Sunday, May 26, 2024

Summer homework part 1

I am twenty two and my name is Chloé. I thought I had found the perfect boyfriend, but he was with the navy and transferred to Tahiti. What was I thinking to have fallen for a sailor, they have a girl in every port! We both decided to draw a line under our affair. It would remain a sweet memory. I wasn't going to leave my job at the bank, and he wasn't going to refuse the land of sunshine, palm trees, crystal blue water, and half dressed native girls.
For a few months I felt quite depressed. Our separation, although mutually agreed was hard. The saying about the human heart being the dwelling place for fools and old sots, didn't help. I no longer went to the gym, and lazed in front of the television watching soapy romantic movies while stuffing myself with ice cream. I gained ten pounds, and when I visited my parents they meant to be supportive with saying that it didn't matter, because they thought I had skinny frog legs!
Béatrice, also called Béa, my best friend and colleague, who lives in a state of perfect love with Jacques, repeatably told me to pull up my socks, and mentioned new hanks at the gym. I shrugged, and she added. "Lost one, ten found". She also dragged me to the shops were she finds her amazingly short skirts and dresses. Just to please her I bought a dress almost as short as hers. I can't be as brazen as her, it isn't me. She had me admit that I am shy, and was a great friend when she said that I am good looking, and have no reason to be shy.

I don't how or why she got me interested in preparing the bank's internal exam to be promoted to the FOREX office. Probably because she's also preparing it, and we have always competed. She worked hard, and I didn't. We didn't exactly flunked it, we were offered the September resit. She wasn't jealous of my half baked success without having worked for it.
She said that Jacques, her beau who is a college professor, would be coaching her during their holidays at their house in Brittany. I told her that I had no plan, and would be having a boring summer with Papa and Maman in Normandy.
I did go back to the gym with her, and wasn't impressed by the new hanks. She invited me for lunch on Sunday. "Jacques will be cooking!" It was a deciding factor, and a lovely invitation, I accepted.
Sunday came, and I made the effort of going to the hairdresser, and to wear the dress I had bought with her because they are great friends genuinely concerned by my depressive condition. Jacques welcomed me with a peck on each cheek, and I gave him the bottle of Bourgogne I had brought. Béa offered an aperitif while Jacques donned his chef's apron before returning to the kitchen. For a second I was jealous of her to have met such a nice guy.
We had a lovely rack of lamb, and between cheese and dessert Jacques offered. "Come with us in Brittany, and I will also coach you for resitting that exam."
Béa was enthusiastic, and exhorted me. "You shouldn't waste a chance to be promoted to the Foreign Exchange office!"
Jacques added. "I promise that both of you will be having top grades!"
Béa added with a wink. "And Adrien, Jacques' dishy cousin, will be visiting."
They were so persuasive that I accepted. "I want to share expenses, and will also help with cooking, and etcetera."
Jacques concluded. "Its a deal!"
As our holidays were approaching I felt better. I had stopped the ice cream diet, worked out at the gym, and went shopping with Béa. She kept teasing me about Adrien, and coaxed me to buy shorter dresses and skirts which made me blush.
A day before traveling we shared the rental of a big SUV, because as Parisians they didn't have a car, and my Mini was way too small for the three of us plus our numerous girly luggage.
We left two days before the rush of August's first weekend, and took turn driving. We had a picnic on the way, and arrived in time for an early dinner with Jacques' sister and her kids. They would be leaving the next morning, and we would have the house for ourselves. We had to wait for the kids to be in bed to try the pool. With star-studded sky it was fabulous. Béa was wearing a skimpy bikini and took off her top, my own two-piece was more classic and I didn't take off my top. She didn't try to convince me to follow her lead.
To be continued....
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