Monday, November 13, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 2

 Lunch at Saint Mary's canteen in the 70s was plain, only three food groups, mashed potatoes and minced meat plus an apple, but it was plentiful. More important, there was boys as we shared the facility with the neighboring boys school. As with the old song, there was plenty of boys watching the girls who watched the boys go by. Very few boys sat with the girls, and no girls sat with the boys. I guessed that boys were as shy as today.
I was teased for not being as enthusiastic as in the morning, when riding high above the saddle, and showing my legs to the boys. Lucinda wasn't too cheerful either. Miss Fritton having told us to have our poor homework grades signed by our parents wasn't encouraging us to be cheery.
Lucinda sighed. "I should avoid the cane. I do have the minimum 10/20 average."
I felt like my eyebrows were about to fly away with that mention of the cane.
Our friend Amelia mused. "It wont be the first time that the two of you get your butts warmed up, and if you're lucky it will be your fathers doing it. Dads are softies with their princesses."
Her words of "It wont be the first time that the two of you get your butts warmed up..." had me blushing.
Agatha added. "I hate it when its Mom. She always belts my thighs. She says that it will encourage me to keep my skirt down, and not to tease the boys."
I blushed the more for that!
Betty chimed. "It sure is embarrassing to have boys see that your were belted loke a squirty junior!"
I mouthed a silent, ah!
Afternoon classes were event less, and I slowly rode back home with Lucinda.
Grandma, as Mom in the 70's, offered warm coco and a slice of gingerbread. It was nice, and she asked how was my day. I was true to again being eighteen and lied, when said that it was fine.
Back in my room, I took off the magic ring, and was in front of my laptop. As I read and answered my emails, I was surprised to notice that my time travelling in the 70's hadn't interfere with having another rotten day at the bank. As a clerk at the counter, I was first in line to deal with acrimonious and rude customers.
There was also that repetitive email offering administrative assistant jobs in the back office, far away from the counter. Alas! A levels were required, and I had flunked them.
I day dreamed.
What if I have my A levels in the 70's? I should be able to resit them today. Dad always said that exams were tougher back then.
You will first have to be punished for that poor homework. It might be a belting as Lulu said.
You weren't spanked, and you failed your A levels. With a few beltings you should be encouraged to apply yourself, and wouldn't fail.
Ask yourself if you have the courage to take what you deserve for poor work.
What if you fail to have at least an average grade? It might be the cane. That would for sure hurt like the Dickens.
Yes, and you wouldn't want a repeat of that, and apply yourself the more!
Anyway you first have to taste a belting...
Why don't you have the ring back on, do your homework, and have dinner with them?
I did, and heard Grandma asking me to set the table. Oh! I have to remember to call her Mom!
I remembered, and set the table. I was surprised to know where everything was. She asked if I had done my homework. I didn't lie, I had, and done my best.
Grandpa or Pop was back from work. He was very sweet, and I remembered Amelia telling that dads are softies with their princesses.
We watched television. I enjoyed the old shows. Then Mom told me to go bed at 10 pm, as if I was ten. She had said, "Its time for bed young lady!" Her tone had been quite firm. I understood that her princess wasn't to argue, and I didn't dare.
As I took the bathrobe behind my door for visiting the bathroom, I stumbled backward for a step or two from the surprise of having discovered a cane and a belt. I felt my bum tingling as I fingered that belt with both ends tapped together. 
 As for the cane I barely touched it! I had no doubt that it could cure me of my natural laziness.
Later I fell asleep asking myself if I will be able to take the medicine I would for sure be needing...
To be continued....
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