Sunday, May 16, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 3

Having returned to our castle we were gathered in our classrooms and given name tags to hand sew onto our knickers, brassieres, blouses, kilts, blazers and cardigans. A few had to be taught how to sew. That took us till dinner. We had a great meal with fish Florentine and rice. We cleared our plates, and watched a program on the big screen telly. Then we were asked to debate, "Jennifer tell us what you thought..."

I stood, "Huh... It was..."

I was immediately interrupted, "Jennifer you were told twice before that "Huh..." is unladylike language. I was grabbed by one of my bunches and pulled over a pair of trousered knees, my kilt was raised and my knickers pulled down while one knee was pushed between my legs and my arms caught in a firm grip. I felt well exposed and blushed accordingly...

I was severely spanked with some old leather slipper. I had never imagined that a spanking could be so stingy. I was told to pull up my knickers and again asked for my opinion. I stood sniffling with both hands up under my kilt rubbing my blazing bum. "Sniff... sorry... sniff... Sir... I meant to... sniff...say..."

Later, in bed I heard Sally through the curtains, "While being spanked you've showed everything you have, we now know that you are a real red hair !" I laughed, "We'll know soon enough if you're a real blonde !"

Sunday with full uniform and self conscious of our short skirts we marched through the village to attend mass at the old stone church.  Old timers at the pub feasted their eyes...

Next we were allowed to dress as we wished, as long as we wore skirts at least three inches above our knees. We discovered a local farm called the country club with a tennis court, horses, and were offered to share the Sunday roast.

Monday morning we were awaken by a bell and the none too melodious voice of Miss P.E. "Gym kit and in front of the castle in five minutes..." After a pause she added, "I will spank the last one..." We scrambled ! We didn't have time to think of what those small shorts covered or didn't cover. 

Sally was the last one. Miss P.E. grabbed her under her arm as if she was as light as a feather. She pealed her shorts and knickers down and soundly spanked her bottom and thighs. With her feet off the ground she pedaled. A few minutes later as we jogged alongside the loch, I teased her back, "We now know what you are a real blonde !"

After showers and having donned our uniforms we were inspected. "Juniata ! Please adjust your tie..." She did, but it didn't hold. Miss Inspector investigated. "You haven't closed the top button of you blouse !" She grabbed her pigtail, pulled her down over a chair with her kilt up and her knickers down. Her spanking echoed throughout the castle. Someone whispered, "A real brunette !"

Our first lesson followed a superb breakfast buffet. It was English grammar with the teach who had spanked me yesterday evening for my unladylike "Huh..." He told us to seat and announced, "Take a dictation, less 4 points per major mistakes and less 2 for minor ones. A grade below 12/20 means a classic spanking, under 10 and you will taste Mr Wacker. He smacked my desk with a leather paddle. It made a loud cracking sound, I almost jumped out of my knickers.

Sally corrected my work and I corrected hers. Susan collected our papers. Mister English Grammar checked them. Then he stepped down from his teacher's stage and grabbed one of my bunches. I was to be the first dictation victim ! He dragged me up on the stage. I grimaced and hobbled as I followed my hair. He let go when I was draped over a stool. "9/20! I am going to teach you a lesson !" He pulled my kilt up and dragged my knickers down before severely roasting my derriere and thighs with Mr Wacker,


"Take your kilt and knickers off and correct your errors on the blackboard...."

Next he grabbed Marianne by an ear... Half the class was spanked. Then he went over each of our mistakes. He was for most of us the first teacher to take the time to do so. It was also a first to be standing skirt less with bare fiery bottoms and thighs on display while writing grammatical rules on the blackboard. We knew that we would remember them forever ! The bell chimed and we were allowed to dress. That spanking with Mr Wacker showed for the whole day !

It was math after the break. I was very lucky not to be again spanked. Some weren't so lucky. Deborah aka Debby had a second helping of Mr Wacker. Her thighs were glowing when it was time for lunch. It was again a great buffet, and we were taught how to peel an apple with a fork and a knife as proper young ladies.

Miss P.E. announced, "A lady should know how to ride, every Monday afternoon we will teach you how to ride at the farm country club..." She also added, "Every afternoon you will have a sporty activity except Wednesday when you will be writing an essay.

Tuesday is swimming, Thursday is karate, Friday will be a team sport, Saturday and Sunday you choose the activity you want to repeat."

She sternly added, "Saturday is also about redoing the lessons you failed. In detention you will redo the prep and take a quiz till you reach the minimum grade of 12/20..."

Then it was our riding lesson at the country club. It was a short walk on the other side of the village. I always wanted to learn how to ride. We were issued jodhpurs, boots, hats and etc. For all our activities at the country club we had a reserved private changing room with lockers and showers.

I was afraid of feeding the bit to my horse and I had to be helped, but I did manage to saddle her on my own. Our riding coach was dishy and called me "a natural". We returned around 5 PM, and were back in our classrooms for supervised homework till dinner...


To be continued...

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