Sunday, May 9, 2021

Eilean Beithe Academy part 1

It was a small add in the miscellaneous classifieds of a psychology magazine I picked up at the hairdresser. It read : "You are a young lady struggling with having to retake your A-levels or you are preparing the entrance exam to a prestigious university. Eilean Beithe Academy will help you with time proven methods..."

Stuck in a secretarial job. I couldn't hope for more than being selected as a private assistant. I had to retake my A-levels and graduate from a good university. A month ago I inherited enough money to stop working for a few years or buy a miniature London apartment. I wrote down the telephone number for Eilean Beithe.

A week later I was late for work and the tube wasn't overcrowded. It was the time for those who didn't have to punch a clock. Gentlemen politely stood for ladies. One could actually ear the radio in the background. Unfortunately I will have to apologize to the secretarial pool matron for my lateness...

She was exceptionally mean, and it was the last straw breaking the back of this camel. I remembered the telephone number for the Eilean Beithe Academy. If they could guarantee my A-levels... I can't waste my small capital... I called during my mid morning break. A very professional assistant gave me an exceptional Saturday morning appointment with the Registrar. "Don't forget to wear a pleated skirt no more than 16 inches in length..."

"Yes Ma'am, I will..."

That Saturday morning I was too shy to go bare thighs with such a miniskirt, I added black woolly stay-ups. After a long ride on the tube I stood in front of a small Victorian house in a lovely neighborhood. I saw how it was shared by accountants and lawyers. I rang the bell for the Eilean Beithe Academy. A male voice came through the intercom, "Good morning, second floor, the door on the right..."

The door was ajar and from inside I heard the same voice, "Don't be shy, come in..." I walked through a deserted front office which wasn't surprising on a Saturday. I noticed the modern furniture and a tall gentleman stood by the door of a large office. "Miss Jennifer Davenport I presume..."

"Yes Sir..."

"Please come in and take a seat..." I stopped in my tracks as I discovered a huge picture of a Scottish castle on a small peninsula.

"Eilean Beithe castle..."

"Its superb !"

I was again invited to sit in front of large glass table with aluminium trestles. "Please tell us how we could help you..."

"I would like to retake my A-levels and graduate from a good university..."

"One year to prepare your A-levels, and another year to prepare the entrance exam to the university of your choice..."

I nodded.

"During your time at that university we also offer Easter and summer classes to make sure you graduate with honors..."

"I have a small capital and I don't want to waste it..."

"If you fail your A-levels we will refund you..."


"Don't say "Huh!" It is very unladylike !"

"Sorry Sir..."

Please have a look at the brochure..."

I read, "The self consciousness of having to wear a school uniform with a short kilt exposing plenty of bare thighs to be smacked if slacking...

Character building discipline with plenty of physical education....

Very carefully selected professors and coaches...

Classes limited to a dozen pupils...

Individual monitoring to make sure that lessons are well understood...

Supervised homework by a dedicated professor...

"Very interesting !"

He sternly chimed, "Very interesting, Sir !"

"Yes, sorry Sir. It is very interesting, Sir !"

"Will you be able to afford our fees ? Which includes full board, kit and etc..."

"Yes Sir..."

"You have to understand that you will be paying in advance for each years. Again we will refund you if you fail to graduate. We never had to refund any of our girls..."

"When you failed your A-levels did your father or mother punished you and how ?"

I blushed as I answered, "Father belted me, Sir..."

"Excellent ! Please sign the preliminary consent form and write : If warranted I agree to be subjected to corporal punishment...."

I again blushed, and wrote the line...

"Stand, take off your jacket, skirt, tights and knickers..."


"What have I told you about unladylike speech !"

He slapped my left cheek as if dealing with an impertinent schoolgirl. I was rubbing my smarting cheek, and he had kept his hand up for another slap...

I hurriedly apologized, "Sorry Sir, very sorry Sir !"

I had just now signed the corporal punishment consent form. I can't back out ! If I back out it will be the end of Eilean Beithe. I'll never be able to graduate without help from EB. I'll be a secretary forever. I blushed to my ears when I took off my knickers off and demurely kept my hands in front of my curls.

While taking off his belt he ordered, "Hands behind your head."

I obeyed feeling quite vulnerable to be so bare, and he whipped my bottom and thighs, front and back... I danced as I tried to avoid that fiery belt, but I kept my hands on my head... "OH! AH! AIE! OUCH!"

"Plus four for unladylike language..."

"How does that compare with your father's belting ?"

I was still dancing on the spot as I answered, "Sniff... It doesn't compare Sir. Sniff... If was far more severe. Sniff..."

"Mind you, we also have a tawse and a cane... but our punishments are meant to be more stingy than bruising..."

I nodded, that was somehow reassuring... I was desperate for a rub, but I was afraid of further punishment...

"If need be we want to be able to repeat the punishment as soon as required..."

I barely avoided another one of my 'Huh!'. I was saved by my throbbing bottom and thighs...

As I was slowly pulling up my knickers over my blazing thighs. He took my stay-ups and gave me a pair of white knee high socks as those worn by juniors. 

He kept my stay-ups, "I will mail them back to you..."

As the brochure had said I felt quite self conscious of my bare thighs, and worse was to follow as I had to take the tube back home...

"You will take the brochure home... You will sleep on it for a week... If you decide to be an Eilean Beithe girl you will be at Glasgow's airport next Saturday at noon..."


To be continued....

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