Sunday, October 1, 2023

The new neighbors part 6

Monday morning with a blue tartan miniskirt as short as the one of Helen, I felt the cold saddle of my bike. We stopped by Fiona's house and we dared her to wear a skirt as short as ours. She blushed, but she wouldn't be called a chicken. She changed into a jeans mini similar to ours. We measured it and I chanted, "Raise it two centimeters!"

Helen was implacable, "One inch, one full inch!"

Fiona surrendered and rolled up her skirt, then she immediately and vainly tried to tug it down with both hands. We laughed, "Don't fret, you aren't bare butt!"

 At "school" Miss Murray had a surprise for us. She had a big box labelled Adidas. "For your A levels you will also have a PE test, therefore you will be drilled every Monday morning. Line up and pick up a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, socks etc. We don't have a looker room therefore you will change right here."

Those shorts weren't too covering, and it was Fiona's turn to tease us when she saw faded belt stripes decorating our lower cheeks. She was the only one to have spotted those stripes, and we teased her back as we started our exercises. "You better pull up your socks or you will get a pink slip, and Joshua will have your butt wriggling."

Next we changed back into our skirts, and they felt more modest. Mr Harrison gave us one of his famous math quiz. After the first three questions, I searched for answers with the lone fly buzzing around. It didn't have any, but it landed on the Helen's side of our desk, and I was inspired. I was inspired to copy from her! She even helped with allowing me to have a better look at her work.

Mr Harrison, who was pacing the classroom while we were working, suddenly grabbed my ear. "Ouch!"

"I saw you copying from Helen!" He pulled me up, actually I followed my ear. He also pulled Helen's ear. "And you even made it easier for her to copy your work!" We both followed our ears as he led us to Miss Murray's office.

"I caught those two cheating! They deserve the cane!"

"I agree, I will make it quite clear on their pink slips."

Punishment Request Form

Name of Pupil : Martine

Offence : Cheating on a quiz

Punishment level required : Very severe

For such an offence it should be the cane!

No less than 6 of the best on the bare

Punishment administered : .......

Loco parents signature : .......

During recess, Fiona and a few more gathered around us.

Fiona said, "You've stepped with both feet into the puddle this time!"

Another girl added. "I was given the cane when a 6th former, before CP was banned. I was allowed to keep my knickers and got only 4 strokes, but boy did they sting!"

Helen nervously laughed. "We don't have a cane!"

As nervously as her I echoed that we also don't have a cane.

On the ride back home.

"The boys are going to be furious!"

"It's my fault!"

"Silly! I did encourage you."

Jeremy's Range Rover was in the driveway, but he wasn't home. I guessed that he was with Andrew. I thought of waiting for him, but Helen telephoned and asked me to join them.

I helped her give the boys another beer, and we both took a deep breath before giving them our pink slips. They exclaimed in unison. "Cheating!!" 

Andrew told Helen, "You will go to Sullivan and buy a cane!"

Jeremy agreed, "You will accompany her, and also buy a cane!"

Next morning, as soon as the boys had gone to work we rushed to Sullivan. We wanted to be there before the morning crowd and avoid facing half the village. Helen had told me about it. "Imagine a shop from the 50s with everything from groceries to hardware and novelties such as satin bloomers, and more."

We parked our bikes in front of the next door bakery and very slowly approached the big shop. We wanted to make sure that only Mr or Mrs Sullivan would be there. We didn't see any customer, and rushed inside. The door's chime had me hurrying to close it behind us. They first greeted Helen, they obviously knew her. She very politely returned their greetings and took the plunge. "I would like a school cane, please." As Mrs Sullivan asked her if it is for a boy or a girl. Her husband greeted me, "Good morning Ma'am, how may I help you?"

I stammered, "M... m... may I also have a school cane." Before he could ask I told, "It is for a girl." I wasn't done. He had another question, "How old is she?" I barely avoided to give my own age, "She's seventeen Sir."

Helen had also mentioned seventeen, and I added. "She's my niece."

Mrs Sullivan advised. "It should be a medium cane, so she remembers to behave herself."

Her hubby echoed, "Yes, at that age, it has to be a medium cane and rattan to teach her a good lesson."

Within the same breath he said, "I'll get them, Hon."

We couldn't help blushing, and we blushed the more as a church lady entered the shop when we were handed our canes. We hurriedly paid, and tried not to run out of the store.

On the way back home, I asked. "Do you think they've figured out that these canes are for us?"

"I wouldn't be taking any bet. You saw the smiles they exchanged!"

"Yeah, and the way they said, medium cane and rattan to teach her a good lesson."

"Oh my, its going to sting!"

Martine and Helen

To be continued...


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