Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Magic Mirror part 2

The costumed charity ball was great. Thanks to our schoolgirl costumes, we danced around the clock. When schoolgirls, two years ago, the boys were shy. We just about had to show our knickers for them to get the nerve to invite us. A few years later, they made up for lost time. It was like they were offered a second chance at the prom dance, and they took it. We rocked n rolled and showed our knickers to just about everyone.
Lulu had a very hard time not to laugh aloud when we overheard two old biddies telling that we deserve the cane for such unladylike dancing. I discreetly giggled. I hadn't told her about the lady on the other side of the mirror.
   The ball was only five days after the purchase of my schoolgirl costume, and meeting the lady behind the magic mirror. Thanks to daily soaks with Epson salt plus Arnica rubs, the welts left by the three strokes of the cane were no longer peaking out of my knickers.
Two days after the dance, while having lunch at the Med School's cafeteria, Lulu teased. "B for that math quiz! Quite an improvement from your last D! Has Pappy visited, and tanned your bum with his belt?"
I laughed, and still didn't tell her. I had also blushed, and she added. "He did tan your butt when you had poor grades, didn't he?"
I blushed the more, and she laughed. "I knew it!"
I teased her back. "You knew it because you also got your ass strapped!"
She blushed, and I added. "Don't deny it. You are blushing as red as a London bus!"
Truth to be told, these three cane strokes had reminded me of how Pop kept me accountable for my poor grades. An F meant twelve with his belt, for that D minus I would have got ten. For the last few weeks, I had felt as if I would again have a fiery derriere for poor grades, and applied myself. I was quite surprised to see some of my grades leap from D to B.
The two guys with whom we had danced invited us to a pub. We hadn't dared to wear the skirts from our schoolgirl costumes, but we did wear miniskirts. As we entered the pub, we saw their eyes following the hem of our skirts. We teased them with seating without tugging them down. After a couple of drinks, they invited us for dinner. We exchanged winks. It was a promising evening.
They took us to a lovely Italian restaurant, and we had a great meal. Lulu had a little too much to drink and Jonathan her beau had already given her a couple of pecks on the cheeks. I felt one of Edward's hands on my thigh. I didn't push it away. I had a silent oh as Lulu invited the boys to have coffee at her place. She teased me. "Bella! Don't be a party pooper!"
I couldn't possibly abandon her, and went along.
After coffee we had a drink which led to another. Edward gave me a breathtaking kiss while releasing my bra, and exploring my curves. Jonathan was even more enterprising with Lulu, who giggled as he pulled down her knickers.
We echoed each other with OH and AH while the boys added AHAN and more AHAN to our concerto. We were well shagged in the lounge, and were treated to another round in Lulu's bedroom.
We all slept well, and I helped Lulu prepared eggs and bacon while the boys chased the empty bottles.
We weren't late for our classes at Med School because the boys drove us on their motorbikes. Phew! Our luck soon ran out as we had a surprise chemistry quiz. My brain wasn't exactly prepared for that! I got an F. A big red F! For Lulu, it was only a D. Life isn't fair!
Back home, I recalculated my chemistry average. It was down to C minus. I also recalculated my general average, and it was down to C plus. One night of rumpy pumpy had ruined my latest efforts. I reasoned, it's because it was in the middle of the week. That was quite silly. You are an idiot!
I had a nightmare :
Later, in bed, I tossed and turned sleepless. Remember that Pop would never allowed you to be out at night during the week. You had an hour to be back home after school, and each time you were late because of your boyfriend he added two strokes of the belt to your thighs to teach you to keep your skirt down when with boys.
To be continued...
 I remembered Pop and his tawse :
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