Sunday, November 21, 2021

Victoriana part 7

As we drove back to the French Crimson School castle, Josy teased, "That was a big slurppy kiss that boy gave you !"
Agathe added, "And he had one hand under your skirt!"
I laughed, "And the boy who had called you a sassy brunette had both hands under your skirt!"
After dinner, we watched a documentary about Marie-Antoinette. One of the French girls said, "The king was taken to the scaffold in a closed carriage, and she was taken in a cart. Those sans-culottes sure weren't feminists."
Next morning, Mesdames Olivia and Yvonne took turns scolding us. "You were naughty girls, all of you at the Versailles castle, you will have a blackboard spelling test!"
The French girls pulled long faces. We questioned them and weren't offered more than 'you'll know soon enough!'
Morning exercises and breakfast were followed by that blackboard spelling bee tests. I was one of the first to be called in front of the class.
Monsieur Maurice, with his super French accent, gave me my first word, dépencière. I wrote it on the blackboard with an S instead of a C. He had me raise my skirt and lower my knickers. I now had a very good idea of what would happen for my next mistakes. 
 Narcissique was my next word, and I wrote it with 3 S. I got 6 vigorous hand smacks. Hédoniste followed and I'll never know why I spelled it with an A instead of an O. I was given another 6 more smacks, and would for sure remember how to spell it. For sourcilleux I missed the R and the double L, 12 sharp smacks were added.
The test was over. My bum was glowing. "A pitiful result! Raise and hold your skirt front and back for the martinet."
I got the usual 12 strokes, but 2 of the strokes to the front of my thighs had to be repeated because I dropped my skirt while doing a brat dance.
  Then it was the turn of the French girls. Marie was the last one. Monsieur Armstrong, with his super English accent, gave her first word, spendthrift. She wrote it on the blackboard without the T and her skirt was raised and her knickers lowered. Narcissistic was her next word, and she got 6 more smacks for having written it the French way with que final instead of C. For supercilious, I whispered O when I saw that she had missed it.
"Alicia! That's cheating and cheaters are caned. Come to the front of the class. Raise your skirt, take down your knickers, and bend over that desk."
Yikes! The cane! I had never received a caning. I was again bare butt in front of the whole classroom, and I was scared.
"Six of the best!"
I saw that it was a thin and light cane. I guessed that's why the French girls call it a junior cane. That didn't reassure me. Mr strong-arm had it whistling through the air. I shuddered. 
 The first stroke took my breath away. I exhaled with an "ARGH!"
It was the fiercest sting I had ever felt!
The second stroke was below the first one. I had another loud "ARGHH!"
I stomped my feet, feeling that my bottom was laddered, but I knew that it wasn't for having seen Agathe's bum after her caning.
The third stroke was, of course, below the first two. I blew a louder "ARGHHH!"
Stomping my feet, wriggling my derriere, didn't help, and my eyes watered.
With the fourth strokes, my bum no longer made the difference with the previous three. "ARGHHHH!"
After number five and six, I was a well chastised girl. When told to stand, my hands flew to rub my blazing bottom.
"Take your knickers and skirt off, and go stand in that corner !" With teary eyes, I removed my knickers and skirt. I left them on that desk and shamefully went to stand in the corner.
To be continued...

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