Sunday, June 13, 2021

Curiosity part 4

I had dropped my Punishment Slip in the red mail box indicated by my roommates Monica and Lucinda. It was embossed with "Burntwood College Mail" instead of "Royal Mail." The mail collection schedule indicated : "Every day at 9 AM." I was safe for the night.

On the way back to our dorm-room our eyebrows shot up as we saw a tall brunette with streaked thighs. Monica educated us, "Its the cane across the thighs for the naughtier girls. She had a small court around her, and Lucinda added, "Thats Adriana, she again punched the light out of a girl who was picking on a friend of hers." I caught her name and discovered that she is the daughter of my CEO.

After my homework, I went to the library and choose a discreet corner. I didn't want my roommates to see me connect a keyboard to my cellphone and type at the journalistic rate of 90 words per minute. I mentioned Adriana, "She's the school's princess!" Having sent my first report to the Manchester Courier I waited five minutes for Alex the Head of the Special Investigation Department to acknowledge it. "Whoa! Spanked on the bare in front of the whole classroom! Any chance of me being disguised as a schoolgirl?" I answered with a long, "Hahahahahaha!"

Then I rejoined my roommates in time for dinner, and we were good girls.

Next days started with French and the professor sounded French. She was also an excellent prof. I have a very good French accent, as if a royal! I explained and didn't have to make up a story, "Mes parents ont une maison de vacances en Périgord."

It was only after the last class of the day that our Supervisor caught up with me. "You are to appear before the Prefect of Discipline for your Punishment Slip". I followed her. I was kinda worried, my roommates had mentioned a belting. Pop had given me the belt on a number of occasions. I knew how stingy it can be.

The corridor leading to the door with the silver plate reading Prefect of Discipline had a long wooden bench with two girls obviously waiting their turn. Miss Supervisor ordered, "Sit and watch the light above the door, green means next." I looked up and saw that it was red.

A few minutes later a girl walked our with puffy eyes and both hand rubbing her skirt over her bottom. As she turned around to close the door we saw wide crimson marks below the hem of her skirt. The girl next to me whispered, "Such width means the tawse."

I was the next one in line, and I wasn't too cocky. I was hypnotized by the red light. Suddenly it turned green. I entered and discovered a classic comfy office with a burly matron. No whipping post. no flogging bench, no display of punishment instruments, a large old wooden desk, a modern office chair, two large and tall comfy chairs with wooden armrests in front of her desk.

"Good afternoon Ma'am."

She didn't look like a prison guard, but she looked stern. She was holding a pink slip, I soon understood that it was my Punishment Slip as she read it out loud,

"Priscilla, 6th B, Reason for punishment : Failed math test : 7/20, Such a bellow standard grade is evidence of laziness. Severity Level : Severe"

She repeated, "Laziness."

I lowered my head, and felt retrospectively guilty for all my past poor math results.

She ordered, "Take off your skirt and your knickers. Neatly fold them on top of the left chair. Keep your hands atop your head."

It was very embarrassing to be standing bare from my navel to my knee socks. I again felt my ears tickling, I knew that I was blushing.

She stood and lectured me, "With math there's no place for improvisation, you have done your homework or you haven't. You have learned the formula, applied it, and bingo! If you haven't you fail. Laziness always shows with math."

"I am going to teach you a lesson you will remember when doing your future homework."

She opened a cupboard and selected a man's belt. I saw that it was made of dark brown crocodile leather.



She had vigorously whipped my buns, and it was stingier than Pop's belt!





Only half a dozen smacks and she had ignited my bum.



She also smacked my upper thighs. I did the naughty girl dance.



She worked down my thighs. I couldn't help bawling as a well punished school girl.



"Will you be applying yourself for your math lessons and homework?"



"Yes Miss! I will!"



"I promise Miss!"

She again smacked my thighs...



"Now everyone will know that you are a lazy girl!"


She allowed me to rub, I didn't need to be told twice. With teary eyes I frantically rubbed my throbbing bum and thighs.

While I gingerly pulled up my knickers, she completed my punishment slip. She dismissed me after having given me my P. Slip. I was as red faced as previous girls as I exited her office. I blushed the more when I turned around to close her door and exposed my decorated thighs to the waiting girls.

On the way back to my dorm I rubbed as discreetly as I could and reflected, "Whoa! Maybe you wouldn't have failed math during all those years if Pop had had such a belt."

My roommates were waiting for me. They were darlings. They had prepared cold flannels and creams. "How many and with what?" 

"It was some crocodile leather belt, and I got twenty."

I did my homework sitting on my pillow that evening.


To be continued...

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