Sunday, May 30, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 7 and epilogue

Back at the castle after mass we had a nasty surprise. Miss PE announced "Jennifer and Johanna, fighting means the punishment skirt when on the island..."

We had of course heard of the punishment skirt for the meanies who cheated, drank, smoked or worse ! We were going to be the first p.skirted girls this term.

Miss P.E. officiated. She had us taking off our kilts and standing there in our red punishment knickers exposing our well caned derrieres while she opened an old cupboard. She pulled out two punishments skirts, blue tartan for me as a junior, and red tartan for Johanna as a senior. We adjusted them and blushed as spring thistles when we realized that our knickers peaked under our front hemline. Although we would be wearing them only within the privacy of our castle and its island, we were still quite embarrassed. We nonetheless wore them as brave EB girls!

 Later Sally teased, "There's a flash in the woods behind the beach... It must some of those retirees from the pub with binoculars... Hahahahaha! They will see your bare bum with those skimpy p.knickers!"

I thought about denickering her on the causeway, but the thought of visiting the Headmaster while already wearing a punishment skirt helped me cool down.


We all took our A-levels with flying colors and honors. A year later Sally and I were also among the two five to be admitted at the prestigious Cambridge law school. We had no problem securing grants and easy work at the library. Each summer we returned to Eilean Beithe for additional lessons.

Each time the grades of our past year were closely examined, and we were caned for all grades below C. One year I got ten strokes and again had to wear the dreadful punishment skirt...

We graduated on top of our classes, and added another year to be specialized into international business law. Numerous law firms made tempting offers, we refused them. We developed our own business as associates. We were very successful, we fought our cases with teeth and nails. Eilean Beithe girls are fearless and they never give up.

We moved into fashionable Mayfair. We had a huge poster of "our castle" in the waiting room. We wanted a partner, we wanted a girl like us... We were quite disappointed. All of those we had interviewed lacked backbone. The backbone that you are taught with severe discipline.

One day we found a girl standing mesmerized in front of the picture of "our castle." We exchanged greetings, and she said, "Its a surprising castle..."

We sensed that she was testing the water.

Sally nodded and I added, "Have you been there?"

She further tested us, "Isn't it the EB castle?"

She hadn't spelled out the name and Sally with a wide smile returned the question, "Do you mean Eilean Beithe ?"

I noticed how she had blushed, and decided to push her, "You are an EB girl?"

She blushed crimson. Sally gently caught her left hand, and we saw her silver Eilean Beithe ring.

I showed her mine, and so did Sally. I chimed, "We are sisters!"

She stammered, "You.. are... b... both... EB... bb... girls!"


We hugged her, "Welcome aboard partner!"

"B... b... but I have no capital to be an associate... and no experience... I graduated a month a go..."

"Don't worry about the capital, we'll work it out! What was your record?"

She understood the question and answered without hesitation, "Twelve strokes and punishment skirt... It was my second year at Cambridge..."

We took her to our bank. We didn't need to be introduced to the young lady VP. I told our new partner, "Your left hand, on the desk, please..." Johanna, our banker, immediately had her left hand next to hers, with the same small silver ring..."

For our first case together we took down a battalion of lawyers...

Jennifer and co

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