Sunday, September 5, 2021

Whippingham Fitness Camp 1

I am April and my friend is June, we have more in common than being named after the calendar. We are both twenty-one, and students of a modern dance academy. We also have a few extra pounds, and for shedding them, we decided to go trekking and camping during the summer hols.

The local choo choo dropped us in the middle of the Moors. With backpacks and expertly cutoff jeans shorts, we walked out of the small train station. We giggled, as we heard an old lady's musing. "If a daughter of mine wore such shorts, I would decorate her bottom with vivid cane welts." Her companion had a broad smile. His imagination must have been inspired...

It was a small village, and we were soon out in the country. We had a chuckle when we passed a sign reading Whippingham Fitness Camp. Around noon, we stopped for lunch, at a tiny hamlet with a street side pub near a mini-mart. The locals couldn't take their eyes off our shorts. We didn't mind.

A few hours later, we called it a day, and setup our tents in a lovely meadow near a small tarn and a beach. We had a camp fire on that beach, and after having devoured sandwiches bought earlier, we roasted marshmallows. We also tried to imagine, how much weight we lost on that first day of trekking.

Although we had an early night, we slept late. We were awakened by a G.I. Jane like voice, barking orders. "Annabelle you have been trailing behind. Drop your buruma, I am going to light such a fire in your bottom, that you will be running ahead of everyone for the home run!"

That was followed by numerous resounding smacks. As we poked our heads out of our tents, we discovered a girl our age receiving an over the knees bare bottom spanking. It wasn't a little girl's spanking, it was a very severe spanking.

She was spanked till her bum and upper tights were crimson. Surprisingly, she was barely sniffling when she gingerly pulled up her gym knickers. She tried to adjust them, but they were far too skimpy to hide the fact that she was well punished. In comparison our shorts might have been approved at a nunnery.

The G.I. Jane voice again boomed You the campers, you best pack before the Rangers' morning patrol. You're welcome to camp on our estate over that hill, and clean up the remains of that fire!" We hurriedly packed our tents.

After having cleaned our campfire, we trekked over the hill. We discovered a large secluded Victorian mansion with a sports field. We didn't see anyone around, and weren't surprised since it was almost time for lunch.

Another G.I. Jane welcomed us, and she didn't bark. She was actually very nice, and showed us where to drop our backpacks. Out of curiosity, we picked up a couple of brochures. We exchanged winks as we read their tittles. "Whippingham Fitness Camp - We will give you the eye of the tiger!"

We folded the brochures into our shorts back pockets, and G.I. Jane number two invited us to have lunch. We discovered an elegant dining room with wood paneling. We noticed the happy chatter and giggling of girls about our age. They were all wearing the skimpy shorts and T.shirts we saw this morning.

We joined the queue for the generous buffet. We saw quite a few girls with red bums generously peeking out of their surprisingly short shorts. They didn't look distressed. We were behind a girl with fading reddish stripes decorating her under curves and thighs.

She saw us staring and shrugged I was switched a few days ago for having gained a couple of pounds." She giggled as she added. "I lost them real fast!"

She introduced herself as Louise, and invited us to sit with her friends. One of them was Annabelle, we had kinda met her this morning. She barely blushed as she recognized us. I introduced ourselves. "This is June, and I am April."

Louise chuckled. "You are wondering what this is all about!"


Annabelle was first. "I am to take the Fitness Assessment for the Military Academy, and I want to be sure to ace it!"

Louise echoed. “I am hoping to be selected for the National Rugby Team."

Another girl called Melissa chimed. "I am a nurse, and I am going to train as a paratrooper with the Fire Department."

We remained opened mouths for a long second, and pulled out the brochures from our back pockets. We read. "Whatever your goals we will make sure that you are the best that you can be. You will be as fit as a tigress, and we will give you the mental of a winner!"

Down to earth June mused. "1700 £ for a week, it sure isn't cheap!"

One more girl, who introduced herself as Lucinda, explained. "There's a money back guaranty if you don't succeed. You will be assessed. They will tell you how many weeks will be required to meet your goals. The second and third weeks are cheaper. No one ever had to take four weeks. No one was ever refunded!"

Louise questioned us. "What are you girls into?"

June answered for both of us. "We are into modern dancing with a sports and studies program."

I filled in the blanks. "We are to retake our physical and dancing test in a month." 

Louise laughed. "Prime candidates for the Whippingham fitness program!"

June frowned. "Are you always punished on the bare bottom in front of everyone?" 

Melissa nodded with a blush.

I read aloud from the brochure. "The shame of being spanked as a little girl, on the bare, in front of your chums, will be a great incentive to apply yourself."

One more girl pointed to a corner of the dining hall. "Over there you have a punishment corner." We turned our heads in unison, and saw above the mentioned corner, an American college paddle engraved with the words "Punishment Corner."

We listened as she added. "On our first day, we are punished for the failure which made us join the program. Then we have to stand in the corner, bare from our navel to our socks, for everyone to see our glowing bums."

Annabelle added with a cheeky smile. "There's another punishment corner over here, one for each of you!"

Louise teased. "Will you be chickens or tigresses?"

April and June

To be continued...

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