Sunday, December 24, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 9 - O&P school role play game

Monday morning the tall mirror of the bathroom showed that all my rubbing with Arnica had done little to erase the cane stripes decorating my bum. Although I had my butt caned as an eighteen year old schoolgirl in the 70s. I inwardly giggled as I remembered Brian having said that he would make it all better with a kiss. I couldn't remember having had a boy kissing my derriere in my own time frame when I was eighteen. The magic ring had indeed been magical.
I had also worked and reworked my homework, having a sore bottom had been quite an encouragement. I now had no doubt that I would have my A Levels with honors in the 70's, and be able to resit them in the present. Again, thanks magic ring!
Lucinda and I didn't ride above the saddle with skirts flying on the way to Saint Mary. Although girls having tasted the cane during the weekend was nothing out of the ordinary, we didn't want to advertise that we were among them.
Morning classes were fine, and lunch at the canteen was fair. Brian and Jonathan, Lucinda's beau, were bursting at the seams to be among the few boys sitting with girls. We didn't tell them that kissing our bums hadn't help.
All was peachy till our PE teacher announced that we are going to the pool. Betty had everyone laughing when asking if we would have to swim. A few of us as Lucinda and I didn't laugh!
In the common changing room that was allocated to our class, we soon found out that Betty had her butt as well decorated as ours. There was no escaping the curiosity of our chums. What with and how many were the basic questions, but a few had to ask if it was on the bare. I couldn't help feeling a warm glow, as I eventually had to tell that I was caned, and that it was six strokes, and on the bare. One minx had to count them!
Before entering the pool area, I had tugged down my cossie as much as I could, but it proved useless. I overheard teasing laughter from a few girls with another school who shared the pool with us.
"Whoa! Three of those Saint Mary's twerps were caned!"
 We had a blushing competition, and I probably won as I felt my ears glowing.
When it was my time to be timed, I went into Star Trek warp speed, and was complimented by Miss P E. "Keep it up for your A levels, Alicia!"
Back home the sight of my cane dangling behind my door was as magical as my ring. I was a very well behaved girl. I learned my lessons by heart, and helped Grandma/Mom prepare dinner.
Before bed I took off the magic ring, and the vinyl record player of the 70s was replaced by my laptop. Life in the present continued, and I did some online banking since my miserable bank clerk salary has been paid. It was another incentive to continue being an eighteen year old schoolgirl in the 70s. I mused that I would never be able to tell my colleagues how I resat my A Levels. I also dreamed, what if I take the bank's managerial exam...?
I eventually had the ring back on, and my laptop was replaced by the old vinyl record player. I slept with my dreams while rubbing my bum.
To be continued...


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