila.

As the concert was over, we stood and rubbed the grass off our bums. Our boyfriends offered to help. A few of us allowed them. I was one! Wei gave me a caressing rub and smiled as if in heaven!

When we were leaving we heard, "What is this mess you are leaving behind !" We turned around and saw two wardens kicking empty soda cans and a few wrappers. "One boy protested, "It wasn't us Sir!" The other warden who was older wouldn't have any of that. "I see a mess and the four of you! Littering is a serious offence! I will issue a fine for your parents and a punishment request for the Juvenile Correction Center..."

"Sir, please don't. We are junior navy cadets and it would be so damaging for us..."

"All right! We'll deal with you ourselves..."

The other warden asked, "What about the girls?"

"Fines for their parents and reporting them for Juvenile Correction..."

Lila and Isa protested, "Please Sir, please don't fine our parents, please don't report us to the Junior Correction Center."

 "Well... Are you willing to take the belt, young ladies?"

With heads down we whispered, "Yes Sir..."

"OK, follow us..."

The Botanic Garden Administration had two offices. The senior warden with suspenders took us girls into his office. His deputy took the boys.

 I was to be first, and I blanched as he pulled his belt out. He had me bending over one of his knees with both my hands on the floor. He first belted my shorts and my bum quickly warmed up. Then he must have perfected his aim as he belted my under curves which were well offered by my bend over position and my mini shorts. He also belted my upper thighs. I bawled. I couldn't tell how many I got, but my butt was on fire. I had teary eyes as he helped me up, "Sniff..."

One by one, my friends got the same punishment. I noticed how our shorts showed we were well smacked. We were let out of the offices and had our hands massaging our throbbing butts. Emma was sniffling as I was. I also saw that our more resilient Asian friends had moist eyes.

We blushed crimson when the boys saw us. They could see that we were well punished and we couldn't. They were also careful not to rub! They were real sweet and bought us ice cream.

Back at Lila's house, her mother asked what happened. On the way back we had thought of telling her it was nettles. "She'll never believe that the four of us sat into nettles !"

"And we have obvious belt marks!"

"We best tell her the truth."

Later, when back home, I also told the truth. Mum said that I was lucky to have been belted because she was going to give me the mamak cane for my drinking misbehavior at Lila's home...

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Buxiban part 7

Next morning at school, Tuti, one of the teasing Asian girls saw the cane stripes peeking under my uniform skirt, "Your Mom bought a mamak cane!"

I shouldn't have worried about what my classmates could see of Mum's punishment, since the afternoon was about swimming. With a common locker room, I had to take my knickers down in front of everyone. Tuti and Zee laughed, "That wasn't much of ganzhé dance!"

I adjusted the bottom of my cossie and they laughed the more, "Your stripes are still showing!" I shrugged, and they turned to Emma who also had a few stripes. "Your muqin is learning fast!"

Miss Coach warned us about having a wee-wee in the pool. "There's a tell tale chemical, and I will tan your bottom." She had us swimming quite a few lengths before pulling a net across the pool for a fun game of pool volley

After showers Lila invited us for a weekend pajama party at her house. Having returned home I asked if I could go and Mum agreed, "Don't forget your homework!" I changed into a jeans mini. I no longer cared about showing the cane stripes on my thighs. I knew that I wasn't alone. I stuffed a backpack, rode to Emma's nearby house, and impatiently rang the bell of my bike.

Lila's house was a classic detached bungalow in a condominium park with tennis courts. We were parking our bikes under the car-shed when Isa joined us. Lila lead us to the kitchen to meet her mom. I immediately saw the mamak cane with a purple plastic handle hanging in plain sight by the fridge. Her mother was real nice, and offered ice cream cones. We followed Lila to her room. Her mother shouted, "And start your homework!" Lila had prepared mattresses on the floor, and a large telly for a real PJ party. 

Two hours later we had enough of homework, and we heard a car. Lila ran downstairs and told us to follow her to be introduced to her father. He looked as the stern banker that he is, but he gave a peck on the forehead for his daughter, and for each of us.

After stir-fried prawns with snow peas and ginger we helped Lila clear the table. We watched the news on the big screen TV of the family lounge. Her father had quite a sense of humor, as he commented the days events.

Then we retired to Lila's room, and loaded 'Bring It On'. We didn't stay up the whole night. We had had a busy day with morning classes, and the afternoon swim.

Next morning we went to a super shopping center with a pool in the atrium. There's also big shopping centers back home, but none have a pool! We took a table with a view of the pool for watching the boys. We had chili crabs. It was great, and messy, but we were given big bibs. The waiter hosed the tables and floor before taking our bibs. Then we had lychees, and more boy-watching.

As we unlocked our bikes by the parking elevators, two boys discreetly offered a big bottle of French champagne. "Only $25." We exchanged naughty winks, and bought that bottle.

Back at Lila's house, before dinner, we discreetly got ice cubes for chilling our bottle of bubbly. After dinner it was party time! "Don't be up too late dears!" Lila chimed back, "Yes Mum!" and we took the stairs to her room giggling.

We loaded part 2 of 'Bring It On' and tasted our champagne. It was great and we mimicked the cheerleaders dance routines of the movie. Two glasses later we were enthusiastically dancing and singing. With two more we stumbled, and loudly crashed on the floor.

The door was suddenly opened. Lila's mother didn't need a drawing to understand that we were half drunk. She called her father. He smiled when he saw us. She picked up the cordless phone and called our parents, "Yes, agreed, she will be punished exactly as my daughter." 

She suggested the mamak cane, but Lila's father offered to spank us. "It isn't as if they hadn't done their homework, or had bad grades." She laughed, "You're such a softy!" 

I was first. He pulled me over his knees, grabbed both my wrists behind my back, raised my skirt and started spanking my knickered bottom. Lila's mother protested, "At least take down her knickers for a real spanking!" I blushed crimson as he yanked my knickers down to my knees. Then I got a super fiery spanking! I stomped my feet, kicked my legs. He had one of his legs over mine and continued my spanking. I had teary eyes, and my bum was throbbing when he helped me up. I shamefully pulled up my knickers.

Twenty minutes later we were rubbing each other's bottoms with cooling cream. "Phew! Thanks to your father we avoided the mamak cane!"

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Buxiban part 6

The tests' aftermath had all the foreigners and Anglos, who had never been spanked, toeing the line. We orderly lined up in front of our classroom's pennant before entering the school. There was very little whispering when the supervisors requested silence.

We had all made sure to have pristine uniforms as at least two girls per class were randomly inspected every morning.

That day it was Lia and me. Our supervisor called, "Amelia step forward for uniform inspection."

I couldn't help blushing as she inspected my nails, my ears, my collar and pulled my tie to make sure that I had closed the top button of my blouse. Then came the dreaded order. "Raise your skirt."

I obeyed with a deep blush, and pulled my skirt up with both hands. I was to show that I am wearing the white uniform knickers. I knew that I shouldn't drop it before being told. Yesterday, Emma had her thighs smacked for having done that. "Drop your skirt, and back in line."

Today it was Miss Tan welcoming us in class. She started with a message from Miss Prim, the Principal, "We won't be punishing you for every infractions. We will issue punishment slips, to be returned the next day with the signature of your parents. Hopefully they will have punished you."

I was one of the first to be issued a pink slip for whispering in class. I had hardly said more than two words. "Amelia come to the front of the class to collect your punishment slip." Back at my desk I read it,

 Junior College Request for Parental Punishment

 Name of  pupil : Amelia

 Class : JC 1 B

Offense : Whispering in class

 Comments : With such a decisive school year we suggest the purchase of a mamak cane at your mini-mart...

 Signature of parents : .....................................................

I showed the pink slip to Isa, my Asian friend, "Whats a mamak cane?"

"Is a short cane, about sixty cm, its very stingy. Although it won't bruise, you will have vivid red marks for at least three days, when applied to your thighs. All of us have one at home."

I peered at the two red marks peeking below her skirt's hemline. She added, "Yes, it was last night, I had sassed Mum. She raised my skirt and, whack! wack! I would have preferred to be told to lower my knickers, and have more. Its so stingy on the thighs!"

Back home I handed my punishment slip to Mom. She wasn't too happy. She said that she should pull me by the ear till the mamak store. I was relieved that she didn't. The mamak store was quite small, and a capharnaüm of goods. It seemed to have everything, from frozen chicken to dish-washing tablets.

Mom asked loud and clear, "Would you have schoolgirl canes?" I blushed as I saw the old Chinese lady noticing that we are Anglos, and eyeing my school uniform.

She showed us a basket, with dozens of small canes, with colorful plastic crook handles.

Mom had me again blushing when she said, "Choose one, dearest." I was so embarrassed. I choose one with a pink plastic handle. I wanted to give it to the old lady, but instead of taking it she announced the price. Mum told me to pay for it.

The old lady repeated the price. I opened my coin purse, and paid her with my pocket money. She took the coins, and with broken English said, "Now you better be a good girl!" I thought that it couldn't get any worse, but it did. I had to carry my cane as we walked back home. I felt my ears blushing!

Once at home it was, "Lower your knickers, and elbow on the dinning room table."

"Please Mom."

"Do it now or you will be getting more!"

I obeyed, she raised my skirt and whacked my derriere. It was so stingy that I couldn't help jumping, and my knickers fell onto my ankles.

"Back in position real fast or it won't count!"

I got another one, and again jumped. She had one hand on the small of my back to keep me down, and I got three more. I was stomping my feet, and struggling so much, that the last stroke missed my bottom, and landed across my thighs. With my bum and thighs throbbing, I was in tears. She hung my cane in the kitchen, in full view of visitors. 

After having rubbed with Poppa's cream, I sat on my pillow for doing my homework. As I still felt the sizzling stripes, I applied myself with zeal.

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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