Sunday, June 18, 2023

Lafayette Girls, from France to the US part 2

In the back of the huge suv Mary-Anne discreetly woke me up, and I discovered her house. It was a large white mansion with tall Greek like columns and a porch that runs along the whole outside edge offering shaded sitting area. All around the house were huge trees with gray stuff hanging down. "What's the stuff hanging from the trees?"

"Its Spanish moss, and its all over the trees here."

"Its kinda spooky."

Inside I sighed with delight as I felt the air-conditioning and breeze from large ceiling fans. She showed me my room overlooking the pool with an attached bathroom which had an old fashion bathtub.

I enthused, "C'est magnifique !"

We had lunch and when I was about to have a nap I heard the distinct sound of a spanking. I got my Vichy cream, but I was asleep before hitting my pillow with my après fessée ointment still in hands.

I slept till the next day, and conveniently woke up for breakfast. It was Sunday, Auntie Odette announced that we are to attend mass, and told Mary-Anne to give me one of her dresses as she didn't want me to wear a jeans miniskirt.

Uncle Hervé klaxoned for us to hurry up. We ran with swirly dresses flying high around our legs and waving large straw hats. Then we jumped into the back seat of a superb vintage convertible Cadillac, as long as a rail-car!

During mass Mary-Anne discreetly pointed a boy for me and whispered, "He is a friend of my own boyfriend, his name is Louis." I enthused, "He's blonde! I always wanted a blondie boyfriend."

After mass we went to the church's Cajun barbecue. Mary-Anne introduced me to her friends and Louis. He teased with a ceremonial bow, "Mademoiselle la marquise!" Everyone laughed, and I applauded him with a wide smile. 

I had Cajun chicken drumsticks, "Whoa! They are so spicy!" A boy discreetly passed around a mug. I had a sip, and coughed as the few boys and girls who had also drank from that mug. It was like Vodka. Mary-Anne ignored the offer and frowned. "You shouldn't be drinking that stuff, its moonshine." I didn't know whats moonshine, but I trusted Mary-Anne and didn't have a second sip.

Father Martin wanted to welcome the French Missy, and he waved for me. Everyone disappeared as he approached. I was quite surprised. I gave him a polite "Good morning Father." He saw the hurriedly abandoned mug next to my feet. He picked it up and sniffed it. He must have had a breath analyzer nose. He grabbed my ear as if I was ten. "Did you drink from that mug?"

I pitifully nodded, and he scolded me. "You drank moonshine! Drinking moonshine will make you blind." Come with me I am going to teach you a lesson you wont forget." I followed my ear to the church vestry, and I was soon across his knees. He raised my dress and pulled down my lacy knickers. I wriggled till he threatened, "Stop that or I'll tell my friend Harvey, and it will be his belt!"

Then he gave me la fessée! He had the leather hands of a gardener. I couldn't help pedaling my legs, I probably showed him ma petite chatte. I probably got one hundred smacks when he pulled me up. I stood with my knickers around my ankles. While sniffling and rubbing my fiery derriere he lectured me, "You are not allowed to drink till twenty-one. Pull up your panties and run along, be thankful that I won't be telling your guardians." 

Outside I was rubbing my dress over my burning bum when Louis found me. I was furious, I stopped rubbing to pound his chest with my fists, "You should have saved me!" He gave me a horrible spanking! J'ai les fesses en feu !"

He profusely apologized, and explained that Father Martin has promised to report them to their parents if he caught them drinking. He gave me a chaste hug and a peck on each cheek. He was forgiven, and we rejoined the gang. They gently teased, "The Marquise was baptized!" I was again rubbing my bottom, but this time it was with a smile.

Later and back home, we changed for a swim, and we didn't care too much for our still reddened derrieres as it was only us at the family's pool. Mary-Anne was spanked yesterday by Uncle Hervé and her bum was almost as red as mine which was spanked this morning by Father Martin. 
 As we heard a car Mary-Anne said, "Run! its Mom or Pop, if they see your red butt they will ask why you were punished, and you're sure to get the belt for drinking!"

Safely back inside and wearing a skirt I chanted for Mary-Anne, "Didn't you tell me that you are a Raging Cajuns Cheerleader? I would love to try it! I have had a few years of classic and modern dance lessons."

Marie-Jeanne and Mary-Anne

To be continued...

PS : That part was written with help from our friend Jayent, an O&P player.


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