Sunday, July 4, 2021

Buxiban part 2

Mum registered me at the Junior college mentioned by Emma's parents.

The Registration lady inquired, "Madam how old is your daughter?"

I answered, "Eighteen, Ma'am!"

The lady frowned. "Our pupils talk when they are addressed. I was asking your mother."

I felt like a silly reprimanded schoolgirl and blushed.

Mum answered, "She is eighteen Madam."

"According to our laws she is a minor."

I thought better than sassing back that I am a major back home.

"Madam, please sign the corporal punishment clause after having written, "I hereby allow the corporal punishment of my daughter Amelia according to the rules of the college."

I again blushed.

I was issued my uniform. When the burumas were added to the bag I asked, "May I please have knickers for wearing under them?"

The lady said, "Our pupils request permission to speak when not addressed. You were already warned. Turn around and raise your skirt."

I froze on the spot. Mum said, "Do as you are told, dear."

I very reluctantly turned around, and raised my jeans mini.

The registrar pulled a long and wide plastic ruler from under the counter.

"Hands on your knees, your are to get three strokes, two on your bottom and one across your thighs. If you move you will lower your knickers and the punishment will be repeated."



I couldn't help it, I danced with both hands rubbing my bum. I had never imagined such a sting! It sure wasn't Mum's occasional hand spanking.

"Lower your knickers to your knees, and back in position."

"What! Lowering my knickers right here with people around."

"Two more strokes! Lower your knickers now, or it will be four more."

“Do as your are told dear.”

I reluctantly lowered my knickers as another girl and her mother entered the storeroom. I was mortified, my bare bottom got five fiery strokes, and my thighs got two. Those were the worse! I again danced while rubbing my throbbing bum and thighs. I had never been punished so severely! I was in tears.

"You may pull up your knickers up and adjust your skirt."

I realized that she had whacked my thighs so that it would show under my mini. I was quite distressed.

I pleaded with Mum to drop me back home so that I could hide my shame. "You got a taste of what to expect if you don't toe the line. We are now going to the shopping mall. I have to buy you a bike."

I pulled my mini as far down as I could. It was no use everyone could see my well decorated thighs. I was red face.

I saw two girls my age with similarly marked thighs. They were wearing different school uniforms. They weren't blushing, and they were happily chatting with boys wearing uniforms with shorts.

At the bike shop I asked for an electric one. Mum refused, she said that pedaling would give me lovely legs. I chose a super bike. It was red with zillions of speeds. The young sales clerk adjusted the handle bar and the saddle, and I had to try it. He had my reddened thighs just about in front of his nose, and I was glad that he said nothing. He told Mum that I need an helmet. "It is mandatory Ma'am. Minors not having one are to report to the local juvenile punishment center, and parents are fined $200." I choose a discreet burgundy one almost matching my auburn red hair.

Back at our condominium I tried my bike with my helmet, and visited Emma. Her mother told me that I would find her in the garden. She must have seen my thighs as she added with a laugh, "I see that you have been registered at the college."

I found Emma, "I got my uniform, and I was whacked with a nasty plastic ruler by the mean registrar!"

"Oh! I am sorry. I was also whacked by her. I should have warned you!"

"I jumped after the first stroke, and I got five, and two across my thighs." I twirled around and showed her.

"One more thing! The sales clerk at the bike shop mentioned 'juvenile punishment center.'"

"Yes, minors caught misbehaving by the police are issued punishment slips."


"And you report to your local juvenile punishment center, and you get whacked and your parents get a fine."

"Phew! I now understand why there's no graffiti."

Emma added, "And no underage drinking or smoking, and etc."

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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