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Victoriana part 10/10 - The Epilogue

Three weeks later, Monsieur Maurice gave us our report cards. Three of us were also given a cane. I was one of them. I knew what it meant. I was to hand my report card and that cane to "Uncle" Harry, who's also the manager of our bank. Madame Yvonne kindly gave us a cardboard picture tube for discreetly carrying our canes.

On Monday, I was back at the bank. Upon arrival, Penny followed me to my office and gave me a copy of her first report card. As I opened it, I noticed that she was wearing a knee-length skirt instead of her usual mini. I wondered if she was punished and hiding reddened thighs. I shuddered at the thought that she might have prepared herself for me to punish her. I could never do that! I invited her to take a seat, and she sat gingerly. My question was answered, and I almost breathed a sigh of relief.

Her report card was similar to my mine, her fluency was good, but her grammar was behind, damned French grammar!

She took a deep breath and confessed. "Mom gave me a belting because Pappy couldn't. I will make the grade Miss. I promise Miss. Please don't give up on me!"

"I am not giving up on you! I have no doubt that we will be bilingual thanks to the Ecole Ecarlate." I didn't add that our bottom would be écarlate till we do. She left my office with a reassured smile.

Time flew, all the wall clocks of the bank seemed to tease me, "This naughty girl is an hour closer to her caning for a poor school report card!"

At 10 AM on the dot our manager's secretary, Penny's aunt, eyed the cardboard tube I was carrying while announcing me. A few seconds later I stood in front of "Uncle" Harry's desk, and instead of inviting me to sit down he said, "What have you got for me Alicia?"

I handed him the letter from Mr Maurice and took the cane out of the cardboard tube.

He read aloud my report card, "Alicia has further improved her French fluency, we have awarded her 16/20 for that performance. On the other hand her grammar and spelling grade of 11/20 is still bellow our minimum requirement of 12/20. With only one more cession to go there's to time to waste. She should be severely punished for that shortcoming. We gave her a cane for your convenience."

"Uncle" Harry called Daddy, reread my report for him, and switched the loudspeaker on. Daddy passed sentence, "Six of the very best!"

I felt my cheeks warming up as I blushed when "Uncle" Harry ordered, "Take your skirt and knickers off, drop them on my desk and keep your hands above your head." I didn't stand for long with my hands atop my head and exposing my tuft. "Elbows on the desk." was his next order.

The first stroke had me blowing an "ARGHH!" I realized that it was a more severe cane than the one I had tasted after the cheating affair.

The second stroke had me stomping my feet and wriggling my bum with another, "ARGHHHH!"

For the third stroke I jumped up and rubbed my blazing bum with both hands, "ARGHHHHHH!"

"Uncle" Harry sternly ordered. "Elbows back on the desk, and that stroke will be repeated!"

"ARGHHHHHHHH!" I felt my eyes watering...

I got the remaining strokes and my derriere felt scorched. I stood in the corner he had indicated with my hands atop my head and sniffled as a well punished "schoolgirl"


A week later, I was back at the Ecole Ecarlate for my third and last session. During our first class Monsieur Maurice announced, "The three girls who were given a cane with their report cards will stand in front of the class with their skirts up and knickers down."

I wasn't expecting such a corner time and must have blushed as red as a tomato when I raised my school skirt and slowly peeled down my white cotton knickers. I heard a few Ohs! and Ahs! from my classmates.

After that episode, I was a very good girl. I exceeded the standards and my bottom wasn't again turned écarlate.

Four weeks later in London at the head office of the bank I amazed my French examiners!


After a vacation by the sea with Daddy and Mommy, I took the Eurostar with Penny for Calais. She confessed that she hadn't escaped Mr Maurice's cane.

At the Barclay's branch of Calais the manager and his secretary were close to retirement, Penny and I were virtually managing the branch.

Three years later, we took over a bigger branch in Paris. I was "la" manager and Penny had her own team. We met a few French lovers and married two of them.

Alicia and Penny

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