Sunday, October 8, 2023

The new neighbors part 7

Next evening, we waited for our boys to return from work at Helen's house. Our canes and pink slips were on the coffee table, with a couple of beers for them. We had tested those canes on the sofa's cushions. We even compared with Helen's belt, and the cushions seemed to say ouch under the cane.

The boys were finally home, and we tugged down our miniskirts as we stood at attention. After having drunk their beers they surprised us as they took turn warning us.

"A caning isn't a belting!"

"Its ten times more stingy."

"It won't be a warm satisfying glow."

"The cane will fiercely bite your bums."

"Are you sure that you want to go through with it?"

"Very sure?"

We also took turn as we answered.

"Miss Murray will have our skirts up and knickers down for inspection, and will expel us if she isn't satisfy."

"And I really want to be bilingual."

"I don't want to remain the only girl of my form to have flunked her A levels."

"And we need our A levels to take website building classes. We want to work together as partners, building websites from home."

"And with my money I'll buy a convertible Mini Cooper S."

"Me too!"

"Very well, take your knickers down, and with your skirts up bend over each arms of the sofa."

"You both will be remembering that."

"It will hurt us more than you!"



"Please be sure that Miss Murray will be satisfied."

"We don't want her to issue another pink slip for you to have to redo the job."

"But don't over do it!"

As we were told we had bend down over the sofa's armrests. I was quite self conscious of what I was exhibiting. I felt my ears tickling as I blushed.



It felt like my bum was sliced.



Helen had echoed, and was as convincing as me.



I was convinced. I was a naughty girl being severely punished.



My eyes watered.



My bum was fiercely burning, and I couldn't help shamelessly opening my legs.


Helen was also sniffling.



That last one across the top of my thighs had me stomping my feet.

"That's it, you may stand and rub."

We had a punished brats dancing competition while rubbing our incandescent butts. It didn't help!

The boys sat on their favorite chairs, and took us over their knees to rub our buns with cold cream.



While we moaned under their gentle hands rubbing our fiery derrieres, they complimented each other for their great job.

"Miss Murray will be giving us a prize!"

"Perfectly aligned, a work of art!"


"You did ask for it!"

"And it was well deserved!"

"Take your skirts and knickers off for corner time, we want to enjoy the sight!"



"Their thighs look pale..."

"They sure do..."

We giggled and hurriedly obeyed. We didn't blushed for the sights we were offered them. They had wide grins. We teasingly wriggled our decorated bums. They smiled the more.

Later with one hand rubbing our still fiery butts we prepared dinner.

And back home, our new bed creaked!

Next morning the saddle of our bikes didn't feel too comfy. At 'school' all the girls were curious, and gathered around us. As we were back they assumed that we got our just 'dessert'.


"How was it?"

We brazenly showed off.

"A tickle!"

"Flee bites!"

"Girls, look at the circles under their eyes!"

"They had a busy night!"

We didn't have to answer, Miss Murray had appeared, "In class the lot of you, and quietly!"

As we marched inside she added, "In my study the two of you."

She obviously meant us and we followed her. We demurely stood in front of her desk after having handed our pink slips. She nodded for the boys having mentioned, 'School cane, 6 of the best on the bare.'

"Turn around, raise your skirts and lower your knickers."

We couldn't help feeling a hot flush as we obeyed.

We breathed discreet sighs of relief when she said, "It will do" but we shivered when she added, "If you ever do that again, I will have you stand bare bum in a  corner of the classroom!"

Martine and Helen

To be continued...


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