Sunday, July 17, 2022

2040 part 8/8

As I stepped out of the Korrekturhäuser, I saw that Diederick was waiting for me, and he wasn't wearing the infamous orange overall of a youth chain gang. I hadn't named him, he was safe.
I had received a severe fessée, my bum was on fire, but I was smiling! He probably didn't understand why I was smiling while my eyes were still moist, but he returned my smile. I rubbed my skirt over my blazing derriere, I didn't care about the people in the street. Diederick was there to protect me against the meanest teasers. I giggled and whispered for him, "J'ai vraiment le feu au cul!"
He whispered back, "I am your private fireman, and I have a room around the corner. Helga gave me some of your roommates's after spanking balm."
It wasn't an hotel it was a clever old lady renting a couple or rooms for madchen having visited the korrekturhäuser and in need of bottom soothing from their boyfriends. I recognized the bank employee of earlier and her beau was almost as dashing as Diederick.
A few hours later back in time for dinner at Saint Agatha my friends knew why I was smiling, and they welcomed me with a cushion. They had plenty of questions, "How was it?"
I teased, "How was what? The correction house, the whipping machine, or the few hours spent with Diederick?"
They laughed, "Tell us every details!"
"First that whipping machine is devilish. As you said it doesn't peels off the skin of your bum, but it lights the fire of hell in your neither regions, and worst are the two across your thighs. I did quite a dance, and you have to wear mini knickers for as long as you have evidence of your punishment. if the wind blows up my skirt, I will be showing my crimson moon to everyone."
"You can be sure that tomorrow morning, for the uniform inspection, the nuns will raise your skirt as an example for all or us." I suitably blushed in advance.
Next they wanted the juicy details about the few hours spent with Diederick. I again couldn't help blushing.
"You're a lucky girl. He is such a gentleman!"
Later in bed on my tummy, and bare butt, I reflected. "You wanted a college with discipline. You tasted severe spankings and the klopfpeitsche, but you are on the Roll of Honor. You also twice visited the korrekturhäuser für mädchen. Now you have to further pull up your socks and graduate.
After that episode I have never returned to the correction house for young ladies. I also never got more than a few spankings over a nun's knees. I fought with Heidi for the top position on the Roll of Honor, but Helga topped both of us.
I graduated with honors, PhD as well as the German Habilitation, and Diederick asked for my hand on his knees! We had the most romantic wedding on a riverboat on the Rhine with parents and friends.
A year later, I am finally the head of the German Department of the Sorbonne. Dierderick is a very successful aeronautical engineering consultant, he designed the first electra-copter-car. We have a superb apartment over looking Notre Dame and the Seine. Yesterday I had my first positive pregnancy test, and Diederick proudly kept it as a trophy on our commode. He gave me a big hug. "Remember Sophie, no wine with lunch now that we have a family coming." I could not have been happier.
Very discreetly hanging behind our bedroom's door hangs a martinet offered to Diederick by the nuns of Saint Agatha for our wedding. It came with a card reading, "Dear boy you will need help! You have married the most spirited girl of the college."
It was a lovely Sunday, and we had gone to the new vintage bowling with our neighbors. After a strike I was too enthusiastic and slipped. I dropped my ball with a loud BANG, and fell with my retro dress riding up till revealing my very skimpy knickers.
Eva had a surprised, "Oh!" I blushed crimson as I understood that she must have seen how Diederick had given me la fessée with the martinet. I had been a naughty girl that morning, and had earned a well deserved fiery derriere.
Sophie and Diederick

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