Saturday, January 30, 2021

Girl Guides part 4

That evening our little chalet was over crowed. Everyone had brought sweets and chanted, "Come on Frenchy tell us about boys !"
"As I was saying, boys are as shy as you..."
Cécile repeated, "They are shyer !"
"They have to take the first step, and they have clumsy lines. If you don't like the boy, laugh for his silly lines that will be the end of him. If you like him, just say "That's so cute...""
Camilla asked, "What if he I like him and he tells me such a lame line as, "It is a lovely evening...""
"Tell him, "Sunsets are so romantic" If you really like him add, "With a friend...""
Cécile added, "If you want to bag him, "Sunsets are so romantic with you !""
"Next he should have his arm over your shoulders, and you close your eyes and pucker up !"
Dorothy had another question, "What if he doesn't have his arm around my shoulders, and only offers another lame line such as, "You're right, it is a lovely sunset..."
"Then take his hand and bring it onto your left tittie while saying my heart feels romantic..."
Cécile giggled, "And close your eyes and pucker up !"
There was plenty of naughty dreams that night...
Next morning Camilla and Dorothy had me again draw a ball from the bag for our day's chore. They were obviously hoping that I would again draw the shopping ball. I drew a yellow ball, and the unveiling of the blackboard revealed that we are to clean the big house.
We had all the chairs of the dining room upside down on the tables and mopped the floor. We continued with the kitchen, the pantry, the storeroom and library. Then Camilla and Dorothy got the big vacuum cleaner for the carpet of the offices, and we went up to the floor with the rooms of the sisters. 

It was an opportunity not to be missed and we were very creative. For Sister Maria it was wasabi flavored toothpaste. Sister Agatha got wee wee improved shampoo. For Sister Josephina it was dead flies buried into her face cream, and Sister Ursulina's mouthwash was mixed with liquid soap. Cécile was the voice of reason, "Brigitte ! Don't add too much soap, we don't want her to choke !" I added water, and even tasted it to be sure. "Yuck!"
Our chores done it was time for lunch, and later we took the swimming test for canoeing. First it was jumping fully clothed from the pontoon and disrobing in the water. Sister Maria warned, "If you grab the pontoon you will be disqualified."
I took a deep breath and underwater I took my shoes off. Then I surfaced and threw them onto the pontoon. Next were my blouse and skirt. Everyone thought I was ready to swim till the buoy, but I had a surprise. I threw my bra and knickers on the pontoon. Sister Maria bellowed something I didn't hear, I was already swimming towards the buoy.
I swam back and Sister Maria was waiting. She didn't hand me a towel ! She pulled me over her knees and dried my naked bum with a flurry of smacks. I stomped my feet when I didn't pedaled my legs and was soon all dried up. I again didn't rub my fiery booty as I am still competing with Cécile for the title of naughtiest girl guide. Then I was allowed to get dressed, and officially listed as allowed to take a canoe out on the lake. All the newly approved canoeists tried not to giggled when told that the campsite of the boys on the other side of the lake is off limits.
 Later when in bed, Cécile and I told Camilla and Dorothy how we have pranked the bathrooms of the sisters. "Pity that we can't see the face of Sister Maria when she'll be brushing her teeth with wasabi spiced toothpaste !"
Cécile and Brigitte
To be continued...

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Girl Guides part 3

Next morning we were awakened by the sun peeking between the hills. Camilla and Dorothy gave us big towels and we followed them to the communal showers. Cécile queried, "What about warm water ?" Dorothy laughed, "Its optional !"
Back to our chalet we had barely pulled up our knickers when our roommates announced, "After breakfast a few chalets will be inspected. The occupants of the chalets that don't make the grade are spanked and given 4 dems." We followed their lead, made our beds with hospital corners, sorted our cupboards, cleaned our loo, shook the rug, and swept the floor till spotless.
We left our laundry bags at the drop point, and we had breakfast. Sister Josephina ordered, "One girl per chalet come forward and pull a ball out of the bag..." I volunteered, and pulled a green ball. A blackboard was unveiled, and we discovered that my green ball meant shopping. Camilla enthused, "Whoa! Shopping, the best chore !"
Another chalet drew shopping. We were each given a list, and we boarded our old school bus to be driven to Tesco. I was in charge of fruits and vegies and carefully selected them. Shopping was fun, and I didn't want us to be banned from it.
 Once my cart was filled I had 10 minutes till meeting the sisters at the cashiers. The boys we had met on the train spotted me, "So you're actually French exchange girl guides !"
"And you are Scottish boy scouts !"
They mentioned the Sunday morning service, "It will be at our campsite..." They couldn't tell more, the sisters were back. I giggled as I noticed how other girls shyly eyed the boys.
On the way back the girls chanted, "Yoh Frenchy ! You seem to know a few things about boys, you have to teach us !"
I laughed, "First lesson, boys are as shy as you !"
Cécile objected, "They are shyer !"
"They are supposed to make the first move, but you have to encourage them..."
After lunch we had swimming lessons, "Before canoeing you have to prove that you can swim. On Friday we will be testing those who feel ready..."
Before dinner we were to collect our laundry bags. We couldn't find them. Sister Agatha from the storeroom was waiting for us with a frown. She pulled our ears as if we were ten years old and frog marched us before Sister Maria on the terrace. Our bags were emptied on a nearby table. We noticed that our glued name tags had come off.
"Oh what have we got here, something I've never seen before. Girls look here, aren't these two smart ? They glued their name tags, I'll bet none of you ever tried that."
A few girls remembered how they thought it was a great idea when they were told last night. More girls shook their heads as if saying, "Boy how stupid new girls are."
"Agatha please help me deal with these two, you take Cécile and I'll take Brigitte." I was soon draped over Sister Maria's knees. She raised my uniform skirt and pulled my knickers down. I couldn't help blushing and mouthing an "Oh!" She laughed, "Young lady I always keep my word, and I had promised to take down your knickers if you again misbehaved."
"Agatha dear lets give them the basic 50 smacks plus ten per items missing their name tags, what have we got ?"
"A pair of socks, a pair of knickers, a bra, and a blouse, it's 5 items..."
"An even 100 smacks !"
She alternated between my bottom and my thighs. After forty smacks my bum and thighs were ablaze. I tried to keep my legs closed, but each time she smacked my thighs I couldn't help pedaling, and was aware that I showed everything. I was wriggling and she pinned one of my arms behind my back and continued. It was la fessée cul nu as I remembered it, my derriere was incandescent and it wasn't over. She announced fifty, and wasn't tiring. I stomped my feet, pedaled some more, and my knickers flew. Those who hadn't seen me in the showers this morning now knew that I am a real red head.
When she allowed me to stand up I refrained from rubbing because the naughtiest girl doesn't rub ! I watched Cécile and she wasn't rubbing. We exchanged winks and defiantly pouted, but the sisters didn't see us. I was told to pick up my knickers and to pull them back on.

We rejoined Camilla and Dorothy and they exclaimed, "That was some spanking they gave you !" Back at our chalet they helped us sew our name tags, and before dinner we presented our kits for inspection.
“Ah so you have the tags all sewn in ? Let’s see !” We stood there and watched as she checked each name tags, “Oh look here, this one is upside down, that won’t do !" I lunged forward and she just held the perfect name tag and smiled saying, “Now if you had done this in the first place we wouldn’t have needed all that fun.” Then she laughed and gave us back our clothes.
On the way back to our table a number of girls teased, "Roasted frog legs !"
At our table we were discreetly applauded. One girl said, "I would have danced around rubbing my bum after such a spanking !"
Cécile and Brigitte
To be continued...

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Girl Guides part 2

We followed Camilla and Dorothy with our backpacks. They led us to the storeroom where another sister welcomed us with, "I heard that you forgot your French girl guides uniforms..."

We blushed as we imagined that the whole camp must have heard or seen our spankings.

The storeroom sister smiled, "Since the French uniform is similar to ours with a knee length navy pleated skirt and a blue short sleeve blouse I should be able to work something... but I don't have blue white and red neckerchiefs... you will have to wear our yellow ones..."

"Our girls wear blue knickers, but French girls wear white, and I happen to have a dozen pairs of white serge knickers. Same for the knee high socks, blue for our girls and white for you. Same beret for us and you, and let me look for something..."

While she had disappeared I teased Cécile, "You are going to be so cute with a white petite culotte and your red bum !"

She giggled, "We were spanked in front of everyone as naughty teenagers !"

I laughed as discreetly as I could, "Its like we have traveled back in time. We are again girl guides ! I remember being the naughtiest one..."

"No way ! I was the naughtiest !"

I challenged her, "We'll see about that, the first one that rubs her butt has lost !"

"You're on !"

The storeroom sister was back and she had two small tricolor cockades. She pinned them on our berets. She was real nice, and we warmly smiled as we thanked her. "And I also have French flags for your shoulder patches !" We again smiled. Then we stopped smiling when she programmed a small machine to print name tags and gave us needles and string, "You are to sew your name tags on everything !"

We followed Camilla and Dorothy to our chalet. One the way a few girls giggled, "They are the French girls that were spanked on arrival."

"No surprise with the short miniskirts they were wearing !'

"That's two for the record book !"

The chalet was quite small with four beds in a common bedroom and a few comfy chairs. There was also a cubicle with a loo and a sink. Cécile exclaimed, "What! No bathtub for my evening bubble bath !"

Camilla laughed, "We have communal showers !"

Dorothy teased, "The French princesses are going to be roughing it !"

They showed us how to sew our name tags, but we soon had enough of that tedious work. When I pricked my finger I asked if they have any glue. They did, and I glued my name tags ! Cécile wasn't much better with sewing and followed my lead. Camilla and Dorothy just about laughed their heads off.

A bell rang and we understood that it was time for dinner. We only had sandwiches aboard the train and were famished. With our new "French girl guides" uniforms we followed our roommates.

The dinning hall with a roaring fire place was superb. The buffet prepared by the girls on kitchen duty was great. The tomato soup was very spicy. Sister Maria presiding the sisters' table called the girls who had prepared it, "Its too spicy, two demerits !"

We saw them adding their demerits under their names on a big blackboard. I spotted our names and whispered for Cécile, "Your name is there as well !"

Camilla and Dorothy told how we have glued our name tags, and every girls around our table giggled. We cleverly smiled. Sister Maria had sent a deputy on patrol and she stood across our table facing Cécile and I. She asked with a frown, "What's so funny ?"

I cockily answered, "Nothing Ma'am !"

"Are you being impertinent ?"

"I wouldn't dare Ma'am !"

"Finish your soup !"

"Yes Ma'am, and its a great soup, it isn't that spicy..."

"I'll be keeping an eye on you !"

"I am honored Ma'am."

One of the girls around our table laughed, "That was Sister Josephina, she isn't the brightest light bulb."

Another girl gave me high five, "You were brilliant !"

Cécile asked, "What about those demerits ?"

Several girls answered, "Every Monday after breakfast Sister Maria adds them..."

"If you have less than 5 they are erased."

"If you have 5 you are spanked."

Cécile was still curious, "What if you have more than 5 ?"

Another girl teasingly answered, "You get a few more smacks !"

One more girl laughed, "The basic spanking is 50 smacks, and its ten more per additional dems..."

Camilla added, "It is said that you get the belt if you have 10, but so far we haven't seen any belting for demerits."

I asked, "We got 50 smacks when we were spanked ?"

Cécile giggled, "I didn't count them !"

Dorothy nodded, '"Yes you got 50, and you were lucky to have kept your knickers !"

Camilla added, "And not to have to stand in the corner with your red bum on show !'

One of the more teasing girls chimed, "We heard Sister Maria telling you that next time she'll take your knickers down..." She smiled for Cécile, "We'll see if you are a real blonde !"

She gave me the same naughty smile as she added, "And we'll also see if you are a real red head !"

Cécile and Brigitte

To be continued...

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Tartan for the tawse

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Girl Guides part 1

 On board an old Scottish puffer traveling the Highlands. Cécile and Brigitte two French girls in their late teens, wearing short shorts, were eyeing two Scottish boys wearing kilts. The two girls were whispering in French, "Scottish boys are said to be wearing nothing under their kilts..."

"In your dreams ! The one on the left is wearing navy shorts."

The lads were also whispering, "I would love to slowly peel down the shorts of the red head..."

"She's French and a red head, too hot for you !"

Suddenly the train stopped dead with brakes screeching. It took everyone by surprise. The girls' backpacks fell out of the overhead compartment, but they weren't underneath. They had been sent flying on the knees of the Scottish boys. The girls and the boys had their hands full ! The girls eventually stood. They all profusely apologized, and it was hard to say who was blushing more. The boys were about to help the girls with their fallen backpacks when the train hastily reversed. This time the boys landed on the girls knees. They again had their hands full, and all of them laughed.

The intercom crackled, "There has been a landslide, the tracks are covered with mud. We are reversing till the last station..."

The girls were chatting while they adjusted their backpacks as they prepared to leave the train.

"The other boy is also wearing navy shorts..."

"He got a good feel of your bum and you didn't mind too much !"

It was a miniature station with only one room. It wasn't expecting a train to stop on that day, the single ticket booth was closed. They went through and stopped in front of a horse drawn carriage. On the front bench sat two girls wearing British girl guides uniforms. They called out, "You're the French girls ?"

"We're French, why ?"

"Hop aboard ! We have been waiting for you since the landslide !"

Cécile was about to say that they aren't French girl guides...

Brigitte hurriedly shushed her. They exchanged high five and climbed aboard...

The two girls introduced themselves, "I am Dorothy and she is Camilla..."

"I am Cécile and she is Brigitte..."

Dorothy warned, "Sister Maria won't approve of your shorts..."

Camilla offered, "We can stop somewhere and you can change into your uniforms..."

Cécile did a great job of having a contrite like tone, "Oops! We forgot them !"

"Oh my ! Sister Maria will roast your butts !"

Brigitte followed with, "We have jeans skirts, they are quite shorts, but they might be more agreeable to Sister Maria...

Dorothy nodded, and Camilla steered the horse towards a grassy curb. Cécile and Brigitte search their backpacks and exchanged their shorts for jeans miniskirts. The English girls mused, "I would love to wear such shorts !"

"You would have all the boys drooling !"

Dorothy noticed the French girls miniskirts, "I don't know if Sister Maria will be happier with those skirts..."

Cécile whispered, "They said that we are going to have our butts roasted…”

Brigitte laughed, "Don't tell me that you are afraid of a spanking !"

"I sure aren't, and I have probably received more spankings than you !"

"That's impossible !"

They exchanged challenging high fives as they went under a ranch like gate with a sign reading, "Holy Loch Ranch" It was actually a campsite with a dozen or more small chalets like bungalows by a shimmering lake on a hilly backdrop. There was also an old two floor stone and wood house with a couple of smoking chimneys. They guessed that it was the dining hall with the kitchen and some offices. Obviously the rooms of the sisters were above.

Camilla had the horse stopping by a large terrace in front of that building. There was a stern looking middle aged matron standing on that terrace with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a dark grey dress with a leather belt. Dorothy whispered, "That's Sister Maria..."

She welcomed us with bellowing, "What are those trollop skirts ? Why aren't you wearing your uniforms ?"

"Soz Sister, we forgot them..."

"Come here !"

When we stood in front of her she had our ears ringing with, "Having forgot your uniforms and wearing trollop skirts ! I am going to give you a lesson to remember..."

"What's your name ?"

"I am Brigitte Ma'am..."

With one swift move she grabbed my wrist and pulled me over her knees while sitting on a nearby wooden bench. She raised my miniskirt and yanked my knickers into my crack. Then she spanked me. She had hard callous hands and spanked fast. It was a long and fiery spanking. She did more than alternating between my cheeks, she also smacked my upper thighs and I couldn't help pedaling as a well spanked naughty girl. I felt lucky to have kept my knickers. I didn't know how many smacks I got. She concluded with, "Next time you misbehave I'll take down your knickers !" 

 She had me standing up, and grabbed Cécile. A few minutes later, which must have felt much longer for Cécile, we discreetly pulled out our tongues as if challenging each other, and we didn't rub our fiery bums. Then Sister Maria ordered, "Camilla, Dorothy, they will be bunking with you, and take them to the store for uniforms !"

Cécile and Brigitte

To be continued...

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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Aunt Roberta part 6 and epilogue

I stepped out of Miss Roberta's row house with a desperate urge to rub my fiercely burning bum, but I didn't dare because of the mini market across the street. An eighteen year old schoolgirl in uniform frantically rubbing her butt would for sure have all the neighboring boys laughing and chanting, "She had her bum smacked, well smacked, and smacked crimson !"
For another poor report card Miss Roberta had caned me on the bare in front of my friends Harriet and Nancy. Six times the cane had whipped my nates. Six agonizing stripes of fire.
 Then she had me stand next to the blackboard of her small school room with my hands on my head, skirt rolled up, and knickers spread between my legs. I cried buckets, and didn't care that my chums could see everything...
That was my first caning and it wasn't the last one. All my report cards did improve after that punishment. Mum said that it taught me the lesson I so richly deserved. I didn't argue. She might send me back to Miss Roberta for a few more strokes. True that laying on your tummy with a fiery derriere tends to persuaded one to reread the preps...
The three of us got our A level with honors. Harriet's mother and Mum paid for our driving lessons. We also started med school. Nancy took an exam with the Royal Post Office and was appointed as postal inspector in Scotland.
Harriet and I still have tuition with Miss Roberta and she lately said that she would belt our thighs and have us wear short school skirts ! We weren't too worried because she has often made that threat and never implemented it. However we are still not allowed to wear jeans, but we don't mind too much as the boys love to peak under our skirts, and we find that so exciting !
She decided that since we are big girls she will forgo hand spankings or the belt and use only the cane. "If feeling lenient I might use a tawse..." We pulled long faces and apprehensively rubbed our bottoms when she announced that.
When I got a fail grade for a chemistry test I expected to be caned. I wasn't disappointed ! At the age of twenty I was punished as a school girl, with having to remove my knickers and raise my skirt for a bare ass caning. Six fiery stripes had my bum dancing as I held onto the chair I was bending over. I was well punished. "Ouch!"
I didn't expect that she would pull me out of her study by the ear and lead me to stand in front the wall in the corridor as a punished teenage girl.
Worse was the surprised mimics of two younger girls waiting for their interviews when Miss Roberta raised my skirt to expose my decorated derriere.
She held the report card with the infamous big bright red F against the wall, “Hands behind your back young lady. You are to hold this card against the wall with your nose during your corner time. Don’t let it fall to the floor or I shall revisit your bottom..."
I remembered when I saw Nancy in a similar predicament on my second visit to Miss Roberta... I blushed to my ears as my blazing bum felt so naked...
"In fifteen minutes, while keeping your skirt up, you will be asking for your knickers..."
Lilly, Harriet and Nancy

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