Sunday, July 2, 2023

Lafayette Girls, from France to the US part 4

The holidays were over, it was time to return to "school". Actually it wasn't "school" it was college, which is somewhat like university in America.

The Lafayette College was a large old fashion building with red bricks in the middle of huge grounds. During the last few weeks I had only discovered the sports fields and the cheerleaders' club when I joined the team.

Aunty Odette had prepared a great breakfast and gave me a certified copy of the letter form Papa and Maman's appointing her and Uncle Hervé as my loco parentis. 

Same as in France, there was no uniform requirement for the college, and our jeans minis weren't objected by Mary-Anne's mother. "Phew!"

While I was being registered I eyed the old wooden paddle on the wall of the registrar's office. She noticed that, "Not to worry! Its no longer used."

I had a sigh of relief, "Phew!"

"We prefer a leather strap. It doesn't bruise as much and allows spanking a naughty girl as soon as two or three days later."

"Ah!" I was no longer too reassured.

Next was my first class, it was American history, a double period. The teach opened fire as soon as we were in our seats.

"We welcome Mademoiselle de La Fayette."

I immediately noticed his French accent, he had to be an exchange teach from France.

"Her full name is du Motier de La Fayette, a double barrel name. She is like her ancestor an aristo, a blue blood."

I remained silent.

"Her illustrious ancestor betrayed his own people, and even fought them."

With steam coming out of my ears, I stood, "Our people" had brutally exploited the people for centuries!"

"Please sit down Mademoiselle, I am trying to make a point."

I sat down with brimming eyes.

Louis stood, "My full name is Louis Martin de Lafayette, we aren't aristocrats with that "de", my great great etc grand father was a plowman who couldn't save enough to buy a horse of his own. He came with La Fayette's first voyage, he helped load the crates of rifles the Marquis bought with his own money."

"Calm down, I am trying to make a point..."

Another boy interrupted him, "The Marquis was one of the first to join us, he did so on his own. He inspired us to fight for the freedom of this country. This is Lafayette college, Lafayette town and county, if you don't like de La Fayette, request a transfer!"

"Calm down boys and girls, I only meant to stir you interest, and to draw your attention on the fact that aristocrats were on both sides of the fence." It turned out to be a great class. He also explained how the Revolution turned on its own.

Then it was lunch at the cafeteria, red beans and minced meat stew, and it wasn't too spicy, “Phew!"

Although I knew that it wouldn't be more than a spring romance I had grown quite found of my American blondie boyfriend. He was also quite proud of having conquered the "Marquise."

The boys invited us for the state's hot rod show. "We are going to present the hot rod we have built. Its over the weekend, and we will be camping." We beamed.

Aunty Odette and Uncle Hervé reluctantly gave permission. They also bombarded us with admonitions which they concluded with, "We want you back for dinner on Sunday, and keep your knickers up!"

It was Louis' turn to drive and I sat next to him, my jeans mini nicely rode up my thighs. I blushed a few times when my knickers peeked below the hemline. Louis didn't mind! Mary-Anne told me to stop distracting him!

We were assigned a grassy parking spot for our car and tents. It was a show of delirious cars and girlfriends. Chromes and short shorts or miniskirts, Mary-Anne and I had our boyfriends bursting at the seams.

The campfire with roasting marshmallows followed by a night under a tent was a dream. Louis was a gentleman and next morning I woke up with a wide grin. Mary-Anne and I helped wash the cars. Our short shorts showed fading redness and a number of jealous boys whistled.

We didn't win one of the top prizes, but we did win a ribbon and 500$. We celebrated instead of returning home in time. We had tuned the radios of a few cars on the same rock n roll station. and danced. Our boyfriends had fun making us twirl, and having our skirts fly till showing our knickers.

It was almost midnight when we were back. There was no discreet tip toeing. Aunty Odette and Uncle Hervé were waiting for us. "Bed now, and we will deal with you after school tomorrow."

We didn't sleep too well! Next day the ambiance at college was subdue. We weren't the only ones who didn't have midnight permission.

Marie-Jeanne and Mary-Anne

To be continued...


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