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1965, part 6

Yesterday I went to bed with a few tears and both hands rubbing my throbbing derriere. At eighteen I was again punished as a schoolgirl. I even repeated that in French, fessée comme une gamine. Another voice echoed, you had been smoking, and you knew that it was wrong. You wanted to show off for Eddy, your boyfriend. You got what you deserved!
I wallowed in self pity, I was belted on my bare bottom. I repeated in French, fessée cul nu à dix-huit ans!
I eventually slept and in the morning I was alarmed by the sight of my glowing bum. Knowing that I have gym in a couple of hours I had another look after having pulled up my gym knickers. "Maggie! my gym knickers won't cover those belt marks!"
She wasn't too concerned, "You aren't the first girl to have received a belting!"
"Argh, but the boys from their classroom will see the belt marks!"
"Eddy won't lose his sight!"
When I took off my skirt in the locker-room I knew that my knickers couldn't possibly hide my punishment, and it was a teasing festival.
"Froggy got a belting!"
"Must have been last night."
"Yep, fresh purple marks."
Then I had to take off my little knickers to slip on my gym knickers, and blushed crimson.
"Froggy is blushing !"
"Only eight !"
"Yep, I also counted eight."
"Yoh Maggie, your father's getting soft!"
My sister defended me, "Give her a break, it was her first!"
"Her first!?"
"She never got a belting in France!"
"I was au pair in France last year and twice got the belt!"
"Her parents have never corrected her."
"Oh whoa! Poor thing it must have stung!"
I pouted and they were very nice. Maud offered to exchange her gym knickers with mine. "They will be more covering."
I again blushed, "Don't be shy silly Frenchy!"
"We have already seen your lovely red beaver!"
They chanted, "Take it off! Take it off!"
I took the offer, they better covered my under-curves, but the marks across the top of my thighs were still quite visible. Sigh.

As expected the boys were looking out their classroom windows, and couldn't take their eyes off our gym knickers and legs as we did drills on the lawn. Their teacher had them close the curtains so they would pay attention to their lesson.

For lunch I joined Eddy I didn't have to tell him how my pink slip was received. He couldn't have missed the scenery outside his classroom. I could imagine the comments from his friends, "Looks like your girl had her butt warmed up!" I asked how it was for him. He lost his smile, "They don't care..."
"Mom remarried and my stepfather doesn't care."
"Although Maggie's parents are only your loco-parentis they care for you..."
I nodded.
"I am sorry I shouldn't have offered you a ciggy."
"You didn't smoke it for me."
Next was tea on our favorite bench by the river. His hand as a big butterfly gently landed on my thigh right below the hem of my skirt. I shivered and beamed. With the sisters roaming about we didn't dare a breathtaking slurppy kiss.
Then it was back in class, and I daydreamed. Eddy is right Aunt Dotty and Uncle Ed do care, but it was shameful to have been belted on the bare as a schoolgirl. The bugging little voice echoed, but you are a schoolgirl even if eighteen.
Miss Burns' ruler had smacked the desk of Mary-Anne. We just about jumped out of our knickers. The mistress grabbed her notebook and showed it to the class. "Very nice! We have an artist! Mary-Anne tell us what we are studying..."
"Geography Miss..."
"And my class isn't about drawing! Not even drawing mountains!"
"I am sorry Miss..."
"I am not convinced! I will make sure of that! Bend over my desk."
The Mistress raised her skirt. and Mary-Anne mouthed a very shy, "Oh!"
Next her knickers were pulled down and she mouthed a bigger, "OH!"
Miss Burns vigorously applied her meter long wooden ruler to her very bare bottom with a resounding WHACK!

This time Mary-Anne was louder, "OUCH!"
Another WHACK! followed.
Mary-Anne was even louder, "OUCHH!"
After the sixth WHACK Mary-Anne bawled, "OH! AH! OUCHHH!"
Her bum was also well reddened.
"Stand up Mary-Anne. Keep your knickers around your knees, hold your skirt up, show your glowing bottom to the class!"

"Sniff... Sniff... Sniff..."
We had seen it all, but Miss Burns crossed the T, "This is what happens to girls who doodle in my class, be warned!"
"Sniff... Sniff..."
"Pull up your knickers Mary-Anne, and return to your desk."
We were all raising our hands for the next questions!
During intermission we gathered around Mary-Anne and gave her toffees.
Béatrice and Maggie

To be continued...

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