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Alicia and the magic ring part 12/12

The four switches of Grandma/Mom in the 70's had proved to be as convincing as her cane, and back in the present I had again applied myself.
Within a few months, I eventually aced all the exams the bank had to offer, and was given my own branch in a great neighborhood.
Years later...
It had been one of those family reunion in our old house in the country. The one I had known as Alicia in the 70's, with the old tower clock next to the corner where I stood with a red bum more times than I can remember.
Grandma/Mom of the 70's had left us. I was now the Grandma/Mom, and my daughter was helping me clean up.
I suddenly realized that she is wearing the magic ring! It had to mean that she was both my daughter and my grand daughter. I soon had no doubt when she presented me her report card with a girlish blush.
I kept her standing in front of the old massive kitchen table, and while she was fidgeting and tugging down her miniskirt, I slowly studied her report card.
"Two Ds, you know what it means. Its the cane, four strokes for each of them. Take off your skirt and knickers, drop them on the table, and bring me your cane." She disappeared up the stairs with both hands trying to hide her naked bum.
Two minutes later, with a hand shyly trying to hide her curls, and a shameful blush, she came back with her cane. 
 I took it and ordered. "Bend across the table, and grab the other end."
With the magic ring, they both shared the same bottom without knowing it, and they both knew and expected to be punished for these poor grades. One of them probably expecting it to be more severe for voluntarily wearing the ring.
I had the cane whistling in the air, and she tightly closed her legs. I was sure that at least one of them knew that she would soon show everything she has while dancing and gyrating her bum under the chastising rod.
With a flick of the wrist I had the cane hissing, and that naughty bottom rippled under the impact.
A very convincing "AIEEEEEE!" followed.
The second stroke landed exactly two centimeters above the first stripe which was already reddening.
It was acknowledged by an "OUCHEEE!"
The third stroke landed exactly two centimeters below the first stripe which was now crimson.
This time it was "AH! OH! AIEEEEE!" with a dance revealing her fuzzy peach, both young ladies into one were now quite self conscious of their shameful exhibition, and feeling well punished with incandescent welts now turning purple as they clawed their bottoms.
With three more strokes they both sang and dance the more with the same voice and bottom. One of them got what she deserves. The other got what she had sought, and I made sure that she wasn't disappointed.
"I am letting you off the last two strokes, but next month if you have another D it will be six instead of four."
"Yes... sniff... Ma'am, sorry... sniff... Ma'am... sniff..."
"Ten minutes in the corner with your hands atop your head, and don't rub!"
Their common decorated derriere was quite a sight as it danced and wriggled in the old corner. The tall mirror of the bathroom would remind them of that punishment for a few days, but they would both remember it until their next report card.
I wondered if next month she would again be wearing the magic ring. I wasn't too surprised to see that she did.
The following month they avoided another D. Without knowing it they must have worked together, but they didn't do better than a C minus. It meant the belt, and the shortest miniskirt. I searched their commode with the old record player and a new laptop. I knew all the tricks, and made sure that it was the shortest pleated miniskirt. She/they would be feeling like a well punished schoolgirl for the whole weekend.
It took six months before the cane again visited that bottom...
My daughter became a famous doctor, as for my grand-daughter she went on to be a cardiologist. I imagined my great grand daughter discovering the ring and becoming a surgeon...
Janet who was Alicia, and again Janet, before being Mom and Grandma.

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