Sunday, November 13, 2022

District Remedial School part 3

Later I avoided the lobby and walked up to our office. Mrs Forsythe shushed me with a finger across her lips, and we listened to our VP through the doors of his office.

Bernie, the accounting manager was pestering him, "I sure would love to send my secretary to that Remedial School!"

"And to be her referent?!"

"You bet!"

"Sorry Bernie, only men to be appointed as referents are the girls' fathers! Mrs Forsythe is Julia's referent."

"How is she doing?"

"Mrs Forsythe?!"


"Hahaha! You mean Julia! She is doing very well, her grammar has improved overnight"

Bernie changed the subject, "How's your father?"

"He is doing very well, he will preside the next board meeting."


The following week went well, till Mr Matheson's announced a test. Math was my other bête noire. I almost wet my knickers! With my strict discipline regime I will have to reach 14/20 to avoid being punished.

The last week's exercises for which I was called to the blackboard meant having my skirt raised and my knickers lowered for my bottom to be copiously smacked. 

I now hoped I understood the lesson!

Half an hour later we corrected each others work. Pippa gave me back my paper. I blanched I had 9/20!

"Julia, your grade ?"

"9/20, sorry Sir..."

"Under 10, its the martinet. Come here!"

I was dreading the martinet. I was told how it would be very stingy and leaving plenty of marks. One of the girls had said, "It made me dance!"

Pippa had tried to reassure me, "The welts will be gone within two days."

I slowly took the few steps to climb on the teacher's platform. I had thought of running, but it would mean giving up a great opportunity. The C&Co Human Resource Manager had started as an ordinary secretary, and went to a District Remedial School. With such thoughts I decided to take my punishment.

"Bend over and grab your ankles." I felt my shortish uniform skirt rise, and rise till giving a glimpse of my knickers. It was very embarrassing and I knew that worse was coming. He raised my skirt and yanked my knickers to my knees. I felt myself glowing, and remembered the spanking at the blackboard he gave me. I thought that I should have taken that as a warning.

Then he severely whipped my bottom and thighs. The stingy leather tails wrapped around and also stung the front of my thighs. I danced and felt my knickers sliding down my legs. He had me stepping out of them and continued the whipping till my bottom gyrated. To my greater shame I couldn't keep my legs together. I must have showed my forest and my little bird.

"In the corner with you Julia, and keep that skirt up!" My bottom and thighs were throbbing, but I knew better than to rub without permission. It wasn't the first time that I was exposing my blazing bum in the corner, but I still felt my ears tickling from a shameful blush.

I rode back to work as fast as I could. There was no way I could hide the fact that I was punished as a lazy schoolgirl. At C&Co my discreet walking up the stairs failed. That lecher of Accounting Manager aka Bernie was also climbing the stairs, probably to keep fit. I was half a dozen steps in front of him. He for sure had a great view of my reddened thighs. I guessed that he might even see my knickers and blazing bottom under that damned shortish uniform skirt. I blushed and sped up. He laughed, "Hahahaha! Miss Meredith got a whopping!"

Mrs Forsythe saw that I was punished and I had to explain why, "Only 9/20 for the math test and I got the martinet." She exceptionally allowed me to change into my work clothes. I sighed, "Oh Ma'am, I don't know if I'll graduate."

Just then Mr Coleman entered the office, and I hastily wheeled my chair under my desk to hide my thighs. He had overheard. "No girl ever flunked that Remedial School. It is only a matter of graduating with honors or not. You will graduate with honors. Mrs Forsythe please arrange private math tuition. Bernie, could help."

'Oh no! Please Sir! He's a perv! He was behind me in the stairs and I ran, and he kept up and teased me. I prefer to have private lessons with Mr Matheson!"

He had a knowing smile, and agreed.


To be continued...

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