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American Lafayette girl visiting France part 2

As we returned home we overheard in the kitchen Papa telling Maman, "Frog legs, sure is a French culinary education for our American girl !"

We legged it into the kitchen, Papa gave me a peck on each cheeks and a pat on my derriere which had me wincing. Mary-Anne also got a couple of bises, but she didn't get a pat on her bottom, "I am George de La Fayette, call me Uncle George."

“Okay Uncle George, and we have fabulous French food in Louisiana, it’s just got a little kick to it.” I looked over at Marie-Jeanne and winking to her continued, “Are you also going to have some Mud Bugs and Red Beans?” Uncle George looked at me and then broke up laughing loud.

Marie-Jeanne chimed, "Frog legs ! I had frog legs in Louisiana, very spicy !" Papa teased Maman, "So much for the French culinary education !" She was disappointed and frowned. She also spotted our decorated thighs, "Was your dance lesson spicy enough ?" We blushed.

We had dinner in the small family dining room with old wood paneling and a mix of very modern and antic furniture. Mary-Anne told of Cajun sea snails, "Also very spicy, the English say that we eat anything in Louisiana that doesn’t eat us first !" She also told about the swamps, the bayou’s and the alligators. "We once stopped at a gas station and there was a truck there that had five big gators in the bed."

Then we watched the telly in the smaller lounge, and Mary-Anne went to bed early. I had selected a bedroom with a large four-poster bed with maroon velours drapes for her. "It was the Queen's bedroom, all chateaux had royal apartments in case the King visited..."

Mary-Anne looked rather worried, “This room isn’t haunted is it. There is this card reader in New Orleans, she tells me that I’ve got the gift of a medium, so if it is I wont be able to sleep !"

I replied to Mary-Anne, "Nah! It isn't haunted, you will sleep like a queen !"

Next morning over breakfast with goat cheese and toasts Maman announced, "Get dressed as proper young ladies from Le Chateau, we are going to church." I had given one of my Sunday dresses to Mary-Anne and tied a star and stripes ribbon in her hair. She helped me tie a tricolor one in my own hair.

Papa lead the way down the church's aisle to the traditional La Fayette front row chairs and pews. All eyes were on us. Mary-Anne walked as if we were a papal procession at the Vatican, stoned faced, chin way up, and silly measured steps. Maman noticed her shenanigans and plonked the back of her head with her heavy gold ring, ouch!

Later was lunch back at the chateau. This time it was the grand dinning room with antic porcelain plates and monogrammed silverware. We had a dozen guests. Maman had asked our maid to hire her sisters. Papa, who was called Monsieur le baron, introduced Mary-Anne to our Mayor and local gentry. The doctor mused, "Laforge-Lafayette, hum... you are probably related to Jean Laforge, the metal roofer..."

When the guests moved to the lounge for drinks we escaped with permission from Maman. Mary-Anne was quite curious of this Jean Laforge.

We drove to the roofing business on the edge of the village. It was a small office next to a huge garage with a former fire truck equipped with a big aluminium ladder. As the young lady from the chateau, I got a smile and a polite good afternoon Mademoiselle. I returned the smile, "May I introduce Miss Mary-Anne Laforge-Lafayette, her great great etc grand father was Louis Laforge who went to America with the Marquis. She is from Lafayette, Louisiana, USA.

The blue jeans wearing middle aged man slumped back into his old swiveling office chair. Almost a minute later he invited us into the old stone house next door, and called out, "Claudine, we have a guest, you will never guess who it is !"

He also carefully took out an antic oil painting from a cabinet. It depicted a ship sailing with several passengers waving. On the wooden back it was written, 'Le Marquis de la Fayette and sons from the village sailing to America.' A number of names followed and among them was Louis Laforge.

He hugged Mary-Anne and told her how proud he is of his relatives across the pond. He also showed her pictures of his grand father in his uniform when he fought in WW2. She took pictures with her cellphone and emailed them home in Louisiana.

We also drank a few glasses of blueberry alcohol. He told Mary-Anne that it is the actual original house and showed her the old forge. I had an extra glass of blueberry liquor while she was taking more pictures of the house. Then I felt my head spinning, and it was best to return home. We promised to come back. Mary-Anne drove us back. I was tipsy, Papa was furious !

He pulled me over his knees, raised my ample Sunday dress, lowered my lacy knickers and spanked my bum and thighs. He pinned one of my arm behind my back. He pushed one of his knees between my legs. He was tireless. He didn't count the smacks. I sure didn't count them. It must have been at least a hundred.

Once he felt that I had enough he pulled me up. "Take off your skirt and knickers and stand in the corner with your hands on your head!"

"Ouch!" I obeyed, my derriere and thighs were throbbing. I didn't rub, I knew that I would have another round if I did! I no longer felt tipsy!

Mary-Anne confessed to having also drank a glass or two. Maman told her, "In France when over 18 you can drink and buy alcohol, but a proper young lady never over drinks!" She was let off with a stern warning not to over did it, or she would reap what she sowed.

Later I got a pair of wide pajama shorts for dinner. We also watched an old classic French movie on the telly. There was no hard feeling, no resentment, I got what I deserved, and was in fact lucky to have avoided the martinet.

Mary-Anne and Marie-Jeanne

Co-written with Jayent from O&P

To be continued....

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