Sunday, September 17, 2023

The new neighbors part 4

Saturday was our lunch date with Helen and Andrew. Jeremy wore an elegant suit over a white shirt with a Givenchy tie with tiny beetles, I had bought him. I modeled my outfit for him. I was wearing a beige pleated miniskirt with a short sleeveless cardigan over a white blouse. I beamed as he presented me with a new gold necklace.

The door was opened by Helen, who was wearing a short kilt, which had to be in Andrew's tartan as he was wearing a tie in the same pattern.

Dinner started well with a haggis starter with toasts which pleasantly surprised us. The salmon Wellington was under cooked. It had to be returned to the oven. Helen blushed as she apologized. Andrew sternly told her, "Bring me the belt. I will show our guests how we deal with poor kitchen work in this house."

She returned to the kitchen, and a few seconds later handed him the folded belt we had seen on our first visit. "Take off your knickers and grabbed your ankles." She had quite a blush as her mini rose and exposed her curls while grabbing her ankles. Andrew further raised her skirt, and she blushed the more.



She had to part her legs to keep her balance. I blushed for her embarrassing exhibition. I groaned as one of Jeremy's hand, under the table, pulled back my skirt and caressed my thighs.



She got six, and the last two decorated her upper thighs. I tried to imagine the smarting from those wide vividly red stripes. Jeremy's hand further opened my legs, and I had to bite my lip to avoid moaning.

Andrew ordered. "Hang the belt and your knickers from the doorknob of the kitchen's door." I realized that such a display would be in plain view. I couldn't help a discreet moan when Jeremy caressed by button through my knickers.

After having exposed the evidence of her punishment, she returned with the salmon Wellington. It was perfectly cooked, as if they had timed it all...

When it was time for dessert, all eyes were on me for the champagne Jeremy had promised. With a guilty blush, I confessed. "Oops, sorry, I forgot. I'll run and get it." Two minutes later, I was back with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Jeremy felt it. "You also forgot to ice it!"

"I am very sorry Cheri!"

Jeremy turned to Andrew. "May I borrow your belt to teach a stingy lesson to this scatterbrain?"

"By all means!"

"Martine raise your skirt, and lowers your knickers down to your knees."

"Helen please bring me your belt."

"Martine assume the same position as Helen."



It was more severe than my martinet. It was wide streaks of fire and like Helen, I had to open my legs to keep my balance. I felt my ears tickling with a strange shame as I imagined the sight I was offering to her hubby.



I got six like Helen and the last two ignited my upper thighs. I now knew how the belt feels, my bum and thighs were burning. I also felt my upper cheeks glowing, and it wasn't about blushing.

I was slowly pulling up my knickers, when Andrew told. "Its bare bum after the belt and till told otherwise."

Jeremy sternly ordered. "Take off your knickers, naughty girl, hang them with those of Helen and the belt, then retrieve that bottle of champagne from the freezer."

Helen brought a superb strawberry pie. We were both fidgeting in our seats. Jeremy had his slice of pie with one hand under the table, and I couldn't help a moan when my button squirted under mon cheri's expert caress. Helen gave me a knowing wink.

Later, I helped Helen clear the table, and load the dishwasher. I summed up my first experience of the belt. "Whoa, my butt is on fire, and it's so embarrassing and exciting to be bare under a mini."

She laughed, and stood next to me. "Hahaha! You don’t know what’s an English miniskirt! Roll up your skirt till as short as mine, and you will know what its like to be bare bum under a real mini!"

I had to roll up my skirt over an inch to match Helen's mini. She again laughed as she saw me instinctively tugging it down. With a naughty smile she gave me a tray with coffee for all of us. I needed both my hands to hold it, and couldn't tug down my "new" mini. I entered the lounge with a renewed blush, and she teasingly smile.

Martine and Helen

To be continued...


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