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Farm Life part 8

Yesterday was our last day on the farm, and we exchanged bises as the French call these kisses on the cheeks. We were given a very good deal for our stay since we had helped out with farm work. Manon gave me 'my brat shorts' and I had to change into them. 

Henriette added a number of cahiers de vacances for French grammar exercises and dictations. I pulled a face which had everyone laughing, and we promised to come back.

Josh decided to drive through the village before catching the highway, and surprised me when he stopped by the outdoor market. "We have some last-minute shopping to do."
I, of course, tagged along, and he seemed to know where he was going. I soon started to blush as he stopped in front of a stall with a big lady assembling martinets.
 With his perfect French, he asked for one. The lady inquired. "C'est pour un garçon ou une fille et quel est l'âge du garnement ?"
I understood that she was asking if it's for a boy or a girl and the age of the rascal."
I blushed crimson as Josh answered. "C'est pour madame."
She looked me up and down, and I was quite self conscious of my very short brat shorts. She gave him a martinet similar to the one of Claudine and Manon. "Avec celui-, la petite dame va avoir le feu aux fesses!"
I understood without Josh having to translate; with this one, the young lady's bum will be on fire. He gave it to me before paying, and I felt my ears tickling. I was, for sure, blushing up to my ears. I hastily pushed it into the bag the old lady gave me with a wide grin.
As we left the village, he said that Henri had told him about the famous martinet lady on the Sunday market. He also teasingly added. "And you will hang it behind our kitchen's door."
I smiled as I obediently said. Oui mon cheri."
Next day I gave a foie gras to Ingrid and Hans, our neighbors from Germany's Airbus. They invited us to share it on Sunday for lunch. I like Ingrid. Her English is much better than her French, and unlike most wives of expat engineers, she isn't a snob.
Sunday I wore a light and short dress because it's still quite warm, and I love the way it makes Josh's eyes sparkle. Its also great fun that he keeps wanting to pat my bottom. At time he even sneaks a hand under my dress, and I giggle as a silly schoolgirl.
Ingrid and Hans warmly welcomed us. She was wearing a jeans mini, and I discreetly smiled and winked at Josh when her hubby gave her a pat on the bum. She had got a tray of canapés and set it down on the coffee table with showing plenty of bare thighs for Josh. I furrowed my brows for him. I would have to ask if he saw her knickers. Hans offered drinks, and gave me a big smile. I generously returned his smile, and Josh furrowed his brows.
We chatted, and told them that we were at Montfort. "It's a manor and a farm. They have lovely guest rooms. They do foie gras without force feeding the ducks. We got a great discount for having helped with farm work."
I wasn't sure, but felt they had exchanged winks.
Hans invited us to move on to the dining room, and I offered to help Ingrid in the kitchen. She accepted with a smile, and the kitchen's swing door closed behind us with a surprising clang. I looked back out of curiosity. I froze for a second as I saw a martinet exactly like mine. I didn't say anything, and followed her back in the dining room with the tray she had given me.
She had cooked the foie gras in a frying pan, with asparagus and wild mushrooms. A very delicate recipe requiring to start with the foie gras, and carefully time when to add the mushrooms and the asparagus. Henriette had taught me that recipe with wearing nothing me than a short apron. I eventually got it right, and Manon and Claudine teased. "Phew! It's about time, your butt is smoking!"
 There was no doubt that they were at Montfort, and we had told them that we got that foie gras at Montfort. It was like we were on the opposite faces of a two-way mirror. I was sure they were also trying to figure out how to break it.
The conversation had turned to having fun with comparing English and German sayings, and I went fishing with. "Do you know that French saying about true friendship comes from having kept the cows together?"
Ingrid caught the hint, and chimed. "Or the ducks!"
I echoed. "And its Henriette who taught you that recipe."
Josh added. "She also taught it to Debbie!"
Hans laughed. "And Ingrid kept burning the asparagus."
Ingrid said with a blush, and a naughty smile. "And Henriette gave me la fessée!"
 I knew that smile. I had seen it on the faces of Claudine and Manon, and Josh said that I have the same naughty girl smile.
I echoed her confession with "La fessée cul nu!" and we all laughed in unison.

Debbie and Josh
To be continued with....?

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