Sunday, July 3, 2022

2040 part 6

Back at Saint Agatha my roommates were waiting for me. Once I was skirt up and knickers down on my bed ready for rubbing with their after spanking balm Helga commented, "And one across your thighs for having allowed Diederick's hands to wander up under your skirt. I hope it was worth it!"
I blushed, smiled, and enthusiastically answered. "It was!"
I had very little appetite for dinner, but I was expected to be there. One of the nuns welcomed me with, "I hope that you have learned your lesson!" I offered a contrite smile, and she was happy!
Later in bed, laying 'cul nu' on my tummy that nun's words came back and I thought, 'You best have learned the lesson or it will be the spanking machine...'
I gently rubbed my derriere quite convinced to be a studious girl.
On Sunday it was our turn to visit the boys. The nuns had us marching into rows of two under their watchful eyes. The orange clad chain gang of young men on street cleaning duty whistled, "Lovey legs! Oh look that one was naughty!" I couldn't help blushing, and tugged down my uniform skirt.
The boys' college wasn't housed into an antic convent as ours, it was in fact a very modern building, and their dining room was filled with natural light. Diederick as all the boys wore the Sunday best with grey shorts above his knees and matching knee high socks. I was imagining my hands going up inside his shorts while his hands would again reach my knickers. I scolded myself, "Tu as le feu au cul! You're such a naughty girl!"
After our exchange of chaste pecks on each cheeks Diederick whispered, "I will lick each of your cane stripes..." I blushed and giggled as if I was again fifteen.
The boys knew that their masters had set up miniature cameras everywhere, but the imminent landing of a woman on Mars was an opportunity for a dark old fashion cinema. Diederick didn't exactly licked my cane marks, but I had quite a glow when the lights were back. I wasn't the only one!
Monday came back and it was a dozen laps in the pool instead of running around the sports field. Camilla from the next door dorm was followed by a green cloud as she was finishing her first set of six laps. Our sporty nun helped her out of the water by pulling her ear and announced, "Miss Camilla had a wee wee in the pool !" Then she pulled her over her knees and tugged her cossie till it disappeared into the crack of her generous bottom. She also pulled one of her arms behind her back and we understood that Camilla was going to receive a severe spanking.
We didn't count the smacks. but we knew that she had received fifty when the nun cooled her hand before announcing, "That was the first round and you are going to receive another one!" After one hundred smacks her bum was tomato red. The nun helped her up, "Don't adjust your swimsuit, let that red bottom of yours be a warning to everyone !" Camilla was blushing as red as her derriere. The nun added, "You are lucky to have six more laps to cool it..."
 After that were showers and dressing for the day. Since it was Monday we had to line up for uniform inspection. One had her blouse's collar pulled opened for a thorough examination, another one had to redo her tie. One of the nuns on duty had me pull my skirt up, "...and the front as well, and turn around to show everyone your stripes!" Needless to say that I wasn't too proud and glowed.

The buffet robot helped my mood with offering a superb bacon and potato omelet. I asked for a bratwurst, and was told with an almost human voice, "Your weight and body mass index prohibit such a morning diet, your request is recorded, maybe tomorrow..."
The first class was as usual German grammar. I hate grammar, French, German or English, my multilingualism is inborn with a French father, German mother and an English nanny, not learned from boring grammar books.
"Sophie, after a few average grades you have again flunked the monthly grammar test. This time you are awarded 4 demerits instead of two, and I am going to give you a good bestrafen with the klopfpeitsche."
I had once before received the martinet, I knew that I would have to take off my skirt and knickers. I was already blushing for the prospect of having to show my curls.
A short while later, I was at twenty-two, again, a well punished schoolgirl. I was shamefully blushing as I was kneeling on a stool, exposing my well decorated bum and thighs while copying on the classroom's blackboard the grammar rules I had messed up.
That night I chided myself, "Keep at it and you will be experiencing the whipping machine at the korrekturhäuser..."
To be continued...
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