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Alicia and the magic ring part 10 ---- Courtesy of Oaks and Pines school role play game for adults

A few days before my A levels in the 70s, the Deputy Principal had given me six strokes of the tawse for smoking behind the bike-shed with Brian. Needless to say that I was well encouraged when I sat down on the big day.
I was inspired by the subject of the main essay, and wrote four pages! I was told that I have a Franco-Scottish accent for my verbal presentation. It was quite a compliment, and I beamed. I wasn't impressed by other tests. Saint Mary had done a great job of preparing us.
An anxious week followed, then Lucinda and I danced after having read the Saint Mary notice board. We both had Second Class Honors. Translated into my own time frame grading system, it meant A instead of A+.
We celebrated with our respective families.
A few days later, I took off the magic ring, and in the 70s Alicia went on to college with Brian...
I was back in my own time, and again Janet behind my counter at the bank.
A month later I resat my A Levels, and they were easier than in the 70s. I was nonetheless surprised to achieve First Class Honors. I was promoted to the back office, and decided to take the bank's exam for its managerial work and study program. I did more than acing it, I surprised everyone as I came out on top.
The program wasn't easy because of the need to work part time. After a few months I started to struggle. That mean little voice came back, you deserve to be bending bare butt on the kitchen table for six of the very best! There was no way to argue with it since a fiery bum had so often convinced me to better apply myself.
On a Friday afternoon, after another nasty comment from the accounting prof, I knew that I had to redo his paper, and couldn't find the will to do it.
In a daze I mechanically opened the old jewelry box, and toyed with the magic ring. On impulse, as if grabbing a buoy, or calling for help, I slipped it on.
I was immediately back in the 70s as Alicia and in Grandma/Mom's kitchen absentmindedly peeling potatoes. She brought me back to earth with abruptly asking. "What's wrong?"
Before I could answer. She added. "And don't tell me that nothing is wrong!"
I had a pitiful, "Huh..." and she further added. "Out with it!"
I confessed about the accounting prof having told me to redo my homework.
She said,  "You're a big girl now, I shouldn't have to punish you, but I will if you ask me."
I had another, "Huh!" and she added. "Make up your mind!"
I spluttered. "I de... de... deserve to be pu... pu... punished."
"Very well. Take off your knickers, and go cut 4 switches in the garden."
I remained frozen for a few seconds.
That last word was like an electric shock, and I obeyed. I blushed as I took off my knickers, and left them on the kitchen table. In the garden I went to the furthest and more secluded corner while tugging down my miniskirt. I was lucky, no one was around.
Back in the kitchen, I was told to remove the leaves from those switches. Next was bending over the kitchen's island, and grabbing its feet. I blushed crimson when Grandma/Mom raised my skirt.
Then it was the hissing sound of the four switches echoed by "OH! AH! AIE! OUCH!"
They were stingier than the cane without the butt rippling streak of fire.
She alternated between my bum and the top of my thighs. I sang even louder and felt well punished with such an intense switching.
I no longer cared about keeping my legs tightly closed, and was quite conscious to be shamefully exposing myself while pedaling my legs.
"Take off your skirt, and stand in the corner with your hands atop your head!"
I was sniffling and wriggling my incandescent butt in the corner, when that mean little voice echoed. "Serves you right!"
Lucinda's mother visited. "Lulu got the same. A good switching is just as effective as a caning. For a more memorable punishment I have added a touch of embarrassment for Lucinda. Since she loves wearing miniskirts, she will be wearing her shortest one for the whole weekend. No doubt that she will be very careful to keep it down to avoid advertising that she had to be punished as a schoolgirl."
Grandma/Mom chimed back. "You heard that Alicia? You will also be wearing your shortest miniskirt!"
To be continued...
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