Sunday, July 16, 2023

Lafayette Girls, from France to the US part 6

The game was on, we were dancing and cheering while the boys were running and fighting for the ball. We did star jumps every time our team scored, and touched our toes and wriggled our bums every time the opposing team scored. We didn't take off our knickers as before, we didn't want another belting!

The Cajuns were charging when Louis was blocked by a gorilla, and he wasn't back on his feet within the next few seconds. One of the referees turned red as he blew his whistle. The game was stopped, and a crew of paramedics with a stretcher picked Louis up. He seemed to protest!

As soon as he had reached the sidelines I rushed to his side. He was indeed protesting being taken out, "I am fine! I was only winded." His coached decided that he should be replaced for ten minutes. He sat in the replacement box and after taking off his helmet and mouth piece, I gave him a slurppy kiss which had the stadium cheering.

For our half time show we did a pyramid, and I was asked to top it. I beamed with pride as I climbed up. Once atop I had one leg up with my arms in a V for victory.

For the second half, Louis was back on the field and the Cajuns won the game thanks to Mary-Anne's quarterback boyfriend. To celebrate our boys we were sent flying one after the other, and did various flips.


After a year in America, I was bilingual and I even had a Cajun American accent. Uncle Hervé aka Harvey revealed the secret of his tinge of Parisian accent. "I did study two years in Paris."

As we were preparing for the college graduating ceremony, and the prom dance I had le bleu. I realized that the end of my American year was around the corner. I didn't know and couldn't imagine, that I would be living between the two countries for years to come.

The graduating ceremony wasn't about mortar and robe for Mary-Jeanne and I as one doesn't get a diploma for a first year of college. I was the more surprised when I was called on stage, and offered a large book with plenty of pictures of Lafayette, the town named after my ancestor. I stammered with brimming eyes when thanking the college's dean; and mortars were sent flying.

For the prom Aunty Odette took us to a fashionable dress maker, and Mary-Jeanne asked for us to have identical gowns. I enthusiastically approved the idea.

As we were cheeky with the seamstress measuring us, Aunty spanked both of us with the big hairbrush she had conveniently packed. After having showed our bare bums getting a fiery tan to the seamstress, we were very well behaved girls!

For the prom our boyfriends were smartly dressed with tuxedos and picked us up with their hot rod. We teased them, "Whoa! Its so shiny you'll be seeing our panties!"

As we arrived at the college's ballroom the previous prom queen gave me her crown and everyone applauded. I was deeply touched, and felt my eyes watering. For a few seconds I was speechless. Then I blubbered, "I can't be more than a marquise, the real queen is Mary-Anne." Having said that I crowned her. Everyone cheered, and she hugged me.

A week later, I was back at the Lafayette airport and hugged Uncle Harvey, Aunty Odette, Mary-Anne and Louis. They all knew that I would be back. In a month Mary-Anne will be taking the same flight, and I am looking forward to having her discover my little corner of France.


To be continued...

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