Sunday, November 6, 2022

District Remedial School, part 2

 Over the mid morning break, in the schoolyard, I met a few girls. The one sitting next to me introduced herself, "Yoh! Strict discipline regime who was already caned, I am Pippa."

"Please to meet you Pippa, lovely name!"

"I work for the City Hall, and I am also under the strict discipline regime. I flunked Miss Melrose assessment test and was taken to class with a blazing bum and crimson thighs. What about your caning? She wouldn't have caned you for having flunked her assessment test."

 "I did flunk the assessment test and she didn't cane me, actually she didn't even spank me because of that caning."


"I was caned at the Discipline Academy of the Crimson Manor Country Club for..." I blushed, and stopped in mid sentence.

"Do tell!"

"I was..." Blushing the more, I stammered and eventually blurted. "I was... I was caned for laziness."


A mid fifty lady blew a whistle before calling, "Line up before returning to class!"

Pippa very discreetly whispered. "She is the Supervisor."

As we lined up, Miss Super caught two girls whispering. She swoop down on them. One after the other she grabbed them under her arm, pulled their skirts up and vigorously smacked their thighs. I inwardly blushed as I imagined passerby watching my knickers as my skirt is pulled up, and worse was to think of how I would pedal my legs while my tights are spanked crimson. 

For the second part of the morning classes it was geography. I have always liked geography and hope to travel. I did very well.

Lunch was at the school cafeteria and the food was plain, but no one dared to complain. Miss Super was patrolling.

Later, back at C&Co, the two receptionists looked surprised when they saw me wearing the District Remedial School uniform. I had no doubt that they knew what it meant, but they didn't say anything. They would never dare. The second assistant to the VP is way up there for them, but they discreetly swirled their chairs to take the view as I waited for the elevator. I blushed, and decided that tomoz I'll be going through the garage, and up the stairs.

As I entered the office I share with Mrs Forsythe, she teasingly said. "When I was a girl my mother always had me raise my skirt when back from school, because she had this rule of spanked in school spanked at home."

As I was blushing she added. "Mr Coleman wants the contracts you prepared yesterday."

 "B... b... but... may I change into my work clothes."

With a wicked grin she said, "Under the strict discipline regime you are to wear the uniform from Monday morning till Saturday evening."

I walked into the huge office of our VP with my folder. He for sure noticed my Remedial School uniform and my bunches, but he didn't say anything. He signed all the contracts except two, "Good job Julia, only a few grammatical errors with these two."

As I turned around to leave his office, he must have noticed my decorated thighs, and cheerfully added. "I am sure that you are going to improve your grammar!"

I timidly replied, "Yes Sir." and with one hand tried to pull down my miniskirt.

A few days later I had recovered from my Discipline Academy caning. I was  about to learn how the Remedial School was going to encourage me to improve my grammar. It was my first class with Miss Armstrong the English professor. After an hour about irregular verbs she announced, "Dictation!"

Although we were all expecting it, most of us blanched. She told us to clear our desks and to keep only a note pad and a pen. Then she slowly dictated, she repeated every line twice. She did a good job of it, we didn't have to rush. It was a very difficult text, my knickers felt tight. When done we corrected each other's work with a copy of the text she had given us.

Then came the grading scale. "Minus 4 points per grammatical errors and 2 for lessor ones, 16/20 for the very strict regime, 14 for the strict one, 12 for the normal one, and the martinet for any grade under 10!"

"Julia, what's your grade?"

"12 Ma'am, sorry Ma'am."

She pulled her chair in front of her desk, and stepped down to grab one of my bunches. "I am going to show you how I deal with girls having poor grammar."

I followed my hair till she pulled me over her knees in front of the whole class. She flipped my skirt up, and swiftly yanked my knickers down to my knees. I couldn't help mouthing a surprised, "Oh no! Please don't!"

"A good bare bottom spanking in front of the whole class with my old hairbrush will teach you to better apply yourself!"

She brought my right hand into the small of my back, and spanked my bottom and thighs fast and hard. Each smacks echoed around the silent classroom while my bottom and thighs burned. She continued on and on with the same relentless rhythm. I kicked my legs up and down, and felt as a well punished schoolgirl.

She eventually decided that I had enough, and helped me up. I was drying my eyes on the sleeve of my blazer, when she rolled up my skirt before ordering. "In the corner, nose against the wall, and stick out your glowing bottom for every to see that you have been a lazy girl!"

 I had never been sent bare bum in the corner in front of a whole classroom. It was most embarrassing, and my bottom and thighs were throbbing. I shamefully sniffled

"Next! Adriana, what's you grade?"


To be continued...

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