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Farm Life continued with The Gym, part 1

Our Sunday lunch with Ingrid and Hans had changed completely after having shared that we were all at Montfort. We exchanged our adventures, and I teased Ingrid, "Is that a martinet hanging behind your kitchen's door?"

She nodded with a blush, and Josh had me also blushing with saying, "There's also one behind Debbie's kitchen door."

Hans added. "Bought it with her at the Montfort Sunday market, and she had wet her knickers when I told the old lady that it was for her."

This time Ingrid blushed crimson with surprisingly sparkling eyes.

Josh wasn't to be undone. "Yep, Debbie's martinet was also bought at the market and less than twenty minutes later we stopped at the first rest-stop on the highway, and made love on the back seat of our car as teenagers!"

Monday morning, Josh had gone to work when Ingrid visited.

"I am going to that gym we told you about yesterday."

I remembered that Josh had told me to join that gym. I had teased him. "Isn't my chubby bum nicer to spank?" I got a resounding pair of smacks for that!

Hans had given him a form to fill up. He completed it with a wide grin before folding it into a sealed envelope. I wasn't too curious, as he said that it is about the payment for my club membership.

The "gym" was very modern, with plenty of exercise machines, a dietetic coffee shop and a sports field. I gave Josh's envelope to the registrar, and she told her assistant. "One red bum uniform, please." I rose both eyebrows for that, and Ingrid had a wicked smile.

She lead me to the lockers, and we changed. I hurriedly tried to tug down my shorts, as they felt quite skimpy. Ingrid laughed, and I immediately stopped trying to adjust them. I won't be taxed as a prude. As we had a few minutes before our session Ingrid introduced me to her friends. I notice that very few girls have red trimmed shorts like the two of us, most of them have plain blue ones.
I was intrigued by two girls whispering, and caught part of their chat.
"T'as vu le short rouge?"
"Oui, une nouvelle candidate pour la fessée des paresseuses."
I wanted to ask Ingrid what they meant, but the coach clapped her hands to catch our attention. She looked like G.I. Jane and announced. "We are going to start with calisthenic exercises, and further warm up with a run around the sports field."
When we were well warmed up, she told us to run twice around the field. She also warned us. "Since it's Monday, I'll be generous, first five instead of first three will be exempt from the slacker treatment." She blew her whistle, and we ran.
All the girls took off as antelopes running away from a lioness hunting lunch for her cubs. I was quite surprised, and had a tough time trying to catch up with the leading pack. Miss Jane waved a checkered flag right behind the first five, and in front of Ingrid and me.
I recovered my breath; and saw that we were the only two red trimmed shorts among the girls behind the flag. Miss G.I. barked. "Blue shorts give me twenty push ups. Ingrid and you the new girl with red trimmed shorts come with me."
We followed her to the lookers. After having closed the door, she grabbed my ear, and bent me other her knees like a lazy school girl.
I now had a pretty good idea of what the red trimmed shorts meant, and started blushing. I blushed even more when she pulled my shorts deep into my crack and started spanking me. She spanked fast and as hard as Josh. She also counted her spanks.
 "Forty eight!"
"Forty nine!"
"AH! AIE!"
Then she stood me up, and I adjusted my shorts as best as I could over my burning bum while feeling my upper cheeks glowing.
I didn't need translating when she said. "La prochaine fois c'est la fessée cul nu!"
She next told Ingrid. "Lazy girl! Take your shorts and knickers off."
She gave her a super spanking, and we ran two more laps with my very red bottom generously peeking out of my shorts. I flew! She had timed me, and was satisfied. I wasn't déculottée, as they say in French.
Later, after having sweated buckets thanks to Miss G.I. Jane we met the male G.I. Joe specie. He looked quite dishy, and asked who wants to join the soccer team. We were quite a few to raise our hands, some even raised both. He selected Ingrid and me plus a third girl.
Debbie and Josh
To be continued...
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