Saturday, December 5, 2020

Aunt Roberta part 2

I stepped out of Aunt Roberta's row house with both hands rubbing my school skirt over my fiery derriere. I soon stopped as I realized the number of people going in and out of the mini-market across the street. I hoped that no one had spotted my juvenile display or they would be guessing that this eighteen year old school girl was severely spanked. I felt my cheeks burning. I was for sure blushing as a peony, I tried not to run on my way to my friend Harriet's house.

I entered the living room as a refuge, and was quite surprised to see that Mum had been invited for tea. There was no escape, I would have to report my first appointment with Aunt Roberta. Mum fired a broadside, "Were you punished as you deserve for that appalling grade ?" I stammered, "She gave horrible....bare....bottom....spanking..."
Mum wasn't satisfied, "Turn around and raise your skirt !" I was hesitant and she added, "Raise your skirt now or I am sending you back..." Although mortified being the center of attention in the presence of Harriet's mother I blushingly obeyed and Mum signaled her approval. "That's what I call a spanking !"
  I was eventually allowed to join Harriet up in her room. She was real nice, she gave me a rub with cold cream. We had chocolate cherries, and we prepared our next lessons...
A week later Harriet got another D and her mother made an appointment for her to again visit Aunt Roberta. I gave her a hug as she confided, "She has warned me that she will take my knickers down if I came back..."
After her second visit to Aunt Robert she stopped by my home. I had prepared cold cream and our favorite chocolate cherries. I didn't have to ask what happened. She immediately told, "Just like you, she first spanked me on my knickers, then she pulled them down and it was so embarrassing ! She again spanked me on my bare bottom. It was such a severe spanking. I wriggled as a little girl, I must have showed everything..." She couldn't help blushing as she said that.
After my rubbing of her still crimson bum with cold cream she mentioned, "As I was leaving, there was that girl from the post office, the one at the counter, she waiting in the corridor. She must be at least 25, and she sure didn't look too happy. She held on her knees a math exercise book similar to ours..."
I chimed, "Oh! I remember her. Aunt Roberta had me waiting in the corridor, and I overheard her saying, "Nancy, consider yourself lucky, next time its the cane !" As she left she dropped something that looked like a report card with a large red F. She had to bend down to pick it up and her skirt rose in the process. I saw vividly red marks across the back of her upper thighs..."
Harriet chimed back, "It might have been the belt... She might have received a belting..." With a sigh she added, "Aunt Roberta promised to give me the belt if I come back..."
I sighed as well, "Same here..." and mused, "I wonder why she has to visit Aunt Roberta at her age..."
Wise Harriet answered, "She is probably taking one of those postal service exams, that would explains why she had that math exercise book !"
I nodded absentmindedly and Harriet asked whats wrong, "I am worried with that coming spelling bee test in school. Miss Jones said that our parents will have to sign our work if we fail. I have never been the best with spelling... She always has ridiculous words that no one heard off... If I get a poor grade Mum will send me back to Aunt Roberta and she has promised me the belt if I come back..."
Lilly and Harriet
To be continued...

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