Saturday, December 24, 2022

Interns part 3/3

Next morning we wanted to offer another round of dandelions seasoned tea. We were caught red handed by a couple of those telephone operators. We escaped their clutches while they examined their tea bags, "They added dandelions leaves!" Their supervisor overheard the last few words and asked for the whole story. With the glass paneled corridor I saw her calling our own supervisor.

After lunch we were to be another dessert for the telephonists. I felt my ears blushing when told to raise my skirt and remove my knickers before bending over the back of a tall chair for Miss Supervisor's strap. I was spared two for having apologized, I still had 10 to come. I danced and showed everything I have, there was a few ohs and ahs from behind the glass paneled corridor.

Patricia got only 8 as my accomplice. I blushed for the show she gave. We were given evil coco doormats. I sat very slowly, it didn't help.

The ride back home was taken high above the saddle and those rascals from the other day were rewarded for having waited. The wind was very naughty, and our skirts had flared up.

I tried to smile when I met Mum in the kitchen, but she didn't buy it and flipped my skirt up. She told me to hold it up and stand in the corner while she called Poppa,"She got quite a licking..."

I had to tell Poppa the whole story and he approved my fighting back the telephonists, phew!

Mom wasn't as lenient. "I am expecting your aunt for tea. You will be standing in front of the fireplace with your bare bottom on display. When back home she will have something to tell her daughter about proper discipline."

A few days later at work, the County's Health Department visited. A female nurse and a male doctor examined our DDT vaccination certificates. The ones of Patricia and me were expired. We had to follow the nurse into the company's first aid room. "Take your skirts and knickers off..."


"You don't 'huh' me young lady! I'll call your supervisor, and I'll tell her to come with her best hairbrush."

We blushed and shyly started to unbuttoned our skirts.

"Hurry up! Bare butts both of you!"

We blushed as red as our recently strapped derrieres...

"Haha! I see why you were so shy! What have you done to deserve such roastings?"

"We gave dandelion spiked tea to the telephone operators..."

"Hahahaha! And you were belted or strapped ?"

"It was the strap, Ma'am..."

Then the doc entered, and we remembered that he is a he, as a male! He laughed, "What have we got here, nurse?"

"Two well disciplined young ladies, a healthy dose of the strap for having spiked the tea of the telephonists with dandelion leaves."

He laughed the more.

"I am guessing they won't make any trouble."

He vigorously smacked our bottoms before and after the injection.

"It helps the blood flow!"


Then there was the office party, and I had two glasses of champagne. It wasn't enough to make me tipsy, but I wanted to dance. I grabbed the hand of James, one of the youngest accountants. He was shy and I pulled him on the floor. He warmed up and soon lead me into a twirling rock and roll.

When we had a break, and while he went to get me another glass of bubbly, Patricia joined me with her dancing partner. "Your skirt flew and you showed everyone your knickers barely covering your crimson derriere!" Her future boyfriend had a huge grin, he had obviously enjoyed the show! I blushed probably as red as my naughty girl's bum!

Six months later we were married. Mom gave her fav Mason Pearson hairbrush to my hubby with telling him that I am not made of sugar!

Cheryl and Patricia

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