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Farm Life part 7

After my fessée cul nu au martinet, my hands flew under my dress to rub my incandescent bum and thighs. It wasn't much of a relief, and it didn't last more than a few seconds, as Henriette warned. "Keep rubbing, and you will get another dozen!" I soon had my hands atop my head, and she pinned up my dress up with clothespins before sending me in the corner with my bum and thighs well exposed and throbbing. I danced!
I wasn't in the corner for long. The mess I had caused had to be cleaned. Manon was told to give me a pair of rubber booth. The sluice gate was opened, and the flood was swept back into the pound.
Then the truck bringing new ducklings had arrived and with a softer broom, I helped Claudine and Manon push the older and fatter ducks into the truck. The usual driver, with his little eyes always avidly following our behinds, whistled when my summer dress fluttered with a whiff of wind. He must have seen a few martinet stripes decorating my thighs. I felt like a farm girl who was given la fessée au martinet for her foolishness. I brazenly giggled, and pulled down my dress.
For lunch in the fields I got a small blanket. I sure didn't want to plonk my tenderized bum on freshly cut hay.
Josh chuckled when he saw the short shorts Manon was wearing. I furrowed my brows for him.
He laughed. "Don't be jealous, sweetie. The tag on her shorts reads, brat, and I feel that from one brat to another you should ask Manon where she got them, and buy a pair!"
I had another look at Manon's shorts, saw the tag, and cheekily answered. "Oui mon cheri, as you want!"
The picnic was great, foie gras, old fashion bread, goat cheese, great wine, and the scratchy blanket was giving me a special itch. I was wondering if that blanket would be big enough for two when I heard. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!
"Take those shorts down or I will smack your thighs!" Charles didn't tell what Manon had done to deserve a spanking, and I didn't ask!
She took her shorts off, and my guess that she was wearing skimpy knickers was verified. Charles pulled her across one of his knees, pushed the other one between her legs, carefully brought one of her arms behind her back, and gave her a super spanking.
 I saw her pink bonbon peeking between her curls as she sang. "OH! AH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE! AIE!"
When she stood with both hands rubbing her crimson moon I felt myself glowing, and I was for sure blushing as red as her. I had naughtily imagined rubbing my minou on Josh's hairy leg while receiving a similar spanking.
Just then Louis announced that he was going to have a nap. I shared my blanket with Manon as we returned to the manor atop a trailer stacked with hay.
We didn't sleep during that nap, instead I sang a lovely song. I actually sang twice. All the exercise, fresh air and good food was doing wonders for Josh, and I.
Later was the second feed for the ducks, Manon had gloriously glowing upper cheeks. There was no doubt that she had enjoyed her nap as much as me.
When a new vet from the local sanitary authorities came for a surprise inspection, he almost confused a duck and a goose. He had seen Manon's well reddened under curves peeking out of her shorts.
She had a lovely blush for him, and Charles furrowed his brows, as if asking if she wants another fessée. She gave a little brat dance and hurriedly tried to tug down her shorts, but they were too short, and she gave up with a shrug. Henriette and Louis laughed, and the vet was more embarrassed than Manon.
Josh whispered, none too discreetly. "Be sure that your brat shorts are as short as those of Manon." He paused for a second before adding. "Or else!" With those last two words, I was ready to sing some more...
Debbie and Josh
To be continued...

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