Saturday, March 27, 2021

Forest Hill part 5/6

We raced through the village with our shortish skirts flying up our martinet decorated thighs, but the burgers didn't catch more than glimpses. We had of course again tried sitting on our skirts, but they were too short. We thought of a more sedate rate with holding them down. With one hand on the handlebar we only had two choices. First we could hold our skirts between our thighs, but they flew up in our back and revealed our knickers barely covering our well reddened butts. Alternatively if we held them down on our right thigh they flew up on the left one and vice versa.
That devilish Headmaster knew what he was doing with having us wearing such short pleated miniskirts. We felt as naughty schoolgirls returning home with the evidence of a stingy martinet whipping.
Back home Eric had left a message, he was with Jonathan. I joined them. Sophia was sitting on her hubby's knees. Eric patted his knees for me to sit on them. They both played with our shortish skirts,
"Hey Jo, my girl got a martinet whipping !"
"Yoh Ricky, same for mine !"
"They have again been naughty..."
"Dad used to say, "Punished in school, punished at home."
"Indeed !"
Within a nano second, and ignoring our pleas, they had flipped us as pancakes across their knees, pulled our skirts up and yanked our knickers down.
"Whoa! The Headmaster knows his business !"
"An artist !"
"Lets spare them..."
"You're a softy !"
They pulled our knickers back up and flipped us back to sitting on their knees.
"We want the details !"
"Did he told you to bare your fannies ?"
We blushed and nodded, but that wasn't enough !
We took turn at giving them a detailed report...
I mentioned how stingy it was, "...but we aren't sore."
I concluded with, "...tomorrow we have to return our summons stamped by the Headmaster to the constable's office..."
We tried a few 'Sniff! Sniff!' and were masterly put back on our feet, and given a resounding smack on our bums, "We have worked all day, and we want dinner !"
Next morning after a courteous, 'may I' I pulled Sophia's knickers down, "Yep, as I thought, the marks on your butt have faded."
I pulled my knickers down for her to inspect my nates, "Yes, for you as well, but they have barely started to fade on your thighs..."
We pedaled as fast as we could on the way to the City Hall. It was no more than a two floor townhouse with the Post Office and the Constable's Office on the ground floor. There was a sign on the constable's door, "Out patrolling, please call on the Mayor's Office". It was on the second floor, halfway up the stairs we felt the stare of two smiling pensioners. We realized that the two old lechers were feasting their eyes with upskirt views of our decorated thighs, and probably more !
The only employee of the City Hall wasn't too young and her round spectacles gave her a severe glare. She was expecting us. She took our summons, and with an evil smile she gave each of us a new form...
"Constable Request for Husbandry Chastisement of a Misbehaving Spouse"
Dear Sir,
We have received a speeding complain regarding your spouse,
We regrettably haven't been able to summon her.
We are therefore requesting that you, as her husband, duly punish her.
Level of punishment required :
Lenient, Normal, Severe, Very Severe
Nota Bene :
As soon as tomorrow she will return to our office this form duly signed by your good self.
As we walked down the stairs I told Sophia that I would pull out my tongue for those two lechers.
She protested, "Don't ! We are in enough trouble as it is..."
I reluctantly agreed, "OK!"
Sophia added, "The guys won't be too happy with those requests for husbandry chastisement..."
I chimed back, "Misbehaving Spouse', such cheek !"
To be continued...

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