Saturday, February 20, 2021

Girl Guides part 7/7

Cécile's teasing question about the state of my knickers was properly answered with, "We didn't do it !"
"He didn't touch third base ?"
"Yes and no, it was his knee. What about you and Jack ?"
"First and second bases, then Sister Josephina was snooping around and we had to scamper."
"Ah I am leading !"
"Only by one stunt ! You haven't won !"
A few days later, after dinner, our mini chalet welcomed a few friends for a PJ party. Camilla proudly told her first adventure, "His name is Josh, short for Joshua. He had the lamest lines. With my sweetest smile I said, "You're such a romantic boy." He blushed and smiled, but his hand didn't reach over my shoulders. I played with my skirt and gave him a glimpse of my thighs, but I didn't dare flashing my knickers. I closed my eyes and puckered up.
After a few very long seconds, I was about to reopen my eyes and ask, "What are you waiting for ?" Then I felt an arm over my shoulders, and next were his lips, they were so soft. His tongue found mine and they both danced. He had his other hand opening my blouse. He couldn't pull away my bra. I felt shivers down my spine as he cupped one of my titties..."
Dorothy added, "Same here. He couldn't deal with my bra. We need front closing bras !"
Lucinda chimed, "Sister Maria caught me with a front closing bra... She roasted my bum with a leather sole !"
With my best professorial voice I announced, "Bra lesson take one !"
"Bras are a major hurdle for most boys. Pulling down your shoulder straps should help. If your boyfriend isn't too clumsy he should be able to push it down."
Cécile added, "You may also release your bra with having one hand going up under your blouse and unclasping it. It will help that your boyfriend will have already released most of your blouse's buttons..."
Lucinda told, "I also tried a baggy blouse and Sister Maria said that I was taking her for an idiot, and..."
Everyone finished her sentence, "And she roasted your butt !"
Janine asked, "Could we have a practical lesson ?"
Cécile and I agreed. Janine, Lucinda and co dashed back to their chalets for their blouses and bras. A few minutes later I announced, "Bra lesson take two !"
I had my arm over Camilla's shoulders and unbuttoned her blouse's buttons with my other hand. "At this point you should unbutton the buttons that your boyfriend missed, and wriggle one hand behind your back..."
"Don't wriggle too much. Boys are very shy creatures. He might think that you aren't happy with his ministrations..." Camilla fumed, "Lowering the shoulder straps doesn't help !" I had to agree. "That works only with lighter bras..." She added, "It sure doesn't work with those boy-proof uniform bras, and I can't unclasped it with one hand !"
Janine laughed, "Those bras were invented by a mean old Sister !"
Lucinda mentioned, "I have to attach mine with both hands on my tummy to see what am doing."
Cécile who was training Dorothy suggested, "Bring both your hands behind your back..."
Janine, Lucinda and co were next...
Suddenly Sister Maria and Sister Josephina invited themselves to our party...
"What have we got here ? How to help a boy deal with one's bra ! A special practical lesson by our naughty girls extraordinaire, Brigitte and Cécile..."
After a short but suspense full silence, came the order,
"All of you take off your pajama bottoms and knickers, if wearing any !"
  We all blushed as we stood with our curls on show under our uniform blouses. We also had wide eyes for the leather soles they pulled out of their pockets...
Our friends were first, and after fifty smacks each they stood with wet eyes and both hands rubbing their very red and very hot buns.
Then it was our turn. They had us draped across their knees and vigorously smacked us. I felt four smacks for my bum and two for my upper thighs. That pattern was repeated ten times. That was 60 smacks, and I lost count as she continued. For each smacks to my thighs I echoed Cécile's, "OH! AH! OUCH!" I imagined how Jeremy would have enjoyed the show as I pedaled for the Tour de la Fessée.
We also had wet eyes, but we didn't rub. It was still a draw for our contest of who's the naughtiest girl...
Cécile and Brigitte
Might be continued...


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