Sunday, December 18, 2022

Interns part 2

The next day I had an easier time riding my bike to work. I quipped, "Saddle shoes beat heels for bike rides, especially when you have to ride high above the saddle". Patricia acknowledged my little word play with a cheeky smile, and managed to keep up.

She too avoided contact with the saddle, her parents were no different than mine when it came to putting their own disapproval on record. However, they had not changed her dress code, and the clips of her stockings gave her some discomfort where her father's belt had left its mark.

It seemed that my shoes and ankle socks had given me the better deal until we were greeted by Miss Supervisor. "Good morning Patricia, you look very professional again. Hello, Cheryl. "You look the part of the naughty schoolgirl who has flunked her last test!" I blushed, and she added. "Next grammar mistakes from you its the strap!"

During the mid-morning tea break the next door telephone operators cornered me by the loos. They had a ball of teasing me for my ankle socks and short dress, "Isn't she a cutey !"

"A quid if she's wearing white cotton knickers!"

Two of them grabbed me, pulled my skirt up, and all of them discovered the white school knickers Mum had me wearing. They also saw that I was spanked with a hairbrush. "Dressed and spanked like a schoolgirl!"

One of them was a real meanie, "I couldn't really see if she's a real red hair when she was smacked yesterday for her poor grammar."

Two more chanted, "Airing! Airing!"

I of course knew what "airing" meant. I had seen it done when I was sent to a boarding school. A few of your classmates held you, while more of them raised your skirt up and pulled your knickers down.

I was aired before I could protest! They chanted,

"She's a real red hair!"

Patricia who had tried to help me was also aired while they held me tight with my skirt still raised and my knickers around my knees. They pulled her knickers down and exclaimed, "Look at that tuft!"

"That's a foxy pussy!"

"She's a real brunette!"

They eventually let us go. Red face and fuming we hastily pulled up our knickers up and readjusted our skirts. A few senior male and female employees had seen it all and laughed while commenting, "Silly interns!"

Back home Harry was waiting for me by the garage. We had a long game of tonsil hockey. I felt my skirt riding up. He even pulled my knickers down, "Naughty boy!"

Harry gave me an idea for extracting revenge from the telephonists. With a naughty grin I pulled leaves from the dandelions of our garden and finely chopped them. Then I mixed them with tea and refilled the tea bags I had previously emptied.

Next day I was allowed to again dress as a young lady with my lovely stockings and frilly knickers. I did choose shoes with shorter heels which would be better adapted to bike riding.

We were early, the Interns' floor was empty, the telephone room deserted. I replaced their tea bags with mine while Patricia was the look out.

After the mid-morning tea break their supervisors were furious, all of them had been twice to the loo. The next two who had to again go lost their knickers and had to seat on coco doormats. Half an hour later the room echoed with the sound of severe over the knee spankings. We discreetly grinned.

Cheryl and Patricia

To be continued...

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