Sunday, July 25, 2021

Buxiban part 5

 For an eternity, I stood with my nose pressed on the blackboard, and held my skirt up to expose my bare blazing bum to the whole class. The fact that I wasn't alone didn't help. I imagined that all eyes were only on my shamefully reddened bottom. I desperately wanted to rub.

As soon as we were freed for the mid morning break. I pulled my knickers up, and rubbed my skirt over my still fiery derriere. A few minutes later, as I was alone in the loos, I raised my skirt in front of the mirror above the sinks to have a look at my smarting butt. I was quite distressed to see that my knickers couldn't hide my crimson bottom. It was obvious that I was punished, and well punished.

Just then a few girls entered the loos. I hastily pulled down my skirt. Lia and Isa were among them, and they were very nice, "Was it really your first spanking?" I couldn't do more than nodding with another blush. Without blushing, a few Asian girls pulled their skirts up. "Whoa! She did quite a job!" One of them added, "Tonight I'll probably get a ganzhé dance..."

For lunch at the cafeteria, the punished Anglos were down a few pegs, and mostly silent. They also rubbed as discreetly as they could. On the other end the Asian girls were their usual chatty birds, and rubbed very little. One of them teased Emma and me, "That was quite a show you two gave us!" Lia and Isa stood up for us. "Leave them alone!"

On the way back home, Emma and I rode mostly above the saddle. We did sit when we came across a group of boys from a nearby school. We didn't want to chance a gust of wind blowing our skirts up, and showing that we were spanked as little girls.

As usual Mum asked how was my day in school. She was of course told that I was admitted. I tried to be cheery, "I got the 3 best grades of my class..." She had a big happy smile. I couldn't help sitting carefully for my 'back from school ice cream'. Maman must have suspected something. A few minutes later when I rinsed my cup she pulled my skirt up. We both mouthed surprised Ohs. "You were punished! Why?"

"I am sorry Mum, for the tests I also had two grades bellow 10/20 and was spanked..."

She peeled my knickers down. "Please Mum!"

"And well punished!"

I told her that I have homework and disappeared into my room. I changed into soft PJ shorts. I surprised myself with working more than usual.

Later for dinner, when Poppa was back she told him that I was punished. "Show your father how you were punished, drop your shorts!"

"Mum please!"

"Your father pampered you and knows how you are made!"

With quite a blush I lowered my PJ shorts.

"Oh Princess!"

Mum hissed, "Your Princess got what she deserved!"

Later Poppa knocked on my door, and gave me a jar of Vichy cream. I hugged him. "Try to be a good girl dearest."

"I will... I am sorry Poppa..."

Sleep didn't come easy. I was replaying the events of the day. "You were spanked on the bare in front of the whole class..."

I hugged my teddy.

"You had to stand in front of the blackboard holding your skirt up to show your red bottom to your new classmates..."


"You bawled and cried as a little girl..."

"Tomorrow you have to... zzzzz ... zzzzz....

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Buxiban part 4

Back home from my first day Mum of course asked how was school. I teasingly answered, "I wasn't spanked!" My humor was lost as she replied, "If you work hard there's no reason for you to be spanked!" I chimed "Work and no play makes a dull girl!" Having said that I ran upstairs to my room.

I slumped on my bed and hugged my teddy. Although eighteen I still have my teddy. Two comments from that first day kept haunting me, "You will be rejected if your average is bellow 10/20." Pop and Mum would be devastated. "If you have grades under 10/20 although you have reached our overall average you will be punished." The dilemma was simple, first I don't want to disappoint my parents, second its good grades or be punished.

The next two days were the tests. We are 70 and there's only 3 classes of 20. We started with math, and it was more than multiple choice! Three hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon. We were all very quiet during the breaks and lunch. It was like, again taking our O-levels.

The day after the tests finally came. We were gathered in the assembly hall. Miss Prim announced, "If you are here it means that you have been admitted, congratulations."


"The top tier is assigned to the A class of Junior College level one.

Their names were projected on a large screen. Next was JC B class, I read my name and reread it! I hadn't made the top tier, but I did better than the third one. I had also read the name of Emma, and those of our new friends Lia and Isa.

"You are now to join your classes."

As were entered our classroom we discovered a sitting plan written on the blackboard and another stern looking lady. This time it was an Asian one. "I am Miss Yew, weaker pupils were assigned front row seats." I smiled as I discovered that I was in the middle with my friends.

"We are first going to review your grades. Amelia please stand."

I blushed as I stood, then I smiled wider and wider as I heard,

"You have achieved the three best grades of the class with 16, 17 and 18/20."

I no longer smiled when she added, "Unfortunately you are the only pupil to have two grades under 10/20. You will be punished."

Those words, "You will be punished." echoed again and again.

"Come to the front of the class."

I went to the front of the class as slowly as I could. I stopped in front of her professorial platform. She stood, pulled her chair in front of her desk, and took a leather paddle with a smiley face from her drawer. I didn’t smile!

Then she grabbed my ear as if I was a ten year old, and with one swift move she pulled me up onto the  platform and across her knees.

I wasn't too surprised when she pulled up my skirt. Then she grasped my knickers, and I reached back. "Please don't!"

"Young lady it is a shame to have two grades below 10/20 and you will receive a shameful bare bottom spanking in front of your class!" Having said that she yanked my knickers down to my knees. I felt a hot flush and knew I was blushing as red as a tomato.

SMACK! I felt a sting as fiery as the registrar's ruler. I responded with a distressed OUCH!. Then it was four smacks for my bum and two for my upper thighs. That pattern was repeated over and over again. I bawled and stomped my feet and tried to protect my burning bottom. She grabbed both my wrists and held them behind my back, and continued.

I pedaled my legs when she smacked my thighs, and she commented, "Obviously your parents haven't spanked you enough!" I heard a few giggles. I guessed that Asian girls were laughing for that Anglo who has never received a real spanking. I felt tears.

I was stood up and both my hands flew for frantic rubbing. One of my wrists was grabbed and I was back across her knees. She said, "You are not to rub ! You are to hold your skirt up to show your red bottom to the class." I got a flurry of sharp smacks. When again standing I shamefully kept my skirt up. "Go and press your nose on the blackboard!"

I was sniffling. I felt as a well punished silly schoolgirl, and desperately wanted to rub my throbbing bum.

Next was Emma. She was as loud as me. She got the same giggling from the Asian girls. She hadn't rubbed, and joined me.

 After Jenny who was another loud Anglo it was our friend Lia. We didn't hear more than a few Ohs and Ahs towards the end of her spanking. Eight girls were spanked...

Amelia and Emma

 To be continued...

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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Buxiban part 3

It was the first day at our Asian Junior College for Emma and I.

I again tugged down my school uniform skirt and twirled in front of my tall mirror. I again sighed. It was useless. I couldn't hide the faint reddish marks decorating the back of my thighs. The lady registrar had skillfully aimed her plastic ruler exactly under the hemline of my skirt. "Grgrgrgr!"

I ran downstairs, "Poppa please wait! Please help me with my school tie!" He did and smiled, "You look great Princess." I pouted, "I look like a ten year old!"

After breakfast I heard Emma ringing the bell of her bicycle. I gave a peck for Mum before joining her with my new bike. We rode to our college. As we got closer we rode with girls wearing the same uniform as us.

 We discovered that our school is much smaller than we had imagined. After having parked our bikes with our helmets inside our panniers we didn't need to be told that we should line up in front of the JC 1 pennant. We knew that JC 2 and 3 are about preparing exams for universities...

Two Asian girls behind us giggled, "Two Anglo newbies..."

"Well registered !"

We knew that whites are called Anglos, and there's no pejorative connotation to that. Two per cent of the locals are actually Anglos.

We turned around with smiles, and I asked, "Are all newbies smacked by the registrar?"

They laughed, "90% of Anglos."

"And only 50% of Asians."

Emma chimed, "Means that you are better behaved than us!"

They again laughed, "Means that our parents are more severe!"

They introduced themselves as Lia and Isa.

We noticed that we are about 70 in front of the JC 1 pennant, and JC 2's are about 50 while JC 3's are 30.

A very fit and stern looking lady clapped her hands. We immediately hushed and listened. "I am your PE coach and supervisor. I am going to take you for a tour of our school."

We visited the indoor sports complex with an Olympic size swimming pool and a basket ball court. Outside we saw a manicured field hockey lawn with a track running around it.

Next was the school itself. We understood that JC1 pupils would be divided into 3 classes. All classes had a raised platform for the teachers, something we had never seen back home.

We were invited to have a cup of tea at the cafeteria. The self service offered small cookies, I took three. We sat with Lia and Isa. Emma said, "Great school for only 150 girls must be costing a bundle!"

Lia nodded, "About 30 will be eliminated after two days of tests."

Isa also nodded, "It is one of the pricier Junior Colleges. What's your fathers doing?"

I answered, "They are both medical research docs, and yours?"

Lia was first, "Dad is into investment banking."

Isa added. "Father is into Artificial Intelligence."

Emma concluded, "It adds up !"

We laughed !

Later all the JC1's were gathered into the assembly hall, and Miss Prim our English professor announced, "Tomorrow and the following day you will be tested, math, physics, chemistry, English literature and etc !"

"You will be graded and you will be rejected if your average is bellow 10/20. We are a private school and we take who we want !"

"If you have made our minimum average grade you are welcome, and we will make sure that you have your A-level with honors!"

"If you have grades under 10/20 although you have reached our overall average you will be punished..."

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Buxiban part 2

Mum registered me at the Junior college mentioned by Emma's parents.

The Registration lady inquired, "Madam how old is your daughter?"

I answered, "Eighteen, Ma'am!"

The lady frowned. "Our pupils talk when they are addressed. I was asking your mother."

I felt like a silly reprimanded schoolgirl and blushed.

Mum answered, "She is eighteen Madam."

"According to our laws she is a minor."

I thought better than sassing back that I am a major back home.

"Madam, please sign the corporal punishment clause after having written, "I hereby allow the corporal punishment of my daughter Amelia according to the rules of the college."

I again blushed.

I was issued my uniform. When the burumas were added to the bag I asked, "May I please have knickers for wearing under them?"

The lady said, "Our pupils request permission to speak when not addressed. You were already warned. Turn around and raise your skirt."

I froze on the spot. Mum said, "Do as you are told, dear."

I very reluctantly turned around, and raised my jeans mini.

The registrar pulled a long and wide plastic ruler from under the counter.

"Hands on your knees, your are to get three strokes, two on your bottom and one across your thighs. If you move you will lower your knickers and the punishment will be repeated."



I couldn't help it, I danced with both hands rubbing my bum. I had never imagined such a sting! It sure wasn't Mum's occasional hand spanking.

"Lower your knickers to your knees, and back in position."

"What! Lowering my knickers right here with people around."

"Two more strokes! Lower your knickers now, or it will be four more."

“Do as your are told dear.”

I reluctantly lowered my knickers as another girl and her mother entered the storeroom. I was mortified, my bare bottom got five fiery strokes, and my thighs got two. Those were the worse! I again danced while rubbing my throbbing bum and thighs. I had never been punished so severely! I was in tears.

"You may pull up your knickers up and adjust your skirt."

I realized that she had whacked my thighs so that it would show under my mini. I was quite distressed.

I pleaded with Mum to drop me back home so that I could hide my shame. "You got a taste of what to expect if you don't toe the line. We are now going to the shopping mall. I have to buy you a bike."

I pulled my mini as far down as I could. It was no use everyone could see my well decorated thighs. I was red face.

I saw two girls my age with similarly marked thighs. They were wearing different school uniforms. They weren't blushing, and they were happily chatting with boys wearing uniforms with shorts.

At the bike shop I asked for an electric one. Mum refused, she said that pedaling would give me lovely legs. I chose a super bike. It was red with zillions of speeds. The young sales clerk adjusted the handle bar and the saddle, and I had to try it. He had my reddened thighs just about in front of his nose, and I was glad that he said nothing. He told Mum that I need an helmet. "It is mandatory Ma'am. Minors not having one are to report to the local juvenile punishment center, and parents are fined $200." I choose a discreet burgundy one almost matching my auburn red hair.

Back at our condominium I tried my bike with my helmet, and visited Emma. Her mother told me that I would find her in the garden. She must have seen my thighs as she added with a laugh, "I see that you have been registered at the college."

I found Emma, "I got my uniform, and I was whacked with a nasty plastic ruler by the mean registrar!"

"Oh! I am sorry. I was also whacked by her. I should have warned you!"

"I jumped after the first stroke, and I got five, and two across my thighs." I twirled around and showed her.

"One more thing! The sales clerk at the bike shop mentioned 'juvenile punishment center.'"

"Yes, minors caught misbehaving by the police are issued punishment slips."


"And you report to your local juvenile punishment center, and you get whacked and your parents get a fine."

"Phew! I now understand why there's no graffiti."

Emma added, "And no underage drinking or smoking, and etc."

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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