Sunday, January 29, 2023

Prügeldorf part 5

As I approached our bungalow, I heard a concert of lawnmowers. It seemed like the whole neighborhood had decided to mow their lawn. More surprising was to see quite a few girls wearing the same skimpy red bikinis bottom barely hiding their vividly streaked bum, while pushing their lawnmowers with a shared purpose.
Before joining her roommate, Julianne, who was riding with me, shouted over the dozen of roaring lawnmowers. "There must have been a raid from gardening inspectors!"
Then I saw Cathy with the same bikini plus decorated bum and thighs. I shouted. 'What happened?" She didn't hear me. I waved and again shouted.
Suddenly, all the lawnmowers of the neighborhood stopped. I guessed that all the gardeners were telling their roommates what happened. Cathy told. "I had done my homework, and was blissfully dozing off on a towel in our yard when a Discipline Inspector barked. "Report Card, please."
I, of course, didn't ask why! She read it with a frown. "I see that you had two F!" I didn't argue. "Take off your shorts and knickers." I was hesitant to be mooning the whole neighborhood. She barked. "Now!" While I slowly stripped I saw that Sally, our neighbor, was bare butt bending other her garden table."
"I was soon in the same position, and I got a switching. I never had a switching before, boy did it sting! One done, I danced on the spot rubbing my bum and thighs, and didn't care that I was starkers from the waist down. I saw that Anna across the alley was doing the same dance. By the way, she's shaved and looks real cute! Anyway, I was told that our garden was poorly maintained. I again didn't argue! She gave me that red bikini as well as a Punishment Slip for you to report at the Correction Center."
I told her to have a long soak and that I would finish mowing our lawn. All the lawnmowers of the neighborhood again roared.
Later I gave her a rub with a lotion for sunburn. The pharmacist had told us that it is a Prügeldorf regulation not to issue after spanking balm for us naughty girls.
I gave her a different rub after dinner, and we slept well...


Next morning I was up early and ironed my cheerleader uniform. I also cleaned and refreshed my white and red trimmed sports shoes. I want to be impeccable when I present myself with my Punishment Slip at the Correction Center.


I wasn't late when I parked my bike under the bike-shed on the Old Whipping Post Lane. There was no whipping post, but there was a small cottage. Above the entrance, a sign read, "Prügeldorf Correction Center". While tugging down my shortish cheerleader skirt, I mused that translated into English, it would read Spankville Correction Center. With butterflies in my tummy, I slowly climbed the few steps leading to the entrance.


I couldn't help my curiosity, and glanced at the windows on each side of the door with the elaborate knocker. There were no curtains and through the one on the right, I saw a girl wearing the sports skirt of the rowing club. She had grabbed her ankles and presented her bare bottom for correction with her skirt pulled up and white knickers lowered down to her knees.


The window on the left offered a different show. There was one of our neighbors facing the wall with her hands atop her head. Her pleated skirt was rolled up, and she was exposing her regulation white knickers.


I pushed the door. I already knew that I had to enter the room on the left. A matron was sitting on a swirly office chair behind a large desk. Red face, I politely introduced myself. "Good morning Ma'am, my name is Justine, and I was given a Punishment Slip. "Morning, young lady. I am afraid it won't be such a great morning for you. Take that knife, cut three switches from the hazel tree in the front lawn, and report back."


There was indeed a hazel tree on the left side of the front lawn, and a mean wind! With the street a few yards away on the other side of the low fence, I tried my best to keep my skirt down, but I eventually needed both my hands to cut the switches. That nasty wind blew my skirt up, exposing my knickers to everyone around.


I could feel quite a glow on my way back to the Correction Center, but it didn't compare with the one of the girl from the rowing club who stepped out with both her hands up under her skirt frantically rubbing her well reddened bum. She didn't stop rubbing, although a few passersby were laughing.


Back inside, I saw that Maggy, our neighbor, was next. We exchanged encouraging smiles. I was offered a stool and a bin, "If you care for your bottom, you best clean these switches as best as you can." I did, and when I was done, I had to stand in front of the wall with my hands atop my head and my skirt rolled up to expose my knickers.


A few long minutes later a booming voice from behind me ordered, "Come with me girl, I am going to teach you a lesson you will remember for some time..." I dropped my hands, and turned around to discover another matronly matron. "Don't forget your switches!"


Justine and Cathy

To be continued...

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